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  1. One of the biggest problems Christianity has is that it cannot solve the mystery of good and evil. Christianity attempts to solve this riddle by placing all blame for evil on Satan. The history of Satan in the Bible is basically he was a created angel, who rebelled against god, was cast out of heaven with other angels, and in Genesis we find him vacationing in the Garden of Eden sunning himself in the tree of knowledge where he is free to introduce Adam and Eve to evil. There are a few hefty problems with this fairytale for those who wish to believe it. 1. If God is the creator of all
  2. As time marches on fewer and fewer Christians are actually believing and following Bible. Take homosexuality, biblically speaking, it's taboo and sinners who practice it are destined for hell. Yet many believers today are using common sense, and following what their heart believes to be true. In this case, that homosexuality is acceptable. It's great that you have Christain friends like this.
  3. I find it interesting that a lot of individuals who leave Christianity are worried about hurting their parents or other family members. It shows empathy. This wasn't a big hurdle for me, but I was fearful of their rejection. So why did you name your dog and cat Sam? If I thought even the most evil person was going to suffer like that for all eternity with no way to ever have the punishment be over, I'd try to save that person. What you say here is what I think to be the best arguement that there is NO hell. Most believers admit that God represents the ulimate in mercy a
  4. I left the church about three years before my wife did. It was a dificult time as well. There were many Saturdays (we were Seventh-day Adventists) where she would go to church and I just couldn't stomach the ordeal of it anymore and would not attend with her. Eventually, she stopped going, and she is now an atheist like myself. My suggestion would be to "distract" her in a nice way by finding things to do together instead of going to church related activities. What gets people out of the church more quickly is when they start finding a life outside of the church. Christianity really has ve
  5. Most of my family and friends know I'm an atheist, but in other social settings I have with other members in the community they don't know. Being an atheist is a bit like being a Christian, only far better. We like to share how wonderful it is to be free! Eventually, that excitement is bound to get out, even though we might be afraid of the consequences of letting people know that we think.
  6. I find it interesting that a lot of individuals who leave Christianity are worried about hurting their parents or other family members. It shows empathy. This wasn't a big hurdle for me, but I was fearful of their rejection. So why did you name your dog and cat Sam?
  7. What did it for me was I realized how intolerant I was as a Christian towards other people that were not Christians. As a Christian I was taught to believe that everyone who did not believe as I did was wrong and evil. This is a really ignorant and arrogant way to think, and it was great to start thinking of humanity in much broader terms.
  8. I don't morn the loss of film either. These days I figure it costs about $25.00 US to buy and expose a 24 pic roll, and normally I might really like only one of those shots. When I was young I crew up in Hawaii and tried surfing, but moved away before I could get any good at it. I still do some body surfing when I get the chance.
  9. Nice, and aren't you glad you don't have to use film? Where were the photos taken if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Whenever Jehovah's witnesses come to the door my first thought is, "Don't you have your 144,000? yet?" Not into the antinatalism myself, more of an optimist. We could just create a better world, and then make more babies to share with them how wonderful life can be.
  11. It gets better GettingDown and faster than you may realize. Once you start associating with more freethinkers, and learn that there are so many other ways to think about and appreciate life, the fear of hell will dissappear.
  12. Well actually I'm on my third rewrite. I submitted the second draft to a few beta readers and am waiting for them to finish up their thoughts/critiques. Once that's done, I'll go back to do a third edit. Overall it's been going well though. Cool. And I'm with you on the Zimmerman trail as you cited in your blog. People should take note. The Zimmerman trail is just one of hundreds that are on-going today. Overall, the outcomes of these trails are similar, and they are quite telling about the current state of the American Justice System.
  13. I suppose it's human nature to want to win and to believe that one is correct. Christians have it hammered into their heads that having faith in what their church teaches is the only thing that matters, and they view atheists as their opponents. This is an ego-centric attitude that satisfies some basic human traits.
  14. I've definitely heard this one before. For those who choose to believe that all of cosmology is wrong, this is the belief that they're forced to believe; that god made the universe in a way where he doesn't seem to exist and the only people who get to go to Heaven are the ones who were lucky enough to be born in the right place at the right time to believe in that exact god who refuses to prove himself any further than any other god. Of course, though, these same Christians would turn directly to Apologetics in an argument regarding proof. It still feels weird that after all this
  15. SRS


    Got it. I take it you bike around Sydney.
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