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  1. Fuego


    I had to look that one up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_sign That'd mean "two beers" around here, or maybe peace, though that is typically done palm forward. I was surprised to see how many countries have this sign and what it means in each. I'd never heard it was vulgar anywhere. I had heard about the OK sign we use meaning "asshole" some places. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OK_(gesture)
  2. Fuego

    My husband says I am going to hell

    One other angle to think about, if you are considering leaving him, how might he react? How might he think he has to protect the kids from damnation? How will his church react (as in, would they gang up on you, help him hide the kids, etc)? I'm raising the issue because a fundy mindset isn't a rational one. You may want to lawyer-up (with a non-believer attorney) well before breaking any news of leaving. (As a side-note, this could be a fascinating area of law where an ex-C could have some great insights.)
  3. Fuego


    I met a Christian Kiwi that had never seen the American middle-finger insult before. He said that a guy gave him the middle-finger when he was crossing the street, and asked me about it. I told him it was an obscene gesture, but he didn't know how a gesture could be obscene. I told him it was like sign language for "fuck you". I showed him other ways I'd seen it in Italy and none of those were familiar either (right arm uppercut with left hand slapping right bicep; thumb squeezed in between base of the first and middle fingers; biting the end of the thumb; tugging on the ear lobe). I felt funny demonstrating all of these on the street where we were talking.
  4. Fuego

    Religion, and what it did

    It made me believe the promises of Jesus It made me believe that God promised to answer my prayers because he loved me It made me believe that when those prayers weren't answered, that God was answering with "a better plan" It made me believe that God's better plan included suffering and death instead of what I "thought I needed" It made me believe that a constant shell-game of beautiful -sounding promises, "better plans", and God's utter failure was really God's faithful and powerful response of love It made me believe that God was my father who was watching over me and would protect and provide It made me believe that his threats of harm were because he was holy It made me believe that my own sexual desires were really the devil, and that I was now holy but compromising with the devil It made me believe that satisfying my sexual desires made me unclean and made God want to hurt me It made me believe that God was justified in hating me, and that only another tortured person's blood could save me from being burned alive by the God who loved me It made me believe that groveling in tears of shame before this being was the right response to having been a mere human It made me believe that a cruel, abusive, spiteful, harmful, irritable, capricious, blood-loving, tantrum-throwing man was in charge of the universe, and that his actions and threats were really good instead of evil because he's "holy" It made me believe that "men of God" who behaved this way were good because they were chosen as leaders of the house, leaders of the church, and my role was to submit to their whims which weren't really whims because they were led by God
  5. Fuego

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133093/ This tells about the movie, if you haven't heard about it. It is from the 1999. Above, I was making a joking reference to the movie. In the unrelated bible quote, it refers to the womb giving birth, and Yahweh claiming all the firstborn as his property, which means unless you wanted to kill the kid, you had to offer a sacrifice in his/her place. Bloodthirsty beast of a god.
  6. Fuego

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    "All that openeth the matrix is mine..." THE MATRIX! I've always wondered why Christians are intent on the 10 Commandments instead of Sermon on the Mount, or Sheep and the Goats. I guess those would remind them about being kind, giving their stuff to the poor, and focusing on love instead of religion.
  7. I used to show that hokey film in churches with a small group of ex-Mormons I hooked up with. I wasn't ever a Mormon, I was studying cults and it seemed like a natural extension. My Nazarene pastor got a letter from the LDS church asking him not to show it, and he was going to cancel it until I talked with him. He really didn't know anything about LDS teachings and was concerned that his church would be seen as unfriendly and mean. He didn't know anything about New Age and other beliefs either, so he started promoting and attending a "healing of memories" where Jesus in your imagination takes on a life of his own and accompanies you back to painful memories and magically does his Jesus stuff to you so it never even happened to you... We had some animated talks about this, and I told him how it was completely unbiblical, amounted to witchcraft and lying to yourself. He said that god can do anything, even change things in the past. He was authoritarian and ignorant, a great combination.
  8. Fuego

    My Last Beating

    Glad you found your way out MrsPearl. Church is one of the strongholds of male dominion/oppression throughout the world. So. Much. Abuse. And all done in the name of Jesus, which makes it worse for those that think he's real. And as you discovered, there are women who are complicit with that abuse. Some of them look for kudos from the dominant males, others just like to participate in abuse because it makes them feel powerful (like the men). The men think they are led by "the Spirit" to do stupid shit to people, and I saw nice women reduced to shaking tears by accusations of homosexuality and more (a big deal to fundies), accusations that were untrue. But the men never apologized, they just assumed they were right because of their position. Religion is a disgusting tribal relic, a mere cult that claims to represent "love". Some of us here hope to help inoculate the public by exposing the church mindset.
  9. Fuego

