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    30 yr old business owner in Michigan. Enjoying my new found freedom for 2 years now. It feels good to have your mind released from prison.

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  1. I'm sure this topic has been discussed on here before, but I am looking for some advice. I would like to know if anybody on here is married to a Christian, and can it work. I met this wonderful woman years ago when we were both believers. We stayed in touch even after I denounced my faith. There was just always some intangible that kept drawing us together. We decided to date even though we had this huge difference between us. It lasted for about 2 years and just ended last month. I ended it because I felt in the end we were just set up for failure. I felt if we got married that we would event
  2. I remember awhile back on here (or maybe it was amazon) I found a study bible, but it had an atheist twist to it. All the study portions were written to show the contradictions and the nonsense, and why none of it applied to our modern time. Does anybody know what I'm talking about and point me in the right direction? I would really appreciate it!
  3. So this was in my email tonight. Apparently this is my dad's response to a recent visit from Richard Dawkins at a local university here in Oakland County, MI. Feel free to have at it. It made my head hurt. Richard Dawkins claims that those who believe in GOD and not evolution are stupid, ignorant and wicked. Richard Dawkins is a scientist and yet he uses emotions and kindergarten like name calling to make his point. This means his scientific arguments are weak. Also, to make the emphatic emotional argument that people who believe in God are the things he ascribed, Richard Dawkins would
  4. As I partake in the waste of time that is facebook there are some very interesting things I can't help but notice. I am still "friends" with many Christians on there and I find it interesting to see what makes their life so different from mine. Besides the "God Bless" or some random bible verse that gets posted every so often, their statuses are about relationships, jobs, kids, and school. It seems if this Jesus was just so mind blowing, and you actually felt his great majestic power you would actually want to talk about him more. There is truly nothing that would ever give me the impression t
  5. Ok so this is a lame post but I am wondering how I change my member title. I see all sorts of different ones: Curious, Skeptic, Doubter, Questioning.....Mine stills says "doubter". How do I change it? Is it related to your number of posts or whether or not you contribute financially?
  6. 2 years and 3 months! It's funny to think I became free just a year after I was baptized in a local high school swimming pool! I guess the chlorine killed the holy spirit that was supposed to enter me.
  7. 2 years and 3 months free!

    1. Margee


      Ya-hoo! Good for you! Right on! That's great! Too cool! I am happy for you!

      What are we celebrating? LOL

  8. Just finished playing tennis. Feeling great at the moment.

    1. Margee


      Good for you cobrakai! I love those' feel good' hormones!

    2. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      Hey, I go to Clinton Twnship every July for family reunion! :D

    3. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      Me and my sister go to rum runners and dance :)

  9. As much as I would love to completely level with them, it just would not be practical since I live away from home most of the time. My mother's been dealing with a cascade of terrible events such as the death of her 40-year-old brother/best friend, and religion lets her get by. My dad's mother is terminally ill and clinging on to life with not much more than a pinky finger's grip on a loose thread. Religion probably helps him too. I'm just going to shut up; live and let live. Regarding my original post, I should mention that it's not so much the concept of Hell that bothers me, but how
  10. Holy shit! I felt so much agony watching this. I shave my head and that lady still made me want to rip my hair out. She was the embodiment of every smug, arrogant christian I have ever met. Every time she said "kree-A-TORE" I wanted to scream. You could tell she was nervous, constantly smiling, and looking away from Dawkins while he continued to make eye contact. And she obviously avoided the questions and the case he was trying to present. Everything she said can be turned against her and asked about Christianity. I like again how this Christian plays the victim and talks about how "aggressiv
  11. This is just a generalization but it seems most ghost stories I have heard about have some origin in the 1800s. What the fuck was going on in the 1800s? Either something really strange was happening at that time or the houses from that time are so old and creepy and noisy that it plays with people's heads. I have seen those ghost stories on Discovery channel during Halloween. It seems the one connection a lot of the victims have is that they are Christians. A lot of those stories have a Christian twist. Usually they get the demon or ghost out of the house by reading scripture or some other bul
  12. My Dad is a believer and while he accepts that I do not believe he is continually trying to save me and bring me back to the faith. He is convinced that I have just made a rash decision and when I finally look at all the "evidence" I will come back to my faith. We often talk about faith and I will bring up the idea that Jesus never even existed. So he has been buying me all these books and DVDs that supposedly show that Jesus is in fact an historical figure. One of them is called "The Life of Jesus" by John Dickson. Has anybody heard of it or have an opinion on it? Haven't even looked at it ye
  13. You are not alone my friend. I gravitated towards Christianity because I was very shy as a teen. I already didn't seem a part of the world so to be a part of a belief system that told me to shun "the world" seemed like a good fit. I was never told kissing was wrong but because of my shyness coupled with my new found beliefs I didn't kiss a girl until 23 as well. I didn't lose my virginity until 29 AFTER I finally broke free from the shackles of Christianity at 28. Christianity truly robs you of ife and all the great things it has to offer. HA HA so don't take 6 years after you get that kiss. E
  14. Thanks. And welcome to the site by the way. You are so lucky to have found such a great place at 18 yrs old. It is awesome that you are questioning things. I was a Christian from 18-28. It'd be nice to have those ten years back with the peace of mind I have now at 30. Peace of mind and mental freedom is salvation.
  15. Ha ha in that verse it seriously sounds like Paul is mentally ill. It sounds like some weird version of "who's on first". I know exactly what you mean. I've written many posts about that as well. Christians are always looking for a way to actually be human and experience some pleasure. I always tried to justify my actions this way. That was one of the things that lead to me leaving the faith. They always talk about this "power" of Christ and how you are a brand new person and all that shit, but there is nothing about the faith that helps change your "sinful" ways except for fear and that only
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