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  1. They do, they just call them demons that are tricking you. That's what I used to do anyway... So there is still hope that people with monolithic thinking can finally see through it.
  2. The thought just occurred to me that Christianity advertises Jesus with great sounding promises, with stories of instant healings, free food, all your needs met by an all-powerful loving god, an eternal relationship of love and devotion. Even when the package arrives and is empty, the reality completely different, the appetite for what was advertised craves on. So when preachers get up in front of a band and you get lost in worship of the advertised image, it feels like you can't possibly be wrong since so many people and so much money are poured into the advertisement. You become an advertisement yourself, promoting the same product. But whenever you actually need it, it is broken, it is empty, it is silent, and you are told that you are the problem because of this or that, even though the promise was that you were forgiven all of that and have been worshiping and trusting just fine. And the desire for the advertised product burns on. Another preacher comes along with tales designed to fan the flames of desire for the thing you want. Long involved detailed stories that convince you it is ALL REAL and available, just submit even more. Get out there and advertise, advertise, advertise! Try it out on unbelievers, because it will totally work this time! It doesn't, but don't let that stop you, don't let the trolls steal your big prize!! Part of us still craves what was promised, and hopes it might actually happen, with just the right set of whatever it might just happen and that would be so totally awesome. So for years we trudge through, expecting something amazing to happen, because it was promised, PROMISED! But what if it was a lie? Oh, God won't lie! But what if it never was God to begin with? But look at the stories! But what if they are just stories, like all the other religions? That's why you need to have faith! But I have had faith and none of it came true, and when I point that out, you get angry and accuse me of wrongdoing, this kind or that kind instead of seeing through the lie. We eventually saw that the advertisement was for something that doesn't even exist, will always be broken, will always fail to function. We write bad reviews where we can to try and warn others not to buy the lies. We have to realize deeply that the product never was real, the threats of not having the product were also never real. There was only ever just day to day life, what we can create, people to know and love, hardships to face and endure, participating in the cycles of all life. There is still some disappointment that the magic isn't real. That desire may never fully depart, because it felt so wonderful. But WE are real. We can create change and try to make life better for ourselves and others. We have a lot of "magic" when we let ourselves dream of better ways, of actual things we can do and be.
  3. The Redding CA church is one that was a hotspot for the preacher I used to promote. They and he hold to the idea that if they "give in" to sickness, they give in to the devil. Even if the entire congregation is coughing up blood, they will still gather and worship to show that they have faith to raise the dead. If you say they are out of their minds, they retort, no we're out of your mind. It's almost a Christian Science thing that denies that there is any sickness to begin with, but slightly different. I was like one of those brainwashed students, offering to pray away sickness for people because I believed that Jesus would even raise the dead. It is an "ultra-commitalist" faith that ignores reality, ignores science, and is based entirely on believing a myth is real and true. Along the line of Hogwarts is fact; The Avengers are real; Toon Town is a real place and cartoons are alive; etc.
  4. Not so much here. I'm mostly treating it like my childhood in the 70s where I spent most of my time alone, go outside for a bike ride, snack now and then, read, watch a movie on the tube (computer actually). I don't focus on there being a pandemic and what I can't do, but then again I also have food and essentials in the pantry. I have a hobby to keep myself occupied and a job (now night shift so we aren't all there at once). I've seen friends have some serious anxiety over it and needing to meditate or focus on their music-making to distract their minds. Many of them are musicians that had gigs every night, so they are going nuts just practicing on their own. A few have had house concerts they stream on FB. But they also got criticized for having the band in one house. Audio lag is too much to have each do it remotely. Some are chilling out with weed or other substances that aren't addicting. Shrooms are still illegal most places, but micro-dosing them sure as hell nips anxiety in the bud. I was getting a bit on the anxious side, but then went back to work and that helped, just doing practical repair stuff. I do keep an eye on the feds, in case they want to "put off" the election or something similar as a power grab. I've seen some rumblings of that from Barr, but if they want a real galvanizing of the resistance, that would be the way to go. I also see the deficit going up sharply due to tax cuts for the wealthy, and now another 2T expense to send out money to us (and again to wealthy businesses), and whoever the next administration is will have to deal with unheard of debt. Then again, I encounter people at remote sites where I work that are genuinely idiots about the quarantining. They see it as government taking over, and all sit around one table mocking the distancing thing. "Jesus and Colt firearms will keep me safe!" is about the attitude I'm seeing. These fools really do need to experience no help from imaginary Jesus, and a long-ass quarantine where they are more sick than they knew possible. Not sure that would change their minds either.
