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  1. It started (they say) with Abraham believing what god told him directly. That seems a bit different than reading a book about a god talking to someone and believing it, but that is the twisty path that it has become, since they teach that the Bible is a direct hand-off of info from this god. Still quite a stretch from "Hi I'm THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. Kill your son for me. Ha! Just kidding. Instead cut off part of his penis, or I'll kill you." Believing god was his stamp of being declared right with god (righteousness). Oddly, not many stories of him being a good neighbor and caring for the poor, etc. Then we are given the many stories about Jesus written to convert people "These things were written so that you might believe..." Except that history has a complete vacuum of anyone else reporting his existence, much less the many outstanding miracles that his cult reports. And instead of doing all the good deeds that were pushed by John the Baptist and Jesus also, belief became the crux of salvation. So much so that now the good deeds ignored in favor of patriotism and money, but they still "believe".
  2. Not familiar with his music, but glad that he's using his mind and isn't willing to accept misdirection as an answer.
  3. "pseudo-history of Israel" Bingo. My current understanding from gleaning what others have posted is that much of the old testament was written during the Babylonian captivity in order to give the Jews some sense of being a distinct people, and having been chosen by that specific god. Odd things like the "star of David" had nothing to do with David, it is one of the many occult symbols that were used in Babylon and was taken as a sign of protection by the priests or those being educated in that land. Occultic things are big in Jewish history. The Golom was a demon creature that the rabbi could summon for protection or as a warrior against the foes. The myth of Daniel was also spun during that time and incorporated the local authorities, though as far as I have ever heard, there is no mention of him by his Hebrew or Babylonian name. The Exodus from Egypt appears to be entirely fictitious, given that no other account exists of multiple plagues and a supernatural fight happening, much less all of the people and animals that trekked across the desert. The feeding and watering of the animals and people are a huge problem for literalists, because they supposedly just had a rock that spouted water. It would have had to provide a LOT of water to satisfy that many people and animals daily. There is no record of the Jews slaughtering all the people groups they encountered, and would amount to multiple genocides if it were true. There was a David and a Solomon, but how much of their stories are true is a guess. Much the same is true of the gospels, clearly not eyewitness testimonies due to the non-factual reporting and the inclusion of conversations between Jewish rulers and Roman authorities to which they were not privy. No accounts exist of Jesus outside of the cult writings. Even Paul says he never met him except in spirit, and he lived in Jerusalem (if indeed he is real).
  4. Even the "apostle of love" summarized how to love this god "This is love for god, that we obey his commands". He is a petulant narcissist with a lust for blood. He blesses mass rape and orders genocide, often in the same command. Happily, looking around at reality such as photos of earth floating in space, we can better understand that none of the Bible stories can be real. When we look at history, and the complete dearth of any evidence supporting the Exodus or the gospels, we see that it was always just cult writings (like the book of mormon, the moonies, the manson family, etc) intended to convert through a combination of dangling a carrot of promises of paradise and threats of eternal torture.
  5. And the "devil" is almost the reverse of how he's portrayed. Bringing light to the slaves makes bible god vewy vewy angwy indeed.
  6. Most believers convince themselves at first that God is responding. When disappointment is expressed, other believers teach you to make excuses to fill in the blank of silence. I'm sure you've heard them: "Oh, he answered, but it looks different than what you expect. He's always faithful, all the time!" "He can say no. You don't give your kid everything she asks for." "He's not a cosmic vending machine, ya know!" "Who are you to question God?!" But it's only ever them doing the speaking. Some churches have turned the silence into doctrine. The Baptist church I attended for a while insists that God must be silent and not answer prayers for healing or the Bible wouldn't be finished, and that would be a catastrophe for some reason. I always thought that essentially made god dead, so I left (as did a lot of others, but a lot of others stayed). When I finally got a shock discovering a trusted pastor lying and making up long detailed stories about miracles (which brought in a lot of money and followers) I had to start asking hard questions that needed actual answers. That was when the silence became very apparent. Silence brought a lot more questions I had shelved over the years about why is god such a colossal jerk in the Bible? Why does he want blood? Earth is a planet floating in a vast cosmos in all directions, yet Jesus ascended "up" into the clouds. There is no "up", heaven isn't just above the clouds, we fly planes there all the time. We have spacecraft that go outside the solar system. Same with the tower of Babel, god was threatened by a building project? Then there are the talking snake ("more clever than the other wild animals", not Satan), the talking donkey, the odd witchcraft stories about mating sheep in front of striped branches, floating axe heads, rubbing mud in a blind man's eyes to make him see, and an Old Testament filled with god blessing mass rape and genocide. It is a primitive cult, nothing more. We were tricked, we believed, then we saw through. Sadly, millions are still in the cult and many of them are in political positions and military.
