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  1. Wtf? It wouldn't let me vote but I never did in the first place...unless it was carried over from the old site... I'm now 45...ouch, that hurt to say..but I can still run most 20 year old fuckers into the ground! hehehe
  2. Do you know truth when you see it? Will we recognize it as such? Can we learn from each others areas of expertise? My intention is to start a thread wherein we put forward whatever we hold as a 'belief' with respect to the bible so that we can examine the issue of biblical veracity from all sides. I'm not fussy about which version or which book, chapter, or verse: it's an open forum. Positive or negative, if you believe it is the undeniable truth, or even nearly the truth, please post it and explain your reasoning. I would like to start with a few points: 1) god did not write t
  3. Time and again I find myself faced with the 'faith' question. Why don't you have faith? What do you believe in, then if not god/jebus/holyspooks? As though it's a requirement of existence to accept and adhere to some unquantifiable concept. WTF is wrong with this species? I've read Morris' The Naked Ape, I know the psychology of the impulse, but really, when is it going to stop? When do we get to have peace from this idiotic ideology and stop defending ourselves from not believing in something that doesn't exist corporeal and has absolutely no foundation in reality? Please excuse my ra
  4. Ditto, same crap in my inbox....really bad approach hoping I would use the $$ in a "godly manner", where the hell did she think she was posting?.... I had booze and strippers in mind for my windfall.....
  5. Um, I think I need you to be more specific about which of these "one qualities" to be able to discuss this.
  6. Great perspective, nothing new for me but a nice synopsis of the flash-in-the-pan that is ourselves. One thing that troubles me about this however is that there are no mention of statistics regarding intelligent life throughout the universe, or even more conservatively, within our galaxy. Dr Carl Sagan in his book 'Cosmos' conservatively estimated that within the some 1.3 x 10*11th of planetary systems in the Milky Way galaxy, there may be as few as 10 technologically advanced civilizations existant at any given time. Doesn't that greatly improve the idea of our uniqueness? Coupled wit
  7. OK, if I understand the nutters correctly, you get your foreskin back BUT there is no sex in heaven!??! WTF !! Count me out, I'm going south. I'd rather get it on with the ol' stump than have a whole unit I can't use!
  8. Hi J,

    long time no see!!!

  9. Thanks, Pitchu, you're a dear!

    Its awfully nice to come home again and find I'm not forgotten!!

  10. Brick!

    How wonderful to have you back here again!


  11. Its just another day to me and has been for sooooo long. Happily, it's not a work day so I do whatever needs doing, or I just goof off. This past sunday I did a brake job on my truck. Woohoo (I hate cars, freakin' money pits, I want a horse!)
  12. I have been heard to say,"Why start now?" in answer to ppl who bless me following a sneeze. It bothers me when they do it, but thats my little coping mechanism. I still swear with religeon, I must admit. 'god damn' this and 'jesus christ' that, you know, that kind thing. I know I probably shouldn't since its pointless and non-representational but, oh well, that may be the one part of the programming I can't undo. Oh ya, and for me its 'gesundheit' without fail.
  13. Kind of a self deprecating joke. An old friend coined it as a nickname, sarcastically, inferring solidity, but I tend toward the other common usage, 'thick as a....'. which neatly ties into one of my recent posts, incidentally, where I claimed no special intelligence. I use variations around the net. I think it works for me; I'm in the military, consequently I have a no-nosense manner, also I work out regularly and am fairly solid physically (used to be light infantry, oh my poor knees), and as a realist, I know that there are a lot of smarter people around, hence I am thick as a brick
  14. I can't remember my first doubt but I know it came sometime in my single-digit years but the fear-factory kept me inline for a few more years. At 13, while attending Catholic gradeschool, I silently asked myself during religeon class, "Do you really believe this?" and the somewhat terrified answer came without hestation, "No, I really don't." The next year I went to a public highschool, and with a deep sigh of relief, having not been struck down for blasphemy and being in a less thratening enviornment, repeated the denial and have never faltered since. That was 30 years ago, damn near
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