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  1. Hello, Deva! Hello, buffettphan! I'm still around. These days I mostly lurk but I stop by once or twice a week to see what's happening. I keep thinking I'll get back to being a more regular participant, but then life gets in the way. I have to admit when the old recipe thread resurfaced recently it brought back a lot of good memories! Anyway, I saw my name and had to respond.
  2. Nice going! It sounds as if you really handled this well. I think under the circumstances, I would have had difficulty not jumping up and down with excitement! I'm really happy that you were able to have this intimate discussion.
  3. Hey, Margee!!!! I'm going to try to hang out more just for you!!! This thread made me laugh out loud today! I love the pictures and yes, the upside down one made me stand on my head too! What a beautiful group of people... in so many ways...
  4. Btw, Margee, I think florduh sounds like a guy. Of course, my voice is pretty squeaky so everyone has a low voice compared to mine!
  5. I don't get around here very much anymore so I'm not very well known, but I'll share a current picture.
  6. I miss you guys! (Said in a gender neutral way.) And, now.... back to work!!!

    1. Deva


      Come back! Whats up with work on Sunday?

    2. buffettphan
  7. Last night I had a dream about an Ex-C gathering! Guess who was the star of the event? It was Margee!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Galien


      no surprises there


    3. Deva


      What were we doing? Anyway, Margee is always the star!


    4. noob


      Hello, Blue elephant! Things are a little hectic right now but all is well. Sorry, florduh, no nuditiy. Deva, we were all meeting, greeting and eating! And, I think Margee was getting ready to sing!!! :)




  8. Have I mentioned that I want to live in Key West?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Margee


      I'm comin' with ya!!!

    3. Deva


      Scope out places to live there. I plan to move north eventually. I like mountains.


    4. noob


      Deva, I do that all the time! However, I probably won't move for a few years. My parents are elderly and live close to me and of course, there is still the need to work. I like to visit mountains but I detest cold weather!

  9. Caturday is coming!!! Whooooohoooooo!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. crazyguy123


      What is Caturday?


    3. noob


      It's just lolspeak (you know - Lolcats?) for Saturday. I just happen to LOVE Saturdays, hence the excitement. I know. I'm a goof.

    4. kolaida


      Haha, awesome!


  10. Oops! I think I just drank a whole bottle of wine. After two margaritas... :-(

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. par4dcourse


      Liquor then wine, you'll be fine

      Wine then liquor, never sicker!

    3. noob


      Yes, I remember the beer/wine before liquor, never been sicker rule! I haven't been drinking much lately but I have been super stressed. Tonight just seemed like a good time to tie one on! Hopefully I won't regret it tomorrow.

    4. crazyguy123


      "Liquor then wine, you'll be fine

      Wine then liquor, never sicker!"


      I don't really understand how the order each type of drink is drank would make a difference.

  11. Happy Birthday, pitchu... wherever you are...

    1. Blue elephant

      Blue elephant

      Yes! Happy birthday Pitchu!

  12. I've been very bizzy! But, life is good!!!

    1. Deva


      Good! Its good to be busy too.


    2. noob


      Busy is good, but I do wish I had a little more time to hang out here! I miss my Ex-C friends.

  13. You are all just so cute!!!

    1. Margee


      you are cuter!!!

      Huge hug for my girlfriend!! Luv you!!

  14. I think I just got adopted by a cat!

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