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  1. Thats whaty puts me off most about churches, the clingy-ness and stalking. I had the same problem when I got involved in political groups. I've been very lucky with friends and social life, I've made some good friends here through things like meetup.com and my autism social group. I'm grateful to God/the Universe for them.
  2. My opinion about the difference between a trans person and a fake black person like Dozeal, was that we are neutral in the womb before we develop a gender, so there's much more space for a person to develop a non-specific, mixed gender or have a body and mind that feel different, we potentially could of been the other gender, but there's no similar ambiguity for race, you are your ancestor's race however you feel. Race is so much more set in stone than gender, even for mixed race people, IMO.
  3. What about Karen Armstrong. She is a former nun and theology expert who now writes books on the real roots of religion and just "has respect for the idea of God" and "Believes in belief".
  4. Thanks for your support everybody much appreciated. "Or with my unchurched sister, he'll ask her to events and carefully leave out the fact that it's a church event in the hopes of tricking her into showing up" That is exactly what my family do and always have done. For example, just come along on sunday, no pressure, just come along. Oh you didnt fall to your knees and have an amazing conversion, just go along on friday, just to chill out and hear music. Oh you have to go to camp to be included in the friend group...and then at camp pressured and bullied into "getting saved". Each step of the way family expecting me to just walk in and get a hit of the holy spirit and fall to my knees weeping.
  5. My family are quite unassertive and often use guilt, nagging manipulating etc to get us to do what they want to do. Its got to this point where my mother is always coming to me to chat and then dropping hints about trying to get me to go to a penteconstal church and then going into guilting. Ive never given into her but always feel really hurt and guilty for letting her down and making her sad. Do you have to just become more hard. When I was a teen she would try to talk me out of going to bands and say i needed to make friends in youth church instead, I would just tell her to leave me alone and go to the band, but feel sad and worried all night and the show would be ruined for me. i feel still as sad now.
  6. The stories in the OP are hillarious. I always disliked all popular worship pop music. I live next to a football stadium and there was a Jehovas Witness convention there a couple of years ago and found it scary as I had to walk along with their crowd to get down the road and I thought wow, If they figure out I'm not one of them...I mean there were hundreds of them all around me on a huge street, they may have crowded me to convert me. I kept dreading one of them would say "so how did you find the convention brother" and I would have to say "yeah, real heavy stuff man" and bluff my way out.
  7. This defence that Christians have that the reason God commanded rape and pillage in battles in the OT is because the Israelites were too primitive to understand anything better so he had to "baby talk" to them and "talk to them at their own level" until humanity was ready to improve. I've never got it at all. He could have set humanity on a kind thoughtful path from day one.
  8. not that weird. Lots of macho rock bands like Thin Lizzy and AD-DC I remember had affectionate loving songs about hanging out with their best male friends. In fact they were loving about male friends and cruel about women. I just thought you were meant to imagine Jesus as buddy, big bro, mentor and kind king rolled into one.
  9. my personal belief is the reason people are so devoted to their faith is because they love the community. I think people are meant to live in communities of a lot of people who know and care about them and modern society has lost that. I heard a psychologist say that is why people get so obsessed with being on American Idol, because lack of community and recognition has been distorted in thinking being famous will give you that.
  10. Now I come to think of it, I did feel constant guilt for things I did as a Christian, like not telling cool friends I was "saved", and not feeling belief. It was trying to work up "shame for my old life" that was a stumble for me.
  11. The Catholics/ liberal Protestant clergy who lose faith won't admit it, just re-explain it to themselves in highbrow terms. "I now believe in it as spiritual truth if not necasarily literal truth" "I believe in it as a beautiful metaphorical truth"
  12. I remember when I first got "saved" as a teen on a manipulative camp. The reason I did it was to be accepted by family and friends, but I tried to kid myself that it was for real feelings of God and "needing to be saved" and that all the fuzzy feelings I was getting were God telling me it was right. But, the one thing that always held me back was that I couldn't create the guilt and shame I was supposed to feel about "my old life". I knew I was supposed to be ashamed and feel I needed to change, but when I looked back on my life, I just saw it as me trying to survive for most of it. I'm not saying I'm perfect, It's just I was always surrounded by family I disliked, I hated the people at school I upset, so I thought everybody I'd ever been sneaky too deserved it. I tried to fixate on one incident around 2 years before, sleeping with a girl as an older teen when drunk then hurting her feelings by not wanting to see her again afterward. The stupid thing was a month after that she was dating my best friend and hugged me and said it was ok. And she was almost married by the time I was "saved", but I fixated on the incident because I needed something to feel guilty about because I knew I had to feel shamed by my old life to be a Christian, and I went on about it to the youth pastor "I didn't like the way my life was going back then so I knew I needed to change". When in reality the only thing i didnt like back then was that i wasnt getting laid enough or with people i liked and when my teen friends moved on and I was lonely I gave up and went to church to be accepted into family.
  13. (speaking as male here) When I was trying to be Christian and trying to force myself to feel the feelings, force myself to feel God's presence and think it was real, I tried to imagine Jesus as a supportive best friend/big brother/dad figure. I must have did it wrong though as it never felt real and always faded away. Thing is, I've always wanted a tough male mentor figure/role model and I've looked for different ones through my life, like obsessing over a particular rock star, political figure, explorer and trying to read about them, be like them, almost worship them. In my teens it was Jimi Hendrix. When I heard Christians talk about how Jesus was their hero and the ultimate male role model, the ultimate inspiration, I thought thats exactly how I see Hendrix. I thought I should read the Gospels and switch to emulating Jesus. But I just found it too boring. He seemed admirable, like in the story where he saved the woman from stoning and told off hypocrites, but it was a bit boring compared to Jimi and cool laid back partying.
  14. just heard this on the radio and hated it. Apparently its a christian band making normal pop music but in the worship sound.
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