  7. Fuego


    For me the fear of devils vanished when I saw that I had been fed lies by well-meaning people, and that collectively we kept "reasoning" our way around the lies and inconsistencies. For a more palpable fear, bordering on PTSD, I had to use microdosing of mushrooms (plus one full-on trip). They are a natural way to reset things at a very deep level. Sadly, the gov't still regards them equal to heroin or meth, which is purely political since there is no danger or addiction involved (and no rich pharmaceutical companies becoming more rich when you eat mushrooms). Once the fear was gone, it was gone. I still get no-particular-reason anxiety now and then, but the previous triggers are disarmed.
  8. Welcome! You are discovering that sometimes family ties are toxic and will continue to poison you and others you love, all justified by religion (and narcissism even in non-religious families). Some families are great, some of sort of meh, others are best cut off like cancer. It sounds like you have sorted out your own concepts and seen through the programming. Now instead of subjecting yourself to unbending, unreasoning religious fanatics, find joy and peace without them. Some of my own family are about as religious as I once was, and right about the time I rejected the beliefs they became distant. That worked out fine for me. We also had several families of immigrants to whom we had grown close, but our only real tie outside of that closeness we formed was the faith. When we rejected that, our common bond was broken and we rarely see them now. That hurt, but there are a few toxic ones in their family group that make it icky, and since their whole world is utterly steeped in non-stop Jesus, we didn't want to make things awkward for them or for us and split. We saw them recently at a funeral, and 95% of them were wonderful and we expressed love to each other, but the toxic few were there with no smiles, no greetings, and were clearly being the "holy warriors" they imagine themselves to be. Meh. Find new friends and circles, though that is difficult during this quarantine time. For me, nature provides a steady diet of quiet beauty and a feeling of connection to life in general, apart from the odd abstractions of "meaning" humans keep trying to stick on things. Music is another kind of beauty I enjoy. and most of my circle of friends post-church are musicians. Most of them are not religious, or are social believers. When you stop allowing your relationships to be poisoned, you get to explore just being you and being together. And it takes time to decompress from the toxic relationships. When we are around it long enough, we expect to be beaten emotionally. But that is horrible. So I suggest distance and a new way of being, day in and day out. Choose to find the beauty in life.
  9. I like to pretend it's the 1970s and do a bunch of stuff around the house. BBQ, fix things, do lots of experiments, learn about basic physics and engineering (though YouTube didn't exist back then), listen to music. Oddly, I haven't been singing, and a LOT of my singer friends are the same way. Without instrumentalists, it just isn't the same. We all used to gig continuously at local food spots. At work lately (I'm one of those essentials that keep systems running for the local government), I've been able to drive out to the county parks and enjoy the birds singing, wind in the trees, just general nature breaks that are so nourishing to my "soul". I live next door to two airports, a highway, and a river with barges. Noise, engines, honks, shrieking motorcycles, subwoofers (although a surprising number of people also drive to the parks with subwoofers blaring. What the actual fuck?) Some days work is really difficult because there is nothing to do, but I have to be there in order to get the paycheck. It can get mind numbing. Other days I have to go into the jail, and have to wear a good medical mask and gloves, get my temp taken to even enter, and work where the inmates come and go. They let a ton of them go just to reduce the likelyhood of who might have it and spread it. I don't understand locking down beaches and parks, if people keep distance. Families that live together shouldn't have to separate in a park, that makes no sense. They haven't done that to us here, so I see families out in the sun together. I like the lack of traffic on the roads. It seemed like everyone was moving to Portland in the last few years. All the hotspots for eating and booze are closed. Distilleries are making ethanol for hand sanitizer now, and selling booze on the side. We are paranoid about sanitizing our groceries when we get home, and try to shop once a week when things get in short supply. Trying to reduce any infection vectors since this one plays for keeps.
  10. But Zoolander! Can't you see it's all true?!!11!!
  11. @DanForsman there's something wonky with your post. It looks like it takes up 50 pages of blank screen, not sure if you linked to something or what.
  12. A guy on FB asked what people thought about this film. I just watched the trailers and gave a paragraph response. I may watch the whole thing, take notes, and review it on YouTube. https://www.outofshadows.org/ What I wrote: A full reply would take pages. In short, it is a religious film by "serious believers" claiming to be a documentary purporting to expose the media as controlled by the Bible devil, and they claims that no one else is brave enough to tell these things. Some of it is based in fact (rich and powerful sometimes sinister people own the news outlets and script what they want us to hear), a lot of it is based in the worldview of the faith that there is a huge invisible but literal war of invisible creatures over the souls of humans and this film is one way to evangelize people with that religion, and curiously with patriotism. Over-use of dramatic music and testimonies. I watched a lot of this kind of film in churches back in the 1980s when rock music was being "exposed" as devil inspired. I may do a full review of this if I have time.
