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  1. I keep thinking I should come up with a scam. So many people with money to burn...
  2. If you are feeling guilt, then you haven't yet communicated to him about church and religion. He of course sees his church as "different" and his god as a real living interactive being (in truth, an imaginary friend like Spiderman, made to feel more real by having a special building and a bunch of people singing and possibly raising hands.) If your staying there requires that you go (a rude arrangement), how about a late service? If you didn't agree to go, are you in danger of being kicked out? All in all, express yourself more clearly about why you don't want to participate in a service when you are not a believer. He likely hopes that magic will happen and you'll be like him. If you can convey that your unbelief doesn't make you evil or whatever he may fear, just human, then maybe he won't pressure you.
  3. You step into the river and the water has gone on. There are a lot of things in my past I wish I had done differently. But I didn't. That water has moved on, those lives have moved on, as have I. I suggest that you learn to let the past be the past. There is regret, but that's life. You learn from those times, and hopefully your next interactions (with anyone) will be better prepared by your previous experiences. Conversely, some of the things I really liked, friends I had, have no interest at all in being friends now. They have changed and so have I. That too has moved on. It hurts just a bit to see it finalized, but I have others now with whom I am making new experiences and memories. I find myself pining for certain girls from my old high school (more than 30 years ago for me). But we are all very different people now, so those memories are just memories. There are no gods or boards of karma enforcers to please. Learn and become, and that is all that is needed.
  4. Hi Kdeaustin, thanks for coming back! My own take on evil (generally humans harming other humans on purpose) is sometimes based on religion, as seen throughout the Bible and then in the awful medieval times when the religious inquisitions were happening, and even today from various religions. Sometimes it is based on people disliking things that aren't like themselves. Skin color, political beliefs, the other side of a border, all of which are choices people make to hate. Being in a group that hates others lends a feeling of being special, kind of like in grade school when kids would say "YOU can't be in our special club. Nyah nyah!" And some people really do enjoy hurting others. I was bullied in school, and was an easy target. I used to wonder why they did this since I hadn't done anything to them. Then I figured out that it was a game they couldn't lose, and that was very important to them (also seen in their devotion to sports and having the "best" team). Nature is full of animals that eat other animals, often while those animals are still alive. Killing is sometimes done to keep the prey from escaping, but not always. In those cases, it isn't about hatred, just about eating. When I was in church, believers had all kinds of stories about what witches were doing, and would do long seminars about the devil and such. Having left the church and actually talking with several witches and other pagans, they have no such "devil" in their beliefs, and are far more interested in the cycles of nature than in cursing anyone. In other words, the Christians were making it up because it seemed to validate their beliefs. And the "spooky" factor makes it all seem so powerful, and that sells really well, and makes those doing to talking seem important and powerful. I used to go with a group of men around 4am to walk around our city and anoint things with olive oil and pray to bind demons and loose the power of God. Now I see that as a complete waste of time, since there are no demons and no god. The bible is myth and non-historical stories, so none of the ooga-booga in it is any more real than the promises and blessings that fall flat when you need them to work. Other cults like 7th Day Adventists keep doing seminars where they are certain that the government will force people to worship God on Sunday (which they consider the mark of the beast). It's all ridiculous. There are no giants in Antarctica, or we'd see it being broadcast by scientists and anthropologists. There is no threat of marshal law currently, just an impeachment of the most bizarre president we've had. No guillotines, just hacked voting machines. Yes, the Big Bang is at least supported by investigative science which is always refining and improving on our knowledge base. Substituting a god might feel good, but since all the evidence for a god has fallen flat (constantly broken promises, actual history that contradicts the myths of the Bible, no record of Jesus at all outside of his cult's writings, etc) there is no reason to ascribe reality to such a being (be it the Bible god, or any of the Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan, or other gods). The Bible god just happens to be popular in our culture. Not so much in other countries. So, I hope you can find help with your anxiety. There are some supplements that help, some legal, some not. I fight it myself, and need to get regular good sleep, and still have to use supplements that modify my emotions, because reasoning doesn't seem to touch it. It is often a chemical tweak that the brain needs just to feel normal.
  5. I guess the parables of the Good Samaritan (hated by the Jews of the day), and the Sheep and Goats were too old-hat. Some believers really do try and embody kindness, though that usually carries the preaching along with it. I FB friended the mother of my sister-in-law today, and quickly unfollowed her because she was posting gushy stuff about the pres and his Christian backing. That kind of believer seems far more devoted to perceived "rightness" than to compassion.
