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  1. Anyone that owns a house or at least stays in one, probably owns a wheelbarrow. It is useful to some extent but usually this is how we often see it Propped up against a wall and left there until it is needed. B/c you own one, does that make you a wheelbarrow pusher? Not really, it is a function we adapt to when needed. Religion is much like a wheelbarrow, using the ad populum fallacy argument, everyone (meaning most people) owns one (or more) would be used to give credence to a society of wheelbarrow pushers. It really does not work now does it? If you peruse this link, you will see multiple versions of the barrow and just like the many denominations or sects, religion is pretty much the same. Hell there are some really cool designs. You have one wheelers, two wheelers, three wheelers and even motorised barrows. This simple device is a living tribute to the discovery of the wheel where the one of the first ideas was to haul crap from one place to another. Barrows are used mostly for moving rubbish unless in the building trade where it is used to cart concrete around a site. The analogies here are endless, but I think you get the gist. Most folk who own one usually do not give it much thought.
  2. The logistics of making a MoB happen globally is astronomical and I KNOW it is impossible to roll out. The only nation with an army big enough to deploy troops and markers would be the USA, no one else even comes close, even Europe as the EU. In backward SA, we already have biometrics working as a govt ID system and that started in the late 90s. There is absolutely no need for a chip as your fingerprint already has you tagged and listed as to who the fuck you are and where you live. I once did an exercise in numbers, using the USA as the only source of ability to deploy such an invasion force to the world, and you would depliy two thirds of your population. Work out 200M folk earning the min wage of a military person, Now go and add the helicopters, 4x4s and diesel tankers required to mark 1Bn Africans and we have not even looked at the infrastructure of communications needed to interrogate all these MoBs for transactions. All of this has to happen in 3.5 to 7 years depending on your dispensationalism pet theory. Then there are the Indians and Chinese, they are surely gonna be a walk over NOT. Some shit is best left to fikshun. In SA, assuming some global conspiracy, 80+% of the population is fingerprint IDd and that has taken 16 or so years. Were they to say mete out rations, the populace is tagged and we would use biometrics. For the fucktards, these biometrics flies in their face as these are obviously teh marks of gawd. We tag farm animals, pets, foodstuffs with RFID chips and the latest scam is data dot where cars are tagged. The shit is so small it is applied with an airbrush, it is invisible. This technology means, if RFID were deployed on humans, the shit would be in your bloodstream not a mark on your hand or forehead; it would embed itself on organs. It would not work as the body would likely reject it as a foreign invader and most of it you would pass in your pee. In all likelihood, it would be the fucktards that would prefer to differentiate themselves from the rest of the populace, what better way for the pulpiteers to scam you of you hard earned money when you walk through their doors and are scanned to give an admission to the service, it would save on ushers. All the scare tactics of being monitored, the fucking morons do not realise when they log onto the interwebz or use their dumbphone, big bruthah know exactly whatsapp. Eric Snowden just confirmed what most folk already knew. There is no such thing as a "free service" like FB or google.
  3. Agnostic was a recently coined term. It relates to knowledge. Most folk do not bother to delve into all the nuances of religions so agnostic is an honest answer. A-theist is more a positive claim relating to belief in that there is no belief in any gods. The agnostic label tends not to carry the baggage atheist does. If a theist asks you your religious beliefs, if you say atheist, they go immediately on the defensive as if you actually said, "you are a dumb fuck for believing in god". Say agnostic, they may or may not try and convince you of the existence of gawd.
  4. The rapture is simply twaddle. It is a new dispensationalism which is a predominantly US teaching/flavour. In SA, we adhere more to European xian doctrines and dogma and until I got involved here with the happy clappies, tied to US evangelicals, I had never heard of it. Perhaps this was a good thing as I delved deep into eschatology and came to the conclusion it is all bullshit. Like you inferred, we have all heard this twaddle time and again and the ones being deceived are in fact the elect. The recent Todd bentley was lauded to be teh latest mooove ov gawd and TMK, no atheist attended any o his revival meetings. Then he fucked his secretary and a huge pile of backpeddling was done by the folks that previously endorsed him as the "real deal". Any sneak attack by the debbul will be noticed as a scam by atheists first and seeing we do not buy into this shit anymore, I cannot see how we would be duped, unless he gave awesome blowjobs perhaps. (He would obviously have to shapeshift into female for me )
  5. Oh common you guyz and galz, we waz not reeeeeeeeallly christians to begin with... Once upon a time OR in teh beginning, this was an insult. These days I tend to agree as it was the whole concept that I could no longer buy into their BS that led me to where I ended up. Our journeys into reality were painful and not planned. Praize teh Lard we now haz logic and peace of mind. Viva la liberation. Whom teh son haz set free is free indeed, TY Jeebuz.
  6. If we were all heartless bastards, we could say "life's a bitch and then you die" but we did not say that did we? I too wish you strength in whatever form works for you and best wishes for your mom and your family.
  7. But can you walk on water?????? I can when I take a pee on the lawn and squish through it... Well fucking Adam chose peeing standing up as opposed to multiple orgasms so yeah, I think I ill drown a few termites and ants just b/c mhai fountains require a release. Damn water pills... Yes I haz water retention (again) Now you all know where the water went... Into mhai fucking feet.
  8. Scroll Mouse warz Phrase; The act of a rationalist having an on-line discussion with a fundie. Whoever's mouse's scroll-wheel packs up first, loses the debate...