  13. There is another video in the Ex-C Spirituality forum about the common appearance of psychedelic mushrooms in old Christian art, specifically the Aminita muscara (the red one with white dots). The speculation of the video is that the Gnostics were perhaps the original Christians, and all of the stories are symbols of meeting a spiritual experience through the mushroom. Quite a different perspective of Jesus! The literal, they say, came later along with a suppression of the use of such fungi.
  14. Very likely true. It is what you do with the perspective change that is important, not the perceived events themselves. It is also likely that the shared experiences are because we are mostly wired the same way, so in the same way that ibuprofen numbs a headache, DMT is likely to cause waking dreamlike events with unusual "beings" in those dreams. I've had regular dreams that were profoundly moving, and repeated aspects of those dreams as well. But they don't point to the Christian god being real, just that I believed strongly at the time, and those beliefs created scenes that were powerful in the dreamscape. So far, my own experiences are more confirmation of the path I've chosen rather than a dramatic change. The most profound change was during a conflict I had with a neighbor that was causing PTSD reactions, and microdosing (not at all a trip) made a huge difference in helping me let go of the reactions and see it all as a mere annoyance instead of a mortal combat situation. That didn't involve any dreamlike events, just took anxiety and depression and turned them off. That allowed me to talk myself out of re-triggering the same emotional reactions. I've recently seen the same result in another guy I know. He was twitching and consumed with anxiety over a lot of overwhelming life issues. I showed him how to microdose and the next time I saw him a few weeks later, he was totally upbeat and excited about life again. (Conspiracy theory: My own opinion is that this is why these drugs are illegal. They are free, natural, humans have used them for many thousands of years, and have a profoundly positive effect without addiction. Pharmaceutical companies really do not want you to have access to them because they can't make their next $100 billion off of people who are well. They are one of the more powerful and rich lobbies to congress. EDIT: And that is why these naturally growing fungi are a federal felony to grow, not a slap on the wrist misdemeanor. That is insane, but shows the power of money in politics.)
  15. Also see the psychedelics thread in Ex-C Spirituality. Damn I hate when info videos have a constant music track in the background... That's the balance one needs with the psychedelic world. On one hand, all that we experience of reality is through our senses and our brain. We have a limited ability to process what we can perceive, and the brain has filters to keep the vast stream of data down to what seems relevant. Other creatures here like dogs and cats have far better senses of smell and hearing, and so they experience the same reality differently, and they don't tend to abstract things as much as we do. Same reality, but perceived and felt differently and interpreted differently. Some see the psychedelics as a glimpse into reality farther than our senses allow. Some see them as a glimpse behind the curtain of this existence they consider illusion. I see them as a perspective changer. The experiences can be deeply introspective, making one look at all the "good and bad" within, motives, patterns of behavior, patterns of family behavior, and in short the experience is like 20 years of psychotherapy in a few hours. Mike Tyson experienced a variant of DMT called 5meo-DMT, which is more akin to dying than meeting deities (as often happens with DMT), and the experience changed a guy who was all ego all the time to someone who is really examining his life and experiences and seeing a completely different view of himself and others. My own opinion is that the DMT deities are inner archetypes given animation, much like the iconic paintings and statues are formed from people's imaginary views of what these beings might look like. They are a perspective change engaged by having the chemical. Others clearly see them as beings behind the curtain of "maya" or illusion that we live in daily. And there is the possibility that there is something beyond us. I'm not a strict atheist, and I'm open to the experiences to see what the result is. When one encounters a deity that seems familiar like the woman ball of light that the one guy in the video "remembered" from before he was a human, also note that in our dreams we can be someone else with a complete life history and different family or friends, and it happens in an instant. Are these memories of other lives, past or concurrent, or another aspect of our abstract minds that can make vastly creative scenes one after another? That is the balance. What is reality, and what do we want to make of it? How do the experiences effect how I will choose to behave and perceive while here? A common theme among spiritual journey takers is that we should be humble, listen, learn, as the guy in the video said "don't cling". Whatever happens, whether it feels good or bad, hold with an open hand and don't try to own it. (I hear that in jazz jams also where music is created on-the-fly, and a lot of them don't want to be recorded. They want the experience to be experienced new each time.)
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