  5. I had actually prayed over the books in a local bookstore... After I deconverted, I listened to the audio books. Over, and over, and over, and over.... loved 'em.
  6. I read the Constancy Cumby books back in the 80s about the Aquarian Conspiracy and Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, etc. The devil was big news back then. Rock groups were suddenly facing conservative Christian groups calling for investigations of backmasking to program children to worship Satan. Groups like Maranatha were going around to churches showing a video about how Satan was in all the rock music, via images and lyrics. They spent a lot of time on Stairway to Heaven being written in a Satanist's house, that the lyrics promise you can always change your mind later, that the May Queen is a Mab, a demon goddess, blah blah blah. Believers especially are always looking for some kind of confirmation that the soulless anti-sexual tripe they swallowed is ALL REALLY TRUE. So when demons became the fad in the 80s, they latched onto it and spiritual warfare became the trend. So conspiracies fit right into that whole mindset. Lately I've been hearing it from another angle, the UFO crowd. Guys that claim they've been not only abducted, but chosen to pilot space craft, age-reversed so they wouldn't remember it, met all kinds of aliens in the hidden cities on the moon, and how Earth government has been in league with the aliens for generations. And that some aliens are energy beings that essentially eat certain vibes of energy, particularly terror. So there are supposedly giant "rings" of pedophiles torturing children sadistically to feed these aliens in return for vast wealth on Earth. When the Epstein thing hit the news, that actually seemed to give it credence. And then his "suicide" seemed to confirm that there is a lot more going on that we don't hear about in the news. Overall, I take stories with more than one grain of salt since stories are stories without physical evidence. Could there indeed be people that believe that their power comes from aliens when they torture and kill children? Sure. Could they be in the same groups as the Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove crowd? Sure. They have enough money to be "invisible" and to remove those that might expose them. Is it likely that the super rich have fetishes that they can indulge without being seen (except by other super rich who will use that information/video to ruin them)? Perhaps. Wealth and power have always gone hand in hand, and fetish has always been a thing with humans. Are there really demons/aliens behind it all? Probably not. But it isn't impossible, just not likely given what we know. That is predicated on "what we know" being real, and not completely manipulated for thousands of years to hide actual reality from us. But the odds are that there are some super rich who indulge in occult rituals, some who are pedophiles, some who use their money to kill and manipulate to protect themselves while appearing clean to the public, some who do all of the above and much more. What do you do when you have hundreds of billions and nothing on which to spend it? What do you do with the boredom?
  7. Here's a 5 minute video of Mike Tyson talking about his transformation after having DMT (I think he mean 5meo-DMT). DMT is generally a wild-ass trip of encountering "deities" and seeing this reality as a sort of machine in which we play a part. 5meo-DMT (the chemical secreted by the Senoran desert toad, also available synthetically to protect the toads) is more like dying, so when he talks about death of ego, it is as though one's body is gone, you may see fractal lights, geometric images, hear or become ethereal music, feel complete bliss, and gain a completely non-body oriented perspective on your self and everything. It hits immediately and lasts about 20 minutes, and then you come back. I've seen people yell and scream as though being birthed, or intonate a sound, some people wretch a bit, others have no visible manifestations or sounds. You are still able to talk or drink water, but the more you can let go of the body and just be, the more amazing it is. The setting and emotional preparation is important, having an experienced person there to watch over you is essential, not fighting it or trying to make sense of it at the time is the best way to experience it, just ride the wave, be the wave, let go of everything. Most people revisit the experience over the next week in one way or another. Mine were mostly around bedtime, geometric patterns, bliss, no worries, feeling like I was floating in space (but not nearly as powerfully). I still go to work, play on the Internet, eat and fart, but it gives a perspective change that for many people is life changing for the better. Most definitely not a recreational drug, or addictive. I do want to go there again sometime. It was wonderful. Mike Tyson talking about his death of ego
  8. It is essentially going backwards, looking at how life is well adapted to Earth, then saying that since (Earth) life can't exist outside of these parameters, therefore a god (and always specifically the Christian god) made it happen. It's a stupid argument from the get-go and ignores all the evidence we have of adaptations over the millenia. Why adapt if you are perfectly suited to the environment?
