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  1. To preface my statement by saying that I find nothing wrong with the BDSM/S&M culture as long as it is consensual and mutual. This CDD subculture is abuse because it is directed at women to make them sub-servant to men, and never the other way around; these women are taught to believe that they are the most vile creatures ever created by their god, and as a result have to be treated as less than human, so they live in fear of their husbands and men.
  2. Nonsense. The roll should flow over, like a waterfall. Honestly, I don't understand why it matters. Under or over, you still achieve the same thing. Maybe if I thought it was important how the roll rolls, I would understand. I'm sorry, but you have to pick a side. Either you are with us, or you are against us. I prefer option C
  3. My fictive aunt was murdered.

  4. What are you doing lurking around people's bathrooms? You have some really weird fetish.
  5. It may not necessarily that they want you to act extroverted but that they think you are cute and want to talk to you by using that pick up line.
  6. People who barge onto properties without prior consent from the owner, namely, amateur "ghost hunters". Today, a newly engaged couple waltzed onto my parent's property and started taking their engagement pictures because they wanted a rustic theme to their wedding. They did not notify my parents before hand nor did they knock at the door to ask permission (if they were scouting and found their home, which is on the historical registry). Lucky for the couple her one of the mothers that my parent's are laid back about such instances, or else they would be dead by now, but my Mum would have ap
  7. The whole modesty push is not to keep men and women polite but to control women by threatening that "immodesty" warrants rape. Mathematically we can observe that, as women/men behave less modestly and more promiscuously, the higher the numbers and greater the severity of incidents they have to deal with regarding assertive behaviors toward themselves. You could do some simple studies on this yourself and try to disprove my hypothesis. I'll gladly look at your data, after which we can compare and discuss it and refine the hypothesis. Human behavior. Never black or white. Tension ov
  8. Anytime that happens to me I make them wait. I'll slowly put away the groceries and dally in the car by checking messages or sending texts. In the South, Supper is lunch. The one thing that I haven't seen mentioned already that irritates me is cyclists who insist on using busy roads. I know it is the law to "share the road" but they wind up being a danger to themselves because no amount of head gear or pads is going to protect them against a 2000+ pound car.
  9. The whole modesty push is not to keep men and women polite but to control women by threatening that "immodesty" warrants rape.
  10. I make an effort to park close to the cart receptacle and always put the cart away, even in the hottest Southern heat while wearing all black. I mostly hate inconsiderate people who think they are the only ones in the world, and those who refuse to turn on their blinkers for anything.
  11. As a Christian, I fucking hate it when a man--and that is every man despite any person preference I might have--refuses to dress modestly because he is forcing me sin by lusting after him, so I have compiled a list of things men can do if they don't want to find themselves being jumped by women. 1. Always wear a hat. Women are just naturally attracted to mens hair, or lack thereof, so cover those beautiful strands or bald head. But the hat must be worn properly or else we will get a glimpse of the head and go wild and viciously rape you. 2. Never wear an undershirt without an shirt on
  12. Yeah, when I was nine my nose was a total whore. I didn't know one can loose their nose-ginity.
  13. And then they hate it when you bring up places like Uganda where the Christians are continuing inquisitional practices.
  14. In many ways, the more charismatic branches of evangelical Christianity have a lot in common with pagan superstitions and voodoo. It's just funny that the people actually involved can't even see it. My partner practices voodoo mainly because he grew up Pentecostal and thus found that he liked voodoo better than any other religious practice. The stupidest thing I heard was when I was attending an Assembly of God church, because I wanted to convince the guy that I was attempting to woo that I was a good Christian woman, and a teenager stood up for testimony and said that God answered
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