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  1. Even when I was a believer, I had no time for churches that bowed to money. There's a big church in Portland, the pastor has gold and diamonds on every finger, and he's called a "pastor's pastor" meaning he advises them on how to be pastors. He is surrounded by business lackeys at all times. Slick, polished, tailored suits, and one single directive - get the sheep to dish it out without question. Any questioning of tithing is met with "We think you'd be happier elsewhere". These guys won't ever not be rich, but they want more "blessing" poured out on them. Fuck the poor, the needy, the hungry, the homeless creeps, we're the King's Kids! I attended there for a short while. They were picketed the last Sunday I was there, by another small church that was preaching at the believers to abandon their wealth and seek the presence of god. That was the kind of church I was after, but I wasn't in the mood to hook up with anyone. I told them that I was new to the area, but that they were preaching truth and to keep it up. I do know a lot of believers that take it all very seriously, and are not at all materialistic. Some quit jobs at big companies to raise chickens and be self-sufficient, to escape the machine of business. Most others just try to do what they feel is right with the little wealth they have. But churches are packed with believers that dish it out for the wow factor and the latest project. But churches are also notoriously bad at handling finances. My old Nazarene church built, tore down, rebuilt, tore down, and rebuilt the ENTRANCE to the new church they were constructing. They didn't tell the congregation, because it wasted tens of thousands of dollars they had donated to the cause. The church eventually folded and was acquired by some other congregation.
  2. Fuego

    Not a vessel

    Christianity, in a literal form, is abusive by nature. When that is adopted by strict people, they mean well by forcing their kids into it (imparting their own fear of damnation and an angry god), but it cannot be anything but abuse. (I have a brother in law raising his kids like this, somewhat, not as extreme as your own parents) They failed to recognize that a "father" who wants blood payment for disobedience isn't good or holy, but evil. They didn't see that the bible god is a narcissist consumed with his own perceived greatness, and who shames and harms anyone who won't kowtow (whole book of Job, which may be one of the first bible books written). They didn't recognize that the bible god is psychotic, pouring out blessing on mass murder and rape, while killing anyone that transgresses one of his rules. The claim is always that he's "holy", but he isn't. Cruel, vindictive, harsh, mean, bloodthirsty, and demanding that his followers "die to self" daily, and become only his own reflection so he can once again feel how great he thinks he is. You are correct. Being a "vessel" for such an alien is the opposite of all that humans can be if we are taught logic, self-confidence, scientific method, skepticism, along with empathy and kindness that keep us all from being assholes.
  3. I heard it cast as a dichotomy, people trying to become holy, people trying to worship the "right" way, people building churches and singing certain kinds of hymns and giving tithes but without really surrendering their hearts and desires to god. The opposite being surrender of hopes and dreams, trusting that a loving god will take care of you, and that the sermon on the mount about being more dear to god than birds and that he knows what we need before we ask, etc. As we know from experience, the promises sound GREAT, but are completely hollow since there is no one there to hear the prayers, or see our needs and respond. It is a wonderful sounding story, but is a myth. Well, wonderful in some ways, psychotic and abusive in others. What kind of guy wants you to surrender all your dreams and submit to his plan for your life? What kind of guy wants you to lavish praise on him even if he kills your children and infects you with diseases? What kind of guy threatens you with being burned alive if you don't love him enough? An abuser, a narcissist, a psychotic. Oh, and he likes blood payment for offenses against him. That doesn't make him holy, it makes him evil. All evangelism these days talks about the love and promises. It used to threaten with damnation and burning. Both hook people into an abusive "relationship" with an imaginary friend that "convicts" them of sin, and perpetuates the cult form all over the world. I can't go a block in my city without at least one church. A nearby block has three. It truly does not deserve the default honor and respect our culture gives it. Instead it should be treated like the Moonies or Manson Family.
  4. Fuego

    Finally! An ACTUAL supernatural healing!

    I saw the same carnival trick used at a Maranatha meeting, and couldn't believe I was seeing it and that people would fall for it. I showed people afterward how it works, first overhealing myself, then fixing it, then telling them about how to do it by standing slightly to one side of the person versus directly in front. One still thought her back felt better after the service...
  5. Fuego

