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  1. By default, believers think that literally everyone on the planet knows that the Christian god is the only real and true god, but everyone is in rebellion against this knowledge because they prefer to sin. This is of course utterly absurd, but they don't bother to consult reality or ask people, they only go back to the cult's writings (scriptures) that tell them this concept in many ways, particularly the writings of Paul in the New Testament. He argues that even nature teaches people that Christianity is true, but failed to recognize that he had been indoctrinated since childhood in Judaism a
  2. They changed in the sense that I am no longer motivated by pleasing an imaginary pissed-off god. His morality says it is ok for him to torture me forever if it pleases him. He has the excuse that he's "holy". Except when we call people holy, they tend to be extremely kind and don't burn people alive for eating some of their garden produce. I now see my own choices as the most powerful ability I have. I can be swayed this way and that by drives and emotions, but ultimately I choose what my action and mindset will be. That is where ethical behavior comes from. None of the promises o
  3. Perhaps it is time to stop trying to help them see what you see. The conflict makes it in your face all the time. Their imaginary view of reality is something they share with others and they feel like they belong to something bigger and more important than themselves, perhaps even with inside information on the super secret invisible warfare of angels and demons blah blah blah. Scams have been successful for centuries because people want so much to believe that they have found the answer to paradise, riches, fame, sex, etc. Once people have taken the bait and are on the hook, they are the forc
  4. It's sad to see so many people who have equated belief (in anything their imagination, or other's imagination generates) with factual truth. This is why America is in such a weird situation. We've excused and even honored religious beliefs for so long that any shit they generate is regarded by believers as fact (anti-vax because the antichrist will mark you with the vaccine, the virus was created just for this purpose, the president was sent by God to quash the elite pedophile satanists even though he speaks and behaves like a complete cretin). Unplugging decades (centuries really) of this hon
  5. Wow, wonderful summary! Thanks for giving us your path out, and the difficulties it presented.
  6. Bingo Wertbag! The fudge-factor makes them feel like they've got it all exactly right and can evangelize the Word of God™. But then another group has quite different views, such as heretics should and must be destroyed by the True Believers or the Actual Real Word of God™ will be corrupted and there is no worse thing. Yet another group sees that conflict and moves to America so they aren't tortured for their version of the True Faith. Within those circles are the personal, familial, local, traditional values, and then the particular cult's values that are driving behaviors.
  7. Yep. If they can get you to believe in invisible entities, then you are more likely to think that normal things like lust are demonic power instead of built-in programming for mammals. And then they can sell you snake oil cures that don't ever work, and it's always your fault. God, what a scam.
  8. I recently posted comment quotes from videos of a filmmaker on YouTube. His videos pretend to be dystopian sci-fi, but nearly 100% of the comments are from religiholics quoting scriptures and saying how vaccines are a government conspiracy blah blah blah. His few replies indicate this is indeed why he made the videos. "They don’t want to save us from the “ deadly “ virus, they want to kill us with a “ deadly “ vaccine!" "FOR WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH & BLOOD BUT AGAINT THE POWERS, PRINCIPALITIES & RULERS" "For then shall be Great Tribulation... And except thos
  9. Welcome to Ex-C! The wake-up is quite a cold splash sometimes, but it helps to clarify that we weren't sinful, rejected by a god, or any of the other shit they throw over non-conformity to the cult. Being stuck with a bad marriage based in the cult is especially difficult. Best path forward is finding out what you like and don't like, and pursue some interests if possible, and see if you have a chance at becoming independent financially. It is rough doing anything now socially, so I try to imagine being back in the 1920s before a lot of the current expectations of entertainment. I
  10. Ecclesiastes 10:2 "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." No explanation given, as usual.
  11. It reminds me of the many cringe nanny articles I read back in the day. Whatever science comes up with, our GOD is still GAWD of it. I guess they at least are trying to get people to consider modern thoughts instead of replaying Kent Hovind tapes from the 90s.
  12. That was the pivotal question I asked in my mid-deconversion. "What else have I believed that is a lie?" I physically squirmed because I knew where that was going, but also knew that I had to pursue that and not make excuses for "God" anymore.
  13. This singer/songwriter couple is local to Portland, Oregon and write some fun tunes. This one seemed apropos to us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX4fBQlL--A
  14. I wonder if the concept is behind Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" book (and TV series)? It seems possible that he took it one step further and "incarnated" the gods that people have projected and worshiped. One aspect of Gaiman's writing I didn't like was the more shallow version of Odin (Wotan) that is the primary antagonist, though there is never just one version, as there is not just one version of each of us.
  15. Fear is a huge motivator, which is why the church latched onto it. That is also why they target sex so much, it is an inescapable drive for most people, so they label it a problem and then sell the "cure". Hell is not a concept from Judaism, and if Jesus had really preached about it, the actual Jews of the time would have mocked him for trying to convert them to the religions of the Greeks and Romans. That is not something you will hear in church. I noticed in reading through the Bible several times that there was a curious lack of damnation in the Old Testament. I asked my Jewish
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