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  1. Fuego

    Atheist family wins anti-holiday lawsuit

    "religious traditions that differed from the family's own belief in atheism" belief in atheism...
  2. Fuego

    God's project

    I want to know who licenses the software to God...
  3. Fuego

    Verses that bug you in the bible

    "Ima hurt you 'cause you don't love me enough bitch! Now tell me again how great I am..."
  4. Fuego

    Does Satan Heal Satanists (his followers)

    Sure. Since Satan is a minor character in Judaism, usually seen as an angel that does some dirty work for god, why would a reasonable person think he is real? Christianity took direction from Zoroastrianism with dualistic Light/Darkness God/Devil belief, added some Greek and Roman religion, and produced "the Devil" who rules the underworld (not a Jewish concept at all). So Satan is a fictional character in a book of myths. Typically, Satanists become such out of despising Christianity and want to adopt a selfish path of life, one that promotes self, has trappings of spirituality, or makes them feel cool for being rebels against the system. Others do it to annoy Christians for sheer entertainment value. I suppose there are a few that actually think there is a being that is going to respond to their curses and prayers, sacrifices, etc. Meh, just like Christians believe in (and make up some fascinating tales about) healings.
  5. Fuego

    Verses that bug you in the bible

    The odd part was that no matter how many times we quoted verses and claimed promises, we always gave him a pass when he utterly failed to keep his promises or honor the verses. Believers have to keep telling themselves that god is faithful anyway and has a better plan. Try that in the business world when you don't keep a contract or promise. Have one of your reps tell the other company "Oh, just trust him. He has a better plan (that he won't explain or give you any clues about). In fact even death is better, because you get to be with him forever!! Now tell him again how utterly great he is! Steeeevvvvee Jooooobbbbsss glooorrryyy awwwwesommmm...." For me, the part I hated the most was MIS-quotes, like "As a man thinketh in his heart, so it he". They would preach on that like it was some kind of New Age truism that what you think, you become. But the actual quote is "Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony, for as he thinks in his heart, so is he". Taken in full context, Solomon is warning his newbie son about politics. Other kings will want to make treaties and deals, throw big parties for you, give you lots of wine and women, but all the while their hidden (in his heart) intent is to kill you and take your kingdom. Kind of a different meaning, huh? There is one, Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death." So... we should do what seems wrong to us? Stupid verse. Yeah, people make mistakes. The implied meaning is that the Bible will always have the right answer even if it seems stupid. But as we found out from experience in reality, it really is stupid to trust made up stories and primitive myths instead of what we can test and see.
  6. I agree that this is the wrong message, though the intent was right. Here is the form I like:
  7. Fuego

    A Marine’s Story

    I know a few from my church days that like to say how utterly clear and logical it all is, one old friend in particular. He will go through the most intricate mental gymnastics to make it all work, and I think that he never sees through it because of feeling specially chosen. He's been rejected his entire life, never fit in at all because of his weird nature, his odd appearance, and his insistence on evangelizing everyone. He said that Jesus let his eye be damaged when he was a child (his sister tossed a toy gun back to him and hit his eye) because of pride "I wanted to be like the cowboys I saw on TV. Jesus knew that pride would only grow and keep me from him." As you said, it is the ultimate mindfuck. It keeps us from learning much about real life while being devoted to pleasing a psychotic god who isn't even there. It is like a form of madness. The computer geek side of me sees it as a mind-hack, exploiting our desires to live forever, find a paradise where everything is great, where we are loved, or any other promise to sucker us into the deal. It is well documented that people who get scammed over fake prize winnings will keep sending money to the scammers, holding out for the big payout they were promised so all their dreams will come true. It is sad that our minds can be exploited this way, but good that some of us are able to see through it in time to have a real life.
  8. Fuego

    First Christmas as Ex-C

    I love the pagan aspects of Christmas, the evergreen and other symbols of life surviving winter that were snatched up by the church. The smell of the tree, and the candlelight. I sing a lot, and did an xmas sing-thing at a jazz club recently. It was fun, except when people sang the religious songs that seemed so completely out of place (even though the place is owned by very liberal/Catholic believers). I was drafted to sing "The Prayer" with a friend, so I do it, though at the places were it says "give us faith so we'll be safe" I mentally insert "from you, you narcissistic bastard". Later in the month I'll gather with friends to feast and play games. I avoid the church stuff, including the beautiful Handel's Messiah because of the words. The church has had a lot of talented musicians that produced some incredible music. But the words glorify an abuser, and I won't sing those anymore.
  9. Fuego

    I am me and that's enough.