    Dealing with a Narcissist's Love

    Yes, a lot. I had a roomie that rarely saw anything wrong with his own behavior, would get into my room and go through my stuff (likely looking for porn that wasn't there) to the point of removing insulation from my windows and putting it back sloppily. He'd had other roomies accuse him previously and he said to me "You don't believe I'd do that, do you?" I've learned over time that people who say that are typically guilty and looking for an ego boost. And sometimes even normal Christians are told to become more invasive in the personal lives of others. I had multiple ones try to prevent me from marrying my wife (now of 20 years) because "she isn't ready, god wants her to be single, and we need to "counsel" her for more years until she sees how holy we are and maybe becomes married to one of us". All that last bit was silent, but I pushed one until he admitted he was attracted to her. My narcissist roomie above actually sent me a card saying I wasn't ready to get married, that I was violent, blah blah blah. I didn't give into his manipulation, so he constantly tried to gaslight me in the eyes of others that I was some kind of nut case. They even wrote to our marriage counselor trying to get him to stop the marriage. He told us that we were one of the more mature couples he'd ever known, and the letter was bizarre to him. It was a cult, and the church started taking steps to disband it. It started as a singles group, but became an oddly uber-fundy group. Glad we moved to a different city and eventually out of church completely.
  6. The thing we have to remember with "rational" is that our brain/mind isn't a perfectly sound computer, but rather an organic computer that works well enough to help us survive on Earth through regulation of body functions and, with humans, a particular knack for abstractions like "see problem; make tool to help fix problem". That in turn gave us languages and math, science and sadly, religion which may have started out as "I need an edge to help me survive. Maybe someone is in charge of this world like I'm in charge of my family. Maybe I can appeal or appease that person." For whatever reason, religion stuck hard with humans all over the Earth. The stone temples of gods are still standing, though the gods are no longer adored or feared. I've had a couple of good handfuls of experiences that seem profound emotionally, and yet they have not reliably repeated. The most striking was a voice speaking clearly to me to not marry a particular woman (turns out that was a good guidance), told me that another girl I liked was currently in bed with another guy (also true because I drove out to his house and saw and talked with her, that was the most outstanding information I got), and once it told me not to be mean to a woman that was being a clown at a church event (not sure why that was so important). I've had dreams of a mountain, over and over again, and each time it fills me with awe and emotion wells up strongly within me. I've had something like a dream where I awoke and felt like I'd been cradled in the arms of God, and that peace lasted all day (and I've wished since that I could give that to people I've seen in suffering, because it really was profound). I've felt heat pouring down on me from nowhere. I've shaken and felt energy coursing through my body in a pentecostal service, so I looked like a Shaker or Quaker with trembling hands. On the flip side, I've watched a handful of people go into a manic state which required meds after a few days. One thought he was going to be a prophet to win Korea to Jesus. He'd been under intense emotional pressure in his cult church Maranatha and finally snapped. Suddenly he didn't need to sleep, spoke rambling sentences that he thought were profound but didn't make a ton of sense. Eventually he was committed to a psych ward and after rather a lot of medication slept for days. Another friend went manic after intensely praying with pentecostals for the baptism of the Spirit, and he suddenly didn't need to sleep for days and had visions and prophecies pouring out of him. This went on for a week or two, then his body crashed and he slept for a couple of days. Not surprisingly, the mental stuff stopped, but he thought he'd offended God somehow and that all the mental stuff had been genuine. My pastor's wife went manic during an evening service where she kept boasting about how she was able to compose and perform music for hours, and how incredibly godly her husband was, and she launched into a long rambling song until her husband stopped her. At home she said that she had a vision of Satan appearing to her, and she challenged him because Jesus lives in her. She went right over the edge mentally, tore out an eye, killed the family dog, and some other things until her husband found her. They of course attributed it all to spiritual warfare, but not surprisingly taking lithium instead of prayer brought it under control. My dad and others who are getting near death start seeing people in the mirror besides their own reflection. It is a fairly common thing. Some interpret this as really seeing the "other side", but more likely it is the mind slipping into dream state while awake, so these things can seem quite real and be only in the mind (remember the movie "A Beautiful Mind"?). My dad even shot at one he saw in his bed. Happily, no one was injured. So the organic mind is capable of seeing and experiencing things imaginary as though they are reality. Dreams can seem so damn real. I really have no explanation for the voice I heard being accurate, but then again, I don't understand a lot of actual reality (why gravity works; how matter and energy are different states of the same thing; etc). But I don't have to try and answer with God, spirit guides, and other until I have some kind of repeatable reliable information.
  7. Fuego

    God Has Plans For Me

    That is the approach my brother and his wife took when their boy and his girlfriend slid on ice (4-wheeler) on a curve and over a cliff that had no barrier. They turned it into "God wants to use this to witness to the girl's mother". Years of mental programming faces a harsh reality check that could help them see through the programming, but the fear of that reality pushes the believer to make a nonsensical "answer" about God being faithful and good instead of absent or non-existent. My brother said "I don't know how I would have made it through this without Jesus". He did make it through it without Jesus, but his emotions find solace in thinking someone is in control of this chaos. I kept my yap shut and let them find some comfort.
  8. Or they turned it into a positive. "YES! Manipulate me Jesus!" Kinda kinky when I say it that way... Which reminds me of a lady in my former congregation that sounded like she was climaxing with Jesus during worship. Made others uncomfortable enough to complain.
  9. Fuego

    ex-christian crashing Firefox

    I dropped back to 59 on Linux, told it from the install to not call home for updates, and it is stable and working fine. Mozilla has a cow over anyone recommending this, but their latest version on Linux crashes all the time.
  10. Fuego

    Universe appears to expand at different rates

    The more we learn, the more we find to learn.
  11. Fuego

    ex-christian crashing Firefox

    It seems to be the latest version of FF 61 on Linux. Earlier versions work fine, as does Chrome. I like FF for all of the ad-blocking and add-ons for clearing crap out of Facebook. Ah well, now I know it isn't the sites that are doing anything differently, just lousy programming on the part of Mozilla.
  12. Fuego

    ex-christian crashing Firefox

    I'm considering doing so. I did a fresh install and got the same thing. Oddly, it's been working fine until today. Maybe the new version is doing something stupid.
  13. Today anytime I try to open the Ex-C forums with Firefox 61, it crashes. Anyone else using FF and having this issue? It gives me the "Gah! Your tab just crashed" message, and if I turn off that feature, it crashes the whole browser. I'm posting this from Chrome. It's been fine up to today. I let it auto-submit the crash to Mozilla (several times). The main site opens fine. I also tried "refreshing" FF by disabling all add-ons and creating a new profile. Crasharoonie.
  14. And Jesus didn't tell anyone or intervene? What a surprise! http://www.kptv.com/story/38582412/former-sunday-school-teacher-charged-with-sexually-assaulting-children-for-years
  15. Fuego

    Lame Jokes

    "This new learning amazes me Sir Bedevere. Explain to me again how sheep's bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes."