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    Was an "on fire" Christian for 30 years, now I lean more towards a pagan-ish bent. I have been in transition since October 2007, so I doubt that I've stopped changing just yet.

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Most of my info is in my testimony posting. I have been deconverting since about October 2007. I was not raised Christian, but converted myself at about age 11 after being scared by an advert on TV for the movie "The Exorcist". I went to a Nazarene church for about 8 years, a nominal Baptist church for another 12, and a non-denominational charismatic church for another 7 years. The other years were spent outside any congregation, trying to find the real power of God. I also was involved in an online ministry of distributing the preaching of a particular evangelist for 8 years. I've studied cults and apologetics for nearly all the time I was a Christian, and participated with Saints Alive (Ex-Mormons for Jesus) even though I was not ever a Mormon. I went from standard Nazarene to fire and brimstone charismaniac in my later Christian years.

After trying to protect my wife from a pastor that wanted more and more time from us, we pulled out of church. Then the evangelist who heavily influenced my Christianity with tales of miracles and raising the dead, turned out to be telling tall-tales. I watched him tell an American congregation about power encounters with witches in a German church, right after watching the videos from the German church which showed no such thing. This was a part of a long pattern of making up stories to prove the power of God, when nothing was really happening. Discovering this was a very upsetting thing for me and I had to re-analyze my beliefs, and spent time praying and fasting and asking why God didn't tell me. I began re-examining why I first believed (a childish fear of monsters - demons), and re-examining the foundational beliefs of Christianity. I eventually decided that it was a 1st century cult based on Greek and Roman religious concepts of a burning underworld, rather than the fulfillment of the Jewish faith which has no hell. I also re-examined Judaism, and found that it appeared to be an evolved religion as well.

I now have pagan leanings, though I'm atheist as far as the god of the Bible is concerned, or gods in general. I still feel like there is more to mankind that simple biology, and more to the vast complexity of life than is plausible through random variations in genetic adaptation. But I could be wrong. I also enjoy pagan and Wiccan people, and frequent New Age rock shops. I've become attuned to first and second level Reiki, and enjoy spirituality without condemnation.

Here is an article I wrote that sums up the why believers typically dismiss all we have to say:
The God of Abuse  I'm rewriting a book that I drafted a couple of years ago about my journey into and out of Christianity. I'm learning how to better connect with the reader, and make it more engaging.

I'm roughly 51 years old, married, professional computer geek, living in Vancouver, Washington.

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