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    Was an "on fire" Christian for 30 years, now I lean more towards a pagan-ish bent. I have been in transition since October 2007, so I doubt that I've stopped changing just yet.

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  1. I find that I am still stunned to find people I know who are politically fundamentalist. That is, they are so completely entrenched that they only speak of others with disdain and mockery, attacking a straw man of "libtard" or "republicunt" instead of issues. When I encounter it on forums, I can tune it out easily and move on. When it comes from people I know, it is like a smack in the face. Otherwise intelligent people are reduced to using stupid insults like I just mentioned, and creating caricatures that are worthy of the KKK or Nazi propagandists. To them is has all been reduced to a simplicity of obvious black and white conclusions and there is no room for discussion or thought, only missiles of insults and disdain. I start to think that they are hearing the same simpleminded thinking repeated to them over and over, and eating it up since they agree with the general concepts, and then they parrot the propaganda as though they had actually thought it through. I don't even watch TV these days, so I assume that a lot of it is coming from there, and a lot from churches where monolithic thinking is rewarded with smiles and amens. I find it all disgusting.

    1. LogicalFallacy


      Haha, I know how you feel. You can imagine my families horror the other day when I dared talk about a political solution to drugs that no sane moral person should even think about: Legalize drugs! It works. I had to carefully explain why this doesn't reduce society to a bunch of crack heads. I offered reports and statistics from countries that have tried this and seen better results than simply all out war. And all I kept getting was "I don't believe that". What do you mean you don't believe it? The statistics are in the f'ing reports! You can read the results of what happened in the countries that implemented the policies. Fundamentalist: only believes right leaning parties are good, Trump is a God send, the only solution to drugs is jail and guns, and Noah floated in a boat!

    2. reverendturmoil


      TV is like the internet age.  It's full of mis-information. The New Hampshire legislature voted to decriminalize pot yesterday.  I almost went through the roof!  It's about time!  Every state around me has legalized it in one way or another. Now, when the law is enacted, I don't have to worry too much about it.  One way to help curb the drug/OPIOD crisis is jailing these doctors who get kickbacks for over prescribing.  

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