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  1. Welcom Ryfka! Enjoyed reading your story. That's awesome that you're already freeing yourself from the bondage at this young age!! Took many of us here much longer. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Deb
  2. Thanks! I looove Epicurus :) His philosophy is much more relevant to my life than Christian "philosophy".

  3. Excellent quote you put there

  4. Welcome Abby! Enjoyed reading your story. It sadly reminded me of how I myself raised my 6 children for many years! Kudos to you for listening to your rational mind and not being afraid to face the questions it posed. You'll find a lot of support and info here. Deb
  5. I'm with you guys...my kids get to listen to whatever they please now. Which is a far cry from how I used to be in my fundie days!! My how things change. But honestly, I really believe the more rules we lay down for our kids, the more they want to break them! We are deluding ourselves if we think we can control everything about what our kids think and desire. I'd rather give them the freedom to be who they are and explore the things they're interested in. Sure they may make some choices that we ourselves aren't 100% comfortable with. But I'd rather live with a few uncomfortable moments then try to squeeze them into any kind of box. Deb
  6. The version I heard was "Assassinate Christ, Destroy Christ" Too funny. And I cannot WAIT til the day I can drive a normal sporty "non-minivan" type car!! Deb
  7. Jehah, I thoroughly enjoyed your story. It is a shame what you had to endure during your school years. I never experienced anything on that level of cruelty. However, I was witness to the horrible way kids can treat each other. Was victim in just a few instances, and wasn't always the epitome of kindness myself. Although the few times I did something mean, I suffered myself at the thought of having done it! But what you experienced was what I saw magnified many times. You seem to be making your way in the world pretty well though, and that's great. You story was interesting and well written. Thanks for sharing. Deb
  8. Welcome I.L.S.! I enjoyed your story, and can relate to some of it. I was also raised Catholic, and I have 6 great kids. I figure once you go past 3, we're all in some kinda crazy club? Anyway, you'll enjoy it here, and I look forward to hearing more from you. Deb
  9. Welcome David, and kudos for staying true to who you are and what makes you happy! Looking forward to hearing more from you. Deb
  10. Ha!! U do realize V.C. that I am from the cow shit capital of the world, right?? When you drive into Tillamook and smell it, they used to say "Smells like money!" Notsomuch anymore though, as I think farming profits are in the shitter now Deb
  11. Welcome to the both of you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story! I think we can all relate to many points you've raised. And I may be a bit biased here...but I think u should move to Spokane Deb
  12. I enjoyed that dialogue- good way to think about it! Deb
  13. Welcome tumalo!! I really enjoyed reading your post- I could've written that myself as we've had a very similar struggle with the thought process. And I thought you expressed yourself very clearly and well. Hang out here and you'll find a lot of help and encouragement and gain the assurance you're on the right path. Deb
  14. Do I detect Dr. Horrible in your avatar? Awesome!! :)

  15. Great way to put it Pantonality. That is a difficult thing for me to deal with...who or what source CAN I trust...we are relying on other's thoughts and biases in so much of what we read. But as you say I'm using my own best judgement and plugging along... Deb
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