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  1. From TJR666: Why do I bother … since reading many of the postings on this site I wonder why myself. I was basically agnostic till the age of 36. I then had cause to question God, religion, etc. It took another ten years of searching and researching the various ideas: Atheism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc, until I came to the conclusion that the Bible God and Jesus Christ were the right ones. Scoff if you must; but there are just so many things over the years that I weighed up from many different sources that led me to this conclusion. It is not something that can be adequately covered here in this type of forum I have since discovered. Why do I bother? If the Bible is right, and I believe it is, then it reveals an existence for us all after death, etc, etc, and you are no doubt familiar with where this is going. If something like the Biblical “Hell” does exist, and I know about it, then why shouldn’t I try to tell you about it? I remember a quote by an atheist that went something like this: “If Hell is a real place then Christians would crawl a hundred miles over broken glass to tell me about it. But they don’t, so it’s not real.” If Hell doesn’t exist, and I am wrong, then what harm have I done to you (except maybe aggravate you for which I apologise)? To answer you question: For me as a Christian, I bother simply because I don’t wish to see anyone go to such a place. So, I discuss issues here in the hope that any impediments to you considering Christ are removed. TJR666 PS: Actually, if you study the use of Hell/Hades in Scripture, you will find that “Hell” is a state you are in, not an actual place. But that’s another story.
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