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  1. Vigile, where can I read more about the idea that HRC would have started wwIII? You are the only person I've seen with this opinion, but I have an open I'm willing to consider new ideas even though they may seem strange to me. My first impression is that it sounds like a conspiracy theory, I mean it's hard to believe the US would knowingly start wwIII, but I don't want to just dismiss your thoughts outright.
  2. Going to sleep. Maybe I'll revisit in another year and people will have stop defending creationists. Maybe not. Strange times.

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    2. Yrth


      I wouldn't intentionally sprinkle shit in my oatmeal. LF, free speech is a nonsequitur when the government isn't involved.

    3. FreeThinkerNZ


      Usually when people say "free speech" they're referring to the wider principle around the world, not the narrow definition of one amendment affecting one country.

    4. LogicalFallacy


      What FTNZ said. I was making a general "It's important for all speech to be heard not just speech we agree with or like". It was just a general comment, It wasn't poking at anyone. And its only my opinion so take with a grain of salt, and a side of butter :)

  3. Tribalism. Tribalism everywhere.

    1. LogicalFallacy


      LMAO! FTNZ I've been doing that when talking to people. Scientists say they have found God. Citation.. please. :D

  4. Hey Yrth, is your name based on the Riddlemaster Trilogy?It is my all time favorite, yeah.
  5. Cool your jets! http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/07/no-the-earths-jet-streams-are-not-spinning-out-of-control/
  6. Are you saying that strong impressions about pregnancy wouldn't have an effect on feelings about abortion? I'm not sure I understand your confusion.
  7. I didn't say it was unnatural, I said it was rule-bending. And I did say that I can't explain precisely why or even how far and to what degree my gut instincts have changed, only that they have and that the direction is to the left.
  8. The idea is that pregnancy is such a weird and rule-bending thing that it's easy to see it inspiring certain kinds of fantastical stories. Or perhaps we just read too much Terry Pratchett, that's completely possible.
  9. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, because I had figured that having a child would challenge me to sympathize with prolife ideas. But, if anything, this experience has done the exact opposite. I haven't put it into words just yet, I guess I'm still discovering how I feel, but my gut reactions to abortion related ideas have shifted decidedly to the left. I think it mainly has to do with watching my wife slowly expand I to a caricature of mike wazowski -- it's terrifying and it's not even my body. Idk man. We both agreed that early pregnancy basically exists as the source material for stori
  10. My dog died over the weekend. Really feeling it lately. It hurts that she's gone and I miss her.

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    2. buffettphan
    3. StarGazer


      Sorry to hear that. Dogs leave such a big impact on your heart!

    4. Yrth


      Thanks everyone

  11. Wish I'd known this several years ago, would have helped in an argument. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Most of the '2edgy4me' and 'tips fedora' crowd just hate seeing somebody offer an atheist perspective. To them, simply offering an atheist perspective on something is disrespectful.
  13. "Immortality" is a mythic idea, isn't it? Like Heaven. Hard to imagine eternity. But there's nothing inherently wrong with living for as long as you want. That sounds ideal.
  14. Like orbit, I've never heard of transhumanism being linked with religion. I've always been excited by transhumanist ideas. Who wouldn't be interested in exploring new forms of perception or enhanced/expanded bodies?
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