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  1. Our dark lord is pleased with your turning to the "dark" side *creepy laugh* Welcome to reality, take a deep breath and enjoy the remaining 7 years of your life.
  2. Just wanted to say that if the only thing that defines a relationship is the belief in imaginary beings, there probably is nothing beyond that. It saddens me to read so many posts like this. Blood should always be thicker than water.
  3. Obama Gays guns and god, seems like nothing has changed since that gaff. Looks like he was right
  4. JW and falemon, your posts are off the cuff and IMO a personal attack. We are better here than that.Please be adults and delete them, thanks
  5. I would like to welcome you here but perhaps you are under the impression we believe in mythical creatures. At 18, I seriously doubt you have investigated anything of a theistic nature with any due diligence. Assuming you are not a troll or a POE, the origins of the word satan are derived from two Hebrew words Sawtan or Sawtawn. The name Satan is them without the w's (you can look this up in a Strong's Concordance) The meaning is adversary which may be personal or foreign. How can you worship an adversary? You cannot. There is no such thing as satan or bible god. Both are man made inventions.
  6. As for this kryssst in krysstmas crap, in Afrikaans we say geseende kersvees. Literally translated, that is blessed candle festival. Christmas in Portuguese is Natal and Christ is Christo. It is only in the USA where folk think there is a krysssyt in xmas. Silly fucktards.
  7. This story has made the rounds but when you ask where was god to stop the drunk driver?*crickets* The sad thing is the kid is so indoctrinated that he does not even have the normal sense of loss or mourning. That is the sad part of the story.
  8. Oh drat, they found out about the evil global atheist conspiracy *head desk*
  9. Translation, "I don't like teh blackkkk man in teh WHITE's house"
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