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  1. Sometimes life can feel like that, and crying is appropriate. Many times in the last year I've felt like it, and even came close to it at work (which made my bosses nervous, though they sympathized with my situation with a difficult neighbor). I often ponder why I exist, or what my motivation is for continuing in mundane life. I find myself pondering what life would have been like if I had married a high-school sweetheart, which wasn't possible at the time. I recall that back then I was so sad that I could not pursue her, and she married another guy. So your feelings are not bad, they are indicators of regrets and unfulfilled dreams. Do you have any positives, or any things you like to do that get you involved with others doing things you like? I try to keep doing things on the side like singing (gets me out with people, makes me learn songs and charts, and a load of other things), and I've taken up growing culinary mushrooms for a hobby and that takes learning and trying new things. I'm still aware of how mundane my life is, but I try to focus on other things. I feel like depression is a cliff and I don't want to step off because I probably won't recover. I even take supplements now and then if I feel overwhelmed, because sometimes the brain chemistry needs help. Life is what you choose to make of it, so choosing paths that bring some fulfillment and happiness are nice to have among all of the mundane that we do to get money and have food to eat.
  2. Slavery is fine, menstruation not so much. Genocide is fine, and so is rape, but not prostitution. Telling pagan priests that their god should defend himself against blasphemy makes sense, but then slaughtering those priests in the name of Yahweh somehow makes sense and isn't hypocrisy. Having goats mate in front of stripped bark to make them striped isn't witchcraft because we said so. Building a tower that reaches high into the sky really pisses off the almighty creator of stars and galaxies, even though he didn't say not to, and even though we build skyscrapers and fly airplanes and spacecraft today with no language difficulties. Eating pork also makes him angry, because he doesn't want to compete with bacon (he would SO lose). It's a cult, built on old tribal taboos, and carries ooga-booga threats that modern people still fear as real, despite truckloads of real evidence that show it is just another cult. It should have no influence on our society and laws, but is still given default respect and honor instead of being laughed at and ridiculed openly. I think it is because Judaism still has such a huge following here, and if you've never seen the Hasidic believers parade in their gang affiliation garb based on minutiae of interpretations of tribal taboos, you've missed how completely stupid otherwise intelligent people can be.
  3. Religion is about control through fear. Priests figured that out a very long time ago. Strange how few believers ever see through it.
  4. AP has a great list above. Lately I've been having the songs from my early years in the church coming back some mornings in the shower. Keith Green, Steve Taylor, and Randy Stonehill just in this last week. Gack! At least they were musicians. Absolutely hated the Hillsong trend. What vacuous songs. Most of my rock is old school 1950s to 80s, though I do like the occasional punk and trash metal. Other than that, I'm mostly in the "standards" realm of jazz from the 30s-60s (Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day, Mel Torme, Tony Bennett, Thelonius Monk, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, etc).
  5. You'd think that god would tell us beforehand who was going to do this, and actually protect the child. But no magic...
  6. Here's one of the local GOP extreme Christian terror supporters: https://www.columbian.com/news/2020/feb/20/legislator-suspended-from-republican-caucus-to-emcee-local-gop-event/ And a link to his manifesto of Biblical war: https://www.spokesman.com/documents/2018/oct/25/biblical-basis-war/
  7. A few days ago I engaged a believer in another guy's thread on FB. He kept repeating how they were ready for a revolution, a violent one they were willing to die in to protect their freedoms, how they are well armed and will protect those rights. I called him out on his violent attitude and lack of love, saying he was playing right into Putin's hands by wanting America in a civil war. He replied "Violent? I never said anything about violence. Putin? You people are weak." I replied with line after line of his statements about armed conflict, killing, and dying. Then I said "Those are your own words. You seem far more interested in shooting someone than in loving your neighbor." He actually toned down a lot after that, but a lot of believers across the country have become militarized since the 1980s. They see it as reclaiming their "heritage" of the pure white days of prophets Ozzie and Harriet (that was sarcasm, but they really do have a view of America that is idealized and idolized). They WANT someone to take a shot at the president to justify unleashing a bloody civil war against everyone that isn't like them. They WANT violence, not caring for the poor and needy. They eat up old testament stories of God giving victory in battles. They ignore all the words of Jesus in favor of stories like those. The military has strong groups of evangelicals that force recruits into church activities, and you won't get promoted without belonging to the cult. That is why the current president is their wet dream of power, boldness, brashness, acting more like a king than an elected representative. They worship a dictator king who demands absolute obedience, not that they give it other than what they want to give. But the power...they get off on the power. On the flip side, there are millions of us that want things exactly not like what they want, we look forward to the next election and hope that it isn't already too rigged. But my hunch is that if he retains power, we are on the brink of a new kind of fascism with all the tech in their control. The Oregon Republicans openly refuse to even allow a vote on subjects they hate. They literally get up as a group and leave the building, driving into the next state to prevent a quorum. Fucking cowards. Expect that in the federal level if they lose the next election. If they lose widely enough, it won't matter if they leave. It may devolve into violence and renewed open hatred of those who are different. The shot heard round the world could just as easily be at the dems, giving the right a signal to "go". Most days it all feels like we are pawns watching our people being ruined by those in power, and only being given a facade of choice, and the useful idiots who think Jesus is behind it all will push a crackdown on all the "witches and fags" who bringing god's judgment on us, and themselves as the warriors of GAWD upon whom he smiles. I suppose it's possible that there could be a hat-trick and the people at large get fed up with the shitstorm of corruption and do something about it daily. I hope that is still possible.
