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  1. Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

    What good will that do? It won't help Trayvon. It won't put George in jail. It won't change what "reasonable doubt" means. It lets people know in a very vocal and visual way that the minorities are tired of this institutional racism shit when trying to do it "the right way" gets you no where. Ophelia's buddies You'd implied and made some rather interesting statements here. This by far is the best of the worst. I would certainly hope you are there in the forefront of leading the pack. Remember the Castle Doctrine protecting life and property. kL *************** Kiss my ass. oop, now I'm banned.
  2. Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

    I certainly hope the riots have begun.
  3. Reason #696 I'm glad I am no longer a Christian: I can have guilt free orgasms as much as I like.
  4. Tennessee: the "Me Too" state will be coming up with similar legislation pretty soon. I need to get sterilized before something goes awry.
  5. Christian Domestic Discipline

    To preface my statement by saying that I find nothing wrong with the BDSM/S&M culture as long as it is consensual and mutual. This CDD subculture is abuse because it is directed at women to make them sub-servant to men, and never the other way around; these women are taught to believe that they are the most vile creatures ever created by their god, and as a result have to be treated as less than human, so they live in fear of their husbands and men.
  6. I guess to solve the problem of stopping bleeding without having your tampons and what not confiscated, shove a tiny pistol in your vagina because a hand gun is what is allowed. Damn, these 2nd Amendment nuts are getting crazier and crazier by the day.
  7. 20 Kids Have Already Died In Hot Cars This Year

    I'll just leave this here:
  8. Is Fundamentalism A Mental Illness?

    If fundamentalism doesn't itself qualify as a mental illness, it certainly goes hand in hand with mental illnesses. I became a fundamentalist when my depression got hit with puberty, so the result ended with religion exacerbating the illness that I had by making me hate myself because God hated me.
  9. New Report: Nsa's Mass Spying On Brazilians

    One of these days, there is going to be a country that gets so tired of America's bullshit and finally retaliate against our bullying, and then what might happen is that other smaller countries will join the fight--they will be like crazy ants. Thanks 'Murka for keep the world safe.
  10. National Geographic Alien Invasion 2013

    Completely useless. It didn't tell me one damn thing about how to deal with the illegal aliens that are invading my country.
  11. "chalker" Acquitted

  12. Nra Shirt Case Dismissed

    As much as I abhor the NRA, it is good to see that the case was dismissed.
  13. "Saving fuel" is a bullshit reason they give so they can only hire hot women to be their eye candy.
  14. Is Academic Corruption On The Rise?

    That would greatly depend upon what school you attend because the schools I've attended had very few international students, but they were the ones that had more academic integrity.
  15. Is Academic Corruption On The Rise?

    My partner/fiance is an English professor and has noticed more plagiarism in papers in recent years, but my own thought on the rise of plagiarism is due in part to committees pushing for classes to require students write a paper in every class. This quickly causes a student to burn out and take the easy route. My partner has even contemplated sending the papers to the people who voted to make them a requirement so they could "help" with his grading. No teacher wants to read them anymore than a student wants to write one, so why not just leave it up to the professor to decide if a student has grasped the concepts of the subject through their competency in tests and interactions in class? But no, we have to write a what amounts to a book by the end of our academic career.