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  1. Wilbur, you don't appreciate the gravity of this situation...
  2. Damn, the gaslighting is strong with your husband. Here is my opinion: If your life is shared, so is the wealth, period. If not, he's in it for himself and doesn't really consider you equal or all that valuable (except where he wants you to be). That's a personality trait that the religion fosters and calls right, because the religion was invented by abusive control freaks. You've left the religion, but the roles still control your life it seems. I have friends who decided after years of marriage and kids to call it quits because to do otherwise would be intolerable. One said that
  3. I hadn't heard this previously, though the last physics I had was in high-school. It's almost backwards from Newtonian physics, but really just different. I think he is saying that mass warps space/time and that accounts for why we experience gravity as an apparent force. Still trying to wrap my mind around a new concept and not grasping it well. Gravity is not a force
  4. Yep, no reason to put any revelation-meaning to most dreams. Typically for me, I'm working through big issues and the dreams can reflect how my deeper mind is working on it, maybe in the form of it being played out in other people's lives so I can see the conflict from another perspective. But normal dreams are just stuff from the day being sorted by the mind. But superstitious people are always looking for things to confirm their beliefs are true, and they are happy to trumpet those dreams as visions from god. I find that if I sleep too warmly, my dreams get weird. I barely use a
  5. In the Nazarene church where I first attended in the 80s (during the strong revival of belief in demons, pushed by campus groups like Maranatha, and then by seemingly conservative believers), they had a teaching series on Spiritual Warfare. The pastor embraced the teachings as biblical and began talking openly about demons, whereas previously he held that they were more mental illness. At a Sunday morning service a woman let out a scream like a caged tiger combined with tearing metal, flipped out of the pew backwards and landed in the lap of my buddy. The pastor began quietly doing spiritual w
  6. Yep. It defines life for them, as it did for me for decades. I typically just get the cold shoulder from my believer relatives, unless they need some help from me. Then it's back to silence. They live fairly close to me also.
  7. Here is a cute 11 minute video by a professor talking about phosphine and Venus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKWiOwt7eCo
  8. Not that I have heard. The temps across the US have been setting record highs this summer. In the desert resort areas, some days were so hot they recommended not going outside at all. Palm Springs hit 123F (50.56C) on July 12th. The Pacific Northwest has mostly been normal with temps, but much dryer than normal. We are currently dealing with wildfires across the region. The two weeks ago we had very dense smoke outside until this last weekend. Recent rains have helped quell that a lot.
  9. When I was a believer, I had a roommate talking to a non-believer couple about premarital sex. He had hit a spot where he couldn't say exactly why it was "wrong". He asked me and I told him that it was because God said so, not because of any reasons, and that it really applied to believers since non-believers... don't believe. He was aghast. But the bible really doesn't give any reasons why it is called immoral other than that. The couple grinned.
  10. Hi RTA, Sounds like you mostly have it figured out. The end times that Paul and Jesus expected to happen "soon" never happened, so believers have taken to saying it could be any day, while others say that certain things have to happen first. Both views (and others) based on the same book, just emphasizing different parts. The confusion is due to it being a mish-mash of different people claiming to write on behalf of God who doesn't want to speak for himself. The same thing is true for the other religions and their end of the world scenarios. NDEs are what people experience as
  11. Back when I was part of the more extreme end of the cult, prior to deconverting, "giving in" to sickness was giving into the devil. The concept was that if we pushed through and still preached and prayed for the sick that God would see the faith and cure us. Instead it was a great way to spread sickness, especially among the indigenous people. The cult leaders even said that if we puked while eating with the locals, we had to eat the puke or it would offend the locals. Impossible when you can't even keep water down. It was pure bullshit, and other missionaries in that region said that was absu
  12. Fuego


    In this case, God is named Dave.
  13. Where is this happening? I live just outside Portland, Oregon, and very few of the protesters are violent. Most are there about the racial issues. There seems to be a handful or two that are dedicated to starting fires, smashing windows, looting and some of them have been arrested, and are now facing federal charges. Apparently (according to posts I've seen today) at least a few were white supremacists doing it to cause chaos. One guys posted a video of himself driving through a totally lovely downtown Portland and said "Here's a video I took this morning driving around the central downto
  14. A funny 1966 movie King of Hearts about a soldier who takes escapes capture by taking refuge in an asylum. After a while, one wonders who the crazy ones really are. In our case, the boatload of mental and emotional dissonance in the church was pretty clear that "salvation" was more "slave-ation" to a bloody nonsensical tribal religion that became way too popular.
  15. And for a totally different, theoretical physics approach to "what is reality", here is an entertaining video taking some of the latest views on not-string-theory unification physics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJi3_znm7ZE
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