  8. That is the attitude of the bible god towards his people as well. And it helps explain why many believers are unwilling to even question. They fear that God will hurt them for questioning. https://articles.exchristian.net/2009/07/god-of-abuse.html
  9. That's interesting, I'd always heard Mark was first since it was the least embellished and had no resurrection story at first. But I haven't read anything on it since the 90s. Matthew always seemed to be the most embellished, working in "prophecies" and extra miracles.
  10. Agree. I'm currently in a FB tiff with a guy who is a believer, but he keeps framing life and politics in terms of a fight. I recall that the churches I attended tended to frame things that way also, seeing any disagreement as demonic influences that needed to be fought. This guy takes it further and keeps talking about killing and dying for his "freedoms", and so I mentioned that he doesn't really seem interested in loving his neighbor (except the invisible unborn ones). The stinky homeless injured sick leeches that Jesus talked about helping in the parable of the Good Samaritan are just liberal scum to him. I think that churches are leaving behind the concepts of Jesus and embracing nationalism and wealth. But I chose not to bring up his religion, but instead remind him about loving his neighbors. His attitude changed, and that was wonderful. I just watched a sci-fi series on Amazon based on Philip Dick's books. The last one was a society that had replaced most workers with robots, and they expected you to vote for "the candidate" (only one). The candidate started talking about the need to "kill all others", and left that very open-ended. Of course, "others" turns out to be anyone that doesn't go along with whatever is expected of them. Well beyond our current state, but a dystopian view that has roots in historic experiences of fascism. This also ties in with my previous posting about entheogenic psychedelics, which tend to move people towards empathetic views of inter-connectedness with other beings, rather than dividing and finding things over which to fight and be "right".
  11. I always wondered why he didn't make the figs fruit right there instead of killing the tree for being normal. He's a snippy fussbudget. There, I said it.
  12. I think I understand what you mean. I see the churches, and other evangelical religions, as cults. Most of the time they don't present a visible problem, but historically and when taken literally, they have resulted in a lot of trauma, torture, death, genocide, and billions in wasted money. It is irritating to see so many church buildings within a mile of my house, but that is a reflection of just how much influence our culture has from believers. However, I am trying to give my story where I can in order to influence our culture away from gods and religions. Attacking structures and people tends to make them more steadfast (like the Soviet treatment of believers) rather than removing them. I also see our way of life as one that allows for freedom of beliefs even when I disagree with them. That does give room for more radical elements to develop, but it also lets us be free in other ways that don't need anyone's or any government's approval.
  13. I'd say one is a product of the logical mind making a conclusion, the other is the product of the survival mind and is a product of programming. I never realized how separate they were until this last summer when I started having anxiety attacks (PTSD) based on the behavior of a neighbor acting oddly and then aggressively. I had to spend weeks trying to understand why I was reacting so strongly to something that in reality was just an annoyance, not a run-or-be-killed situation. I realized eventually that I had been raised with a single solution to any such situation: shoot her. Not that we ever did, but my family wasn't the most functional and mature folks. We loved firearms and had plenty, and loved Rambo and Terminator type films. The solution to any issue of an "enemy" was then to shoot them. Again, we never did, but that was the programmed response verbally and emotionally. I've been around long enough to know that shooting is only valid if I am in clear and present mortal danger. The neighbor was just being aggressively noisy with her music, sometimes at 3am just to annoy me. Not a threat at all, but I really had no emotional training to deal with it. So my emotional basic mind responded with "I have to shoot her, but I can't do that. I'm trapped, therefore must flee the danger." It really came down to that stupid conclusion. But I reacted with full body shaking terror anytime I heard her subwoofer. Then at work, even an HVAC system turning on had a low thrum sound that I'd react to that. I was stuck in fear by a part of my mind that was trying its best to protect me from perceived danger. It took weeks of purposefully examining the situation with my logical mind, talking to my primitive mind that was in terror, every time I'd hear something that triggered me. I'd ask it "Is this danger, or just an annoyance?" and wait for a response. Over and over again. It eventually learned through repetition that this was just an annoying thing, not a real danger. I taught myself a new response and got to the point where subwoofer sounds were easy to ignore, and I stopped being triggered. The mind really is segmented more than we usually realize, but the pieces can work together through training it. The same sort of thing is true of those who have an irrational fear of hell. It makes no logical sense, but the terror is quite real and will remain so until the mind is taught to see through repetition that it isn't a real danger. I've read articles that say this is backed up by current knowledge of how the amygdala learns. So yes, one can be an atheist and still have fear of hell, and that fear can be overcome through purposeful confrontation of the triggers and re-training the amygdala to see that it was lied to originally and that there is nothing to fear.
  14. Sounds like a narcissist using religion as a cover for his abusive nature. Very common, unfortunately. He'll always blame it on someone else, whether the victims or claiming he was victimized and can't help it.
  15. Mostly I ignore them. But they should be sequestered from the general forums. This is our place, for us to decompress and learn from each other. We spent decades in the faith, and just because they want to ignore that and pretend they have some kind of new insight or info that makes all the mythology and abuse good and true doesn't mean they get to preach here.
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