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  1. You guys ever heard of Gnostics views, where the Serpent and Eve are the hero's of the story?
  2. Cool! I used to own a King Snake, Ring Neck Snake, two Garden Snakes and a Ball Python!
  3. How you are forgiven by God in Christianity is radically different from how your forgiven in Judaism. They both take a different approach but there are problems for both. Christianity. For the most part, Christians believe that all you need to do is believe in Jesus and God will forgive you. I don't want go into to much details on the problems with this thinking, (I mean this is an Ex-Christian site after all, we known) but It dose more people are doom to hell then saved because they can't simply get themselves to believe a man they've never met is God. I also consider it morally
  4. According to creationist, since it was a serpent the who tempted Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit (or according some Satan, disguised as a Snake), the Serpent now has no limbs and is force to move about on its belly forever as punishment. Well first of all, it was Satan in disguised as a snake, why is God punishing all of snake kind when they've been framed? Wouldn't an all knowing God see that it was the devil who tempted Eve and not a real Serpent? Now if it is normal Serpent, what species? For example if it was a Cobra who tempted Eve, then why should God punish Garden Snakes, Rat Sn
  5. Here's another question just for Christianity. If faith in Jesus is the only way to heaven, dose that mean all Alien civilizations are going to hell since they have no way of knowing about Jesus?
  6. According to most Christians (Protestant and Catholic alike) as well as many Muslims and Jews, humanity is in the center of Gods plan. The universe was created for mankind to rule, the animals were created for man to rule over and all of Gods great plan circles around humanity. If that is true, then what's the point of the rest of the universe? Why would God create another Galaxy with its own billions of stars and planets millions of light years away, let alone billions of other Galaxies? As wonderful and amazing as that all is, how exactly dose that all fit in with a God who created the unive
  7. I work at a grocery store, not exactly a job I like to begin with, and recently we put out put a special display for Christian books. Not too long ago I took a look and notice there were some written by our Ray Comfort that were pretty anti-evolution. It annoyed me that we were selling books that sold creationist propaganda but let it roll off. Today, I found that they added some more books to the display and the kind we are selling now really pissed me off. Here is one the books our store is selling to give you an idea what kind of christian literature they are. http://books.google.
  8. Oh sorry. Meant to put this in the Rants and Replies.....
  9. For those of you who are lucky enough not to be aware of left behind, allow me to fill you in. Left Behind was a book sires about the end of the world as viewed by fundamentalist Christians. It takes place after the rapture of all the "real Christians" and focus on those who were left behind as they struggle to fight the Anti-Christ and await for Jesus to return. A film trilogy staring Kirk Cameron was made based off the books, which featured stupidity such as this scene...... Both the books and the movies were right winged, hate filled, war mongering, anti-peace, anti-re
  10. Should we teach the bible in public schools, what are your thoughts? Some arguments from both sides. The Good. Like it or not, it can't be denied that the bible is one of the most influential written works on western civilization. It has played a key role in shaping cultures around the world and has inspired great works in art, literature, music and film. It has and still continues to have an influence on world politics. From a literature point of view it could be worth studying as mythology, in the same way we do with the Greek Myths. It's also an opportunity to teach peo
  11. Now that you've left Christianity, what are your views on Jesus now?
  12. I saw most of the first episode. The part that made me laugh the most was when it got to Lots story, which featured the two Angles kicking some serious ass! It also made me chuckle A little when Lot and his daughters leave the city and they say "They were never seen again". I guess little father on daughter action was little to much for TV. As for the rest, it had some of the typical laws that you would expect in these kinds of films. For example: Once again Most of the characters in the bible are white people with English accents, even if the book takes place in the mid-east and North Africa
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