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  1. I've only had brief episodes with anxiety, but the feeling of my mind not being right was genuinely scary. I'm so glad that you found good help and were able to navigate your way back out. Welcome back!
  2. Here is a website dedicated to the Amanita muscaria (and ameripantha/pantherina) https://www.amanitadreamer.net/ She was on YouTube, but they seem to be convinced that she is advocating something harmful. There is a lot of misinformation about this mushroom (and some plain-white relatives of it that really are deadly), and she delves into the science as well as the woo side. She also has at least one interview with a company that is going to market a tincture of it after it passes approval by the FDA.
  3. You are projecting your own phobia onto others and insisting it is real. I have no fear of Zeus, Odin, Ra, Allah, Spiderman, Freddy Krueger, or any other imaginary person/being. I know that it can be hard to distinguish between reality and a strongly felt phobia, but there are doctors who can help you if you seek help. We can't cure you, only keep reminding you and showing you evidence. But deeply ingrained fears sometimes take medications and a caring guide to reset. That isn't a slam, it is simply the reality of brain chemistry.
  4. Keep in mind also that different flavors of Christianity don't believe that anyone ever hears from God anymore. Baptists, Presbyterians, and most "high" church denominations believe the Bible is either closed (meaning no more miracles, revelations, prophecies, or anything else because the Bible is supposed to be perfect *snert*) or that God has chosen to stop openly communicating. I had a pastor kicked out of a congregation for saying that "God told me that for Easter we should gather all the churches as one in the stadium and then give the offering to charity". 1, they had a hissy fit over hi
  5. I just posted this article "Sexual Anguish of Atlanta Suspect is Familiar Thorn for Evangelicals" to FB along with my views on Christian purity. May have opened the barn door this time, time will tell. https://news.yahoo.com/sexual-anguish-atlanta-suspect-familiar-140929602.html
  6. The best things to do with toxic people are to move away from them if possible, or appeal to an authority for the abuse you are facing. I moved away from a roommate who was invasive and used the cult to justify his greed and invasive habits. He actually saved months worth of junk mail that came to the house that had my name on it, and demanded that I come and get it, that it wasn't his responsibility to toss it in the recycling bin. He's a control freak. He can drown in junk mail for all I care. I had a coworker who had giddy delight in insulting me. My bosses tolerate
  7. A 1.5 hour video of a historian of psychedelics revisiting and debunking the claim that Christmas is related to the Amanita muscaria mushroom. Rather than trying to make it fit, he looks for any actual evidence that this mushroom played any part in the Santa Claus outfit, Christian art, and Christmas. Let me know what you think. The sound quality isn't great, but he does read and understand old Latin texts and seems to have a really good grasp on rules of evidence for history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSDIUNDltxc
  8. Then there's "heaven" with streets of metal and giant gates of pearl, I guess made by giant irritated clams. Why would a god who makes galaxies value gold and pearls? "Gold and pearls Charlie! It's a magic place of gold and pearls, just across the magical bridge of awe and wonder!!" Context: Charlie the Unicorn goes to Candy Mountain
  9. Most of the time, yes it is pretty here. Though the recent warmth and sunshine has been absolutely wonderful after months of rain, the ice storm (still a few piles of snow where it was plowed up in parking lots), and the 2020 fires-from-hell.
  10. The flip-flop approach to God's blessing/curse suits religion fine because it is a shell game that they (the ones in charge) never lose. When you said "He punishes me if I go. And blesses me when I leave", it reminded me of Jeremiah 44 where the people told him that they were prospering fine when they were pagans, but when they turned back to Yahweh he destroyed their country. So of course Jerry finds a way to blame them for the war, saying god had been showing them mercy and prosperity to draw them back, and then had enough of their shit and ruined them. He never told them this at the time be
  11. Instead of someone lying to you and providing a story about the meaning of life, you get to make your own meaning. Not invent another fantasy, but you get to choose what you want to learn, with whom you want to be friends, what pastimes you want to have, what you want to accomplish. For me when the blinders came off, the whole world that I previously had interpreted as demonic was now a wonderful place full of music, culture, foods, languages, beauty, puzzles, technology, dancing, and a load of new insights into my own family upbringing and what makes me tick. I took voice lessons, language le
  12. I remember my own pastor being ticked at me for believing in conspiracy in the church, and in retrospect I still think I was right. But this was a different kind of conspiracy, and had nothing to do with thinking we could shoot our way to the kingdom of God. My pastor was embracing some New Age ideas and saying they were perfectly valid for Christians because Jesus was the "spirit guide". I told him that these techniques he was starting to use were not found in the Bible anywhere, not even in concept. Some couple was promoting the idea that one could revisit past trauma but this time see Jesus
  13. https://news.yahoo.com/olympian-mckayla-maroney-ensnared-mystery-095132853.html Loads of New Age stuff glommed together with expensive jewelry, dietary supplements, and many other woo accessories, and control-freaks who will help you progress for a price.
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