  9. Plus we have; Whose afraid of the big bad wolf (wrong story but same shithead.)
  10. Imagine if atheists only compelling argument was to type in big font sizes... That is all
  11. Hell, mistranslation of 4 words. Sheol (OT) the grave Gehenna (Jesus' hell) now a grassy park in Jerusalem. Hades - Greek mythology - realm of the dead run by Hades part of the Greek pantheon Tartarus, Greek mythology, place reserved for the debbul and his minions. Debbul is not real /end thread
  12. Exodus fails in its claims in numbers. A person needs 2l of water a day in a temperate climate to survive. Now go work out how long a convoy of 20kl trucks (average water truck capacity) would be to water only the humans. You should get to around 8.5km convoy parked nose to tail. They did not have trucks back then. The Miriam's well does not work either nor the rock of Horeb. If the woman collected the 10l per day for an average family of 5, in a 12 hour day, the volume of water that had to be supplied would be a gusher no one could hold a jug to and the conveyor belt required moving at speeds no human could stand erect on. If the numbers of 6M are embellished (bearing in mind, they only counted males) what else is embellished. The only way this story works is an appeal to magic like most of the wholly babble.
  13. Well after 5 pages of nothing, Ironmaiden haz charged up his or her persecution cumplex quotas fer teh lawd. We be too kind to these trolls. We should be charging for our persecushun brownie points.
  14. Looking for answers that opposed my confirmation bias. Yes we all have a confirmation bias and apologetic sites say what you want to hear for affirmation. You have to look at all arguments to see those that yield merit. The first question I think that many ask is concerning hell. Once you know this is a mythical place and the word is mistranslated from 4 words, learning Greek mythology, you soon find out that in the original languages, the meaning is transformed rather dramatically. Next to go was the trinity and knowing where that emanated from. In a nutshell, it is all copied and embellished from other cultures and reinvented in an attempt to make it seem plausible. The elephant in the room is was why should a ME desert god's actions or inactions affect me personally? You have to unlearn what you thought was fact and get the real answers. The bible is self refuting in many instances and is not a historical document. I clincher is that religion and all its rituals really does not make you a better person. Their fixes do not work despite the testimonies. There is a lot more and you should ask pertinent questions for us to help you effectively.
  15. A - the big bang theory does have evidence to support origins from a singularity some 13.7Bn years ago, the honest answer is we don't really know. B - No, everything you are is a product of your brain and thought processes. C - No, this is just wishful thinking used to deal with the brute finality of our existence. D - simply propagation of the species and all the rest is window dressing (or 42) E - No, gods are man made and were invented to explain things we did not understand before science. These are the shortest answers I can provide but unlike religion, there are no soundbyte explanations. If that were the case, there would be more vocal atheists. Oh and welcome.
  16. Hey Ro-Bear, hope it all pans out OK, never heard of this disease and as such cannot offer any wisdom. I hope it is treatable and she gets well.
  17. And the lard magically guideth me to thpeaketh in Daffy Ducketh that thou art a true prophet of the lard and followeth with this chorus We singeth praises to his name, Oh Mod...
  18. Everyone masturbates. Men just do it more frequently as we produce sperm incessantly. I have never actually heard a woman admit to it in RL. It is probably a culture thing as a male orgasm leaves evidence whereas a woman has no visible "solo" cum (usually). Young males wake up with woodies daily. Not sure if women wake up with an equivalent. As for the OP, cocks an pussies exist, sexual urges are real, they start long before marriage so it is a fair deduction everyone has masturbated some time or another. Even in marriage masturbation is still done b/c of the ladies cycle where most do not want to do it at that time b/c of the mess. This may be courtesy of the wife or the man takes care of himself.
  19. To the OP, here is a true story that has played out over 56 years of my life. I already knew at age 7-8 that christmas was a pagan festival and in our house was deemed evil. We never had decorations nor a tree nor gifts. All my buddies were hyped up at this time of year in expectation of the gifts they would get. My xmas gifts were next years new school uniform. One year I dared to pick a branch off a pine tree and decorate it with the wrappers of quality street sweets. We had learned at school how to make decorations and I had hung these on my bedroom walls. My dad came home and ripped the decorations off my bedroom walls and I think my mom intervened when he wanted to trash my tree. Throughout my life, this time of the year is THE most depressing time of the year. I am still not interested in celebrating it even for the family gathering aspects. When I met my wife, they did make a big issue about it and it was all about family and gifts. I tried to get into it and initially bought gifts for others. Over time it waned. The damage was done in my youth to actually appreciate it for the secular representations. We do not do haloween and thanksgiving here and new years eve still is the bigger celebration. I can do new years eve but not xmas. When my kids were young, we went with my wife's preferences and we spoiled them with this and had tree and decor and the traditional xmas day BBQ/lunch. They have no issues and they find it OK to celebrate. There is no justification in robbing kids of the magic of xmas. In my wife's home language it is called Kersfees which translates literally to candle or cherry festival. The tradition is thus more pagan than xian. We did not even have any association to this being the imaginary birthday of Jesus. It was exactly the same for Easter, no celebration even though we all had the public holidays associated with it. IOW, we got no eggs, no bunny rabbits we could eat as this too was pagan and against our religion. As time progressed, my folk did enjoy eggs and chilled. We always seemed to have hot cross buns despite the objections.
  20. I have a strong suspicion that when you are reported, an auto suspend happens in the hope stuff cools off. These xian pricks do not like being challenged anywhere. PTL I have no fundie FB friends.
  21. They think they have the moral high ground but in reality, it is set by the society they live in. A black guy I sometimes work with, is xian and he has 2 wives in separate towns. He has no issue at all with it. Polygamy in their culture is accepted. I do not understand the details of 1st wife and all the shedangles but he lives with his first wife and the other one he visits. And of course the bible suggests bonking your sister in law if she is childless and your brother dies. Try that in the USA or even here amongst white folk and plead the bible.
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