  6. Hi Kde, welcome to Ex-C! Many of us like to say that religion is (excuse my Anglo-Saxon) a mindfuck. When one interprets reality through a filter of myth and lies, and is taught that invisible beings control the good and evil in the world, it isn't surprising that reality clashes pretty harshly with that view. But believers are taught to ignore the clash and re-interpret everything through the myths and lies, all the while chanting about how good God is. It is mind-control, plain and simple. The church is a cult, and like any other cult manipulates people to think that their survival depends on believing something, and believing it in just the right way. This is fear, and programs the brain to think that departing from the myth will doom the person, when in reality the person is simply comparing the myth to reality to find out if it is true or not. You are finally seeing through the programming and are finding your way out of the mind-control with which you grew up. My church taught us extensively about demons, angels, warfare, we had early morning prayer walks where we'd bind demons and loose the power of God, anointing things with oil, blah blah blah. None of it did a damn thing, which is no real surprise since the bible is a collection of tribal taboos, non-historical myths, and outright lies. The promises are supposed to sound great, until you try to claim them. Then the shell-game begins of excuses, all of which say that God actually answered but it just looks different than you expected. Reject the excuses and get shunned by other believers for questioning God. But in reality, the promises are hollow and useless, because the god that gave them is imaginary, and the words on the pages were written by men with the goal of manipulating and controlling people. And that goal works, just look how many buy into the lies. Miracles. How many amputees have you seen grow back limbs? I followed a preacher and promoted him for 9 years worldwide, who claimed to have seen exactly that many times, as well as several people raised from the dead. He showed a photo of a little Mexican girl and told us a long story about her being raised from the dead. Oooh aaaah! But in reality, all we saw was a photo of a little girl. That's it. I eventually caught him making up long stories about witches and covens, none of which were true because I had video evidence to the contrary. But he was a great storyteller, and the church ate it all up because it validated their beliefs as reality (but was all a lie told by him to gather in money from every place he visits). The gospels are not even eyewitness testimonies, we don't know who wrote them. But we are certain that none of the outstanding miracles claimed in them happened, and no one outside of the cult ever wrote about Jesus, just about those who believed in him. The gospels read like a story, and relate conversations that the disciples could not have heard, thus invalidating their "eyewitness" account. Herod's slaughter of the innocents in Matthew isn't a historical account. Most of Matthew's prophecies are taken out of context from the Old Testament, and mean completely different things. Many books have been written about the problems with the Bible, so I won't rehash those here. And as you have found by reading the bible, the god of the bible is an evil turd. But congrats on starting to see through the years of programming! Life and the world are really quite different than you were led to believe in religion.
  7. Crikey, I've never heard NZ compared with hell. Heaven perhaps. Gorgeous.
  8. I work sometimes in a jail, and this is the standard format for inmate speech. I've said repeatedly that if they didn't say Fk it would be pretty quiet in there.
  9. I'm not Vegan (wouldn't that mean someone from Vega?), quite the BBQ cook actually. But I've had several Vegan meals that were outstanding. There was a burrito shop in the town where I grew up that was vegan, but I didn't even realize until someone said so because it was so damn good. I've also been to some Indian places that had really tasty stuff. Surprisingly, our friends from Calcutta tell us that their region is distinct in not being vegetarian. They have a great appreciation for good meat, and doubly so after working in Iowa for years (lots of excellent BBQ). As far as a philosophy, I haven't seen anything compelling for humans. We have canine teeth, and so far as history shows we've always been omnivores. I know some that couldn't bear the thought of an animal suffering for their food. But nature is replete with examples of animals from birds to lions killing and eating other living creatures. Some don't even bother to kill their prey, they just catch it, start eating, and the prey eventually dies. Lots of things eat humans also, since we are often easy to catch. Life eats life, always has. That's one explanation I've heard for "why aren't more life forms evolving from dirt?" The answer is that there may actually be such things, but they are quickly eaten by other existing bugs and bacteria. Humans can get a single amoeba up a nostril, and it eats through to the brain and multiplies until the person is dead. No malice, the person is simply food and can't fight off the attack.
  10. They also ignore that assault, breaking and entering, theft, and vandalism are all significant crimes.
  11. That reminds me of the bible forum where I commented on the mass rapes that Israel committed against young girls, and the forum responded that "no, they were forbidden to rape". So you go into a village, slaughter all the men, boys, and women, but keep the young virgins for yourselves, as Yahweh commanded. You just slaughtered a girl's family in front of her, and now she gets the "blessing" of being your wife or dying along with the rest. And you don't consider that rape, but a blessing. Judeo/Christianity is a mind-fuck, and our country's laws and culture are heavily influenced by this very religion.
  12. I've not had a vision, so can't comment from personal experience. The mind does do some very fascinating things "below the surface" in dreams, processing information, and for many of us who were believers for years, pretending to be the voice of God. I would have arguments with it and it would take up the scriptural stance (the one I had of course). I also had the odd experiences of hearing audible replies very occasionally. I guess that and the physical sensations would be the closest thing to visions I had. Now that I'm on the outside and have facts that discount the scriptures and their god, I have to conclude it was my own mind trying to protect me from violating something that could send me to damnation. I am certain that the mind can make leaps of conclusion that surprise us, based on minutia of details it noticed about things. I've had dreams about computer PLC systems that I was troubleshooting, and found the answer in a dream, and it was accurate in reality. German scientist August Kekulé had been working on the molecule arrangement for benzene and had a dream of them dancing in a circle, and this was an accurate representation of the molecule. My mind once created a detailed creative dream where I had to confront fears of the devil, because I'd been out of Christianity for years and it was processing how I wanted to proceed. I posted that dream elsewhere on the forums.
  13. Wow... If I didn't know the Earth was flat, I might trust Google satellite images
  14. The other animals on Earth seem to spend their time living rather than looking for any greater meaning or purpose. The flip side is that they may not be able to look for any such meaning. But the forte of humans is abstraction, which gives us language, math, and sometimes overactive imagination from which we get religions and other cults. Humans forget that we abstract things, and treat those concepts like they are real instead of imaginary. Even money is an abstraction, a useful one, but ultimately just a mostly non-perishable convenience to which we assign value and use instead of hunting our own meat and veggies. Gold has no inherent value for human life, only value which we assign to it. So we are alive, and if we had not been conditioned to think of imaginary purpose, be it political, religious, caste, or other abstraction, we would simply live and go about living enjoying our other abstractions like music and culture. Coffee is real, though.
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