    Welcome! Glad you saw through it. Fear seems to be the primary factor in almost all Christianity, and your family fits that mold well, as does the influence of the church in the Bible Belt. Fear of parents, fear of invisible spirit creatures including the alleged friend "God", fear of exclusion, and lots of human sheep willing to dole out spiteful punishments on those who are different. Living around the cult makes it a lot harder to just live normally. I was able to get away from the influence of church prior to my deconversion, and live in the Oregon/Washington area where many reject Christianity (even with a ton of active Evangelicals around us) or have "other" spirituality. So I hope you are able to find an oasis or two to make life more fun and enjoyable. I spent a year writing a book to help me purge some of the anger, and to point out the many stupid things I used to believe and promote. I don't think I go around with much anger now, but a friend pointed out that if he mentions my former faith I tend to get revved up attacking it. I think that is a normal response to having an emotional abuser (the Christian god) that I thought lived inside of me for most of my life. So it probably never goes away entirely, but I'm fine with that.
  10. Fuego

    A Marine’s Story

    It was interesting to read the various comments on your deconversion video on YouTube. While evangelizing, believers always say that coming to Jesus is easy. But when dealing with someone who has deconverted, belief always becomes something that you didn't do just right, or didn't "get the Holy Spirit" just the way they think you should, or the more wacky ones think you didn't pronounce the name of god or Jesus the right way so had the wrong one. Like you, the whole world opened up for me when I let go of 30 years of ardent faith. All of the imaginary spiritual warfare went silent. My mind didn't have to pretend anymore to be the voice of god, and I didn't have to fear demons everywhere. Reality didn't change, but my perception of it changed dramatically. Music that I had shunned became enjoyable, sex became a natural thing, and I could hang out with people without having an agenda to make them like me.
  11. https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2018/11/27/nick-cave-open-letter/ I thought this was a very interesting view, perhaps of an atheist, on grief and spirit visitations.
  12. Ejected a VHS tape my nephew was watching and pounded it to pieces. Clan of the Cave Bear. I thought it was showing him things he shouldn't see. Family didn't react well to that, but I was insistent that it was not right... Other stupid stuff: Had pictures of aborted fetuses in my car windows. Yep, I was one of those guys. Also blocked doors to clinics 2 or 3 times. Arrested once. Did prayer-walks with groups of pastors about 4am some mornings. A "prophet" had told us to strike before the demonic activity grew when the heathens woke up... We bound demons and cursed porn shops, anointed things with olive oil mixed with frankincense (cause that's more stuff from the bible - wooooo!) none of which had any effect at all. We encountered a Vietnam vet on a bike one morning and he commented that we looked like a squad out on patrol. That juiced us up of course. In reality, we were idiots tricked into thinking we were accomplishing something magical with our belief and woo. Bought and threw away rather a lot of porn. Endless cycle of trying not to be a human male with natural lust. Lots of other believers in the same boat, including pastors.
  13. Fuego

    Almost outed myself

    Good question. I'd guess most, to one extent or another. At least about the "skeletons in the closet". Most of us want to appear to be good or acceptable.
  14. Fuego

    Almost outed myself

    My fundy bro-in-law asked if we'd found a church yet. I've been cloaked around him for the last 10 years since I deconverted, so I could still have some influence. But I'd had a couple of beers at a restaurant and while I considered simply telling him outright, I decided to just say no we haven't. I wasn't sure I could reason well at that time, and I'd like to be better prepared to talk. My wife says that it wouldn't go well if I did. But my "influence" is pretty darn limited since I only see them once or twice a year, so it's more for keeping the peace now. I don't really know how he'd react. He's going through some tough stuff personally, but they are still believers. So to keep things going as usual, I simply dropped the subject, as did he. I think his current trials have made him at least a bit less fundy, since that was the only time he brought it up, and let it go pretty easily.
  15. Fuego

    Voices from the past

    I always pretended to be when evangelizing. Privately, and in my experience with many others in prayer meetings, the story is quite different.