    Arguments against Christians

    Bingo! Using my own deconversion as an example, I had years of questions that I had sidelined because they got in the way of faith. It wasn't until something snapped and I saw a problem that couldn't be dismissed that I began questioning consciously. That incident gave my mind permission to figure out "what was wrong with this picture". This leads me to think that many other believers have similar questions and doubts that they have stored up, but sideline because they are afraid of losing their investment of time and money, and don't want to admit they were tricked into joining a cult with no god ever hearing the years of prayers and praise lavished on him.
  10. We have (relative to dogs) poor eyesight, poor smelling, poor hearing, mediocre fangs, and lousy claws. What we do have are brains that have a wonderful capacity for abstract thought, and that enabled us to create language, math, tools, improvements on tools, I-need-this, so-what-if-I-did-this-and-then-this speculations that led to inventions, people saw those inventions and improved on them, and so on. We created civilizations, philosophy, logic, aqueducts (What did the Romans ever do for us?), roads, books, carriages, steam engines, railroads, automobiles, nasty-ass weaponry, computers, motion pictures, aircraft, spacecraft, and sadly many many religions.
  11. If anything, his teachings were those of a young rebel fed up with religion taking the place of simple compassion, which is why he emphasized purposefully sharing one's wealth with those who are poor, up to selling everything. In fact, he made this the crux of how he determines who is a sheep and who is a goat. Out of all the religious rules, hogwash about demons and spiritual warfare, all the precepts doled out by Paul and Peter, Jesus said what made the difference was feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the lonely or stuck in prison, taking care of the sick, etc. John the Baptist had the same message, he who has two coats should share with him who has none, same goes for food, don't cheat people out of money. If this were what the church embraced instead of all of the rules and things that make them snooty, what a different world we'd have. These things are the only value I still find in the bible.
  12. And there comes a point where toxic people, regardless of who they are, should be excluded from one's life. I've begun trimming out the remaining ones. I rarely see my fundy relatives, and when I do it is almost always in a non-religious context. The ones that live closer to me seem to have excluded me already, so I don't even try to contact them. There is no changing them. Your own choices for your life are powerful and can take you places that are wonderful and fulfilling for you. You don't need anyone's permission or approval, and it is really best to stop looking for it, especially from those that are devoted to an insane cult. Some people from my past were very manipulative and controlling personalities, and I cut them out of my life. I owe them nothing. Any nostalgia from the past is the past, and I am a different person who chooses not to subject myself to their condemnation and manipulation. As angry as that may sound, it is more healthful than angry. If one keeps taking a small dose of poison, one will never be well. Don't take the poison ever again, and take in the good stuff. Be around those that build you up as a person, who are kind and thoughtful, loyal and helpful and creative.
  13. Fuego

    DC movies

    That's how I felt about the Catwoman movie with Halle Berry. I thought she was in perfect form and has great acting ability, but the story was sooo meh.
  14. Fuego

    DC movies

    Ah, I did see Wonder Woman and liked it a lot. I didn't realize it was a DC movie.
  15. Fuego

    Religious experiences

    My most profound experience wasn't tied to anything religious. I was asleep and as I was waking I saw a light circling in front of my eyes, out of focus, and I felt like I'd been cradled in the arms of God all night. Complete and utter peace. I didn't want to open my eyes or even talk that day (which annoyed my brother). This was back in when I was a teen, probably before I started going to church. No idea why this happened. I've often wished I could give that peace to others. I've felt what I can only describe as "home" or maybe "mom" while standing in a certain spot in a crystal shop, near books on witchcraft. I asked the owners of the shop and they said there is a "vortex" there, which is why they chose that location for their shop. I've no idea what a spiritual vortex is supposed to be, but it was repeatable for me. My wife feels all of the crystals, while I don't usually. On rare occasions, certain ones seem to make me very dizzy, or I feel a high-pitched vibe from certain ones in my palm. I've experimented with holding one in my hand, and "moving" its energy through my body into the bodies of my wife and her sister (we were all holding hands). They could tell which direction I was causing it to go (if indeed it was happening). We three were in an apartment in Sedona, and they both felt the presence of an old lady who had died but was stuck on this side. They talked with her and guided her to the other side. Instantly there was a powerful smell of potpourri in the air (like roses), and then it was gone. The only other time was sitting in a hot spring up to my nose in water, snow was falling, drops of water were making rings in the water, the river in the distance was rushing powerfully and was white with flowing snow/water. Very deep peace and calm. I like to imagine being there when I need such calm.