  9. My post in the Spirituality section about psychedelics is where I went after essentially being a non-magic pagan. It feels magic, it is deeply introspective, and life-changing for many who are able to partake in a safe calm and prepared setting. Tangibly feeling one's connection with all life everywhere, becoming light and music for a while, is a reset unlike anything a controlling religion could hope to offer.
  10. When I first deconverted, I felt very at home in the witchcraft section of my local crystal shop. As in, it feels like mom is hugging me. I did spend some time looking into it, but I think that I resonate more with the natural/nature side than any spell-craft. The cycles of life, biological and whatever. I took courses in Reiki and psychic development. Some folks in the Reiki class said that they could feel me from across the room directing energy at them. I never felt anything either from myself or others, so gradually lost interest, though I've tried it a few times since. I know a handful of wise-women who live in the country and make balms and potions from plants. Sweet people, and they don't seem excessively superstitious.
  11. The whole role of the god of the bible is that of a narcissist that demands absolute obedience or will kill his children. Oh, but he has a way out of eternal torment by slaughtering his son! Psycho. Hey Abraham, kill your kid for me. Ok, ok, just kidding. But I do want you to cut off part of his penis. WTF?! Oh, and women, you were made to breed and at his whim. Don't like it? You are property. Evil cult based on tribal taboos and superstition. Probably had some insane founders as well.
  12. Medieval thinking. What doth this omen bode? His god is a sock puppet that says what he wants it to say. Just like the old defenses against the devil, such as burying a tangled bunch of branches near your house entrance so the devil will trip when he comes to visit. Or a nail with red ribbon tied around it as a reminder of the crucifixion, to ward off nasties. Since the scriptures have things like genetic manipulation by having animals breed in front of branches with stripped bark, this all makes perfect sense...
  13. “Of course god exists; how can you possibly not believe it?” Paul uses this one a lot. He was indoctrinated in religious school for years, and then starts making the argument that this god is obvious from nature. That isn't at ALL how he arrived at this god, and his conditioning led to a lot of bias confirmation, which fit well with his general attitude. That is the same line we see in much of the scriptures, that god is obvious and already known to be true, but we wicked nasty pig dogs would rather wallow in filthy sin and eat vomit than come into the light.
  14. There is a YouTube vid of a lady blathering on for an hour about how 5G cellphone signals are the REAL cause of it. 30K thumbs up... Glory!
  15. Yep, it's a cult, and a personality one to boot. The guys were always friendly to me until I made the mistake of telling one of the drones about what I'd seen on the tapes. BOOM!! "You were always asking questions" blah blah blah, anything they could say to put themselves in favor of the leader, and re-emphasize their own faith by criticizing asking questions. The women in the compound behaved robotically. The guys were super macho southerners. I don't think he had any guys that weren't southern. Anger seemed to be the primary emotion, though they usually would deny that. One of his daughters complained to a friend that "they are angry ALL THE TIME!". My hunch is that the group will fold when the leader dies. I'm honestly surprised that he's still alive. He's been looking pale and such for about 15 years. I'd go so far as to say that many of the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches I knew back in the late 80s were cults. The pastors were fully in charge, you paid your tithe and they checked your income to make sure (so that you wouldn't be in sin and cause judgment on the congregation), you asked them if you could date so-and-so and they either agreed or accused you of lust, pressure all the time to conform and behave certain ways, give your free time in service to the church, most of the women had to grow their hair long in accordance with scripture and wear modest dresses so they didn't entice the men. All out mind control and emotional manipulation for money and power.
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