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  1. I'm surrounded by fundies :(

  2. Just a note to say hi and welcome, and also sincere best wishes as you journey on through the combination of loss and liberation.
  3. Hey Dave, just a note of sincere appreciation for all your help in answering my whiney questions! Sincere appreciation also for this website, which has been such a comfort and wealth of information.

  4. Hi, I just read your posts in the forum, and wanted to send you a big hug!

    Hang in there!

  5. By the way -- I'll soon be 54 years old, my birth mother is almost 90 years old, and still, on the extremely rare occasions I visit her, it's like stepping back in time, not just emotionally but physically also -- it's weird and terrifying and I have no idea how to not feel what I feel.
  6. {{Noob}} oh wow, my heart just aches for you and for everyone else who has gone through this. And whoever said your issues with your Mom are silly just doesn't have a clue what it's like. My birth mother is and always has been a master manipulator too -- the guilt, omg the guilt, it is a weapon, and so many times it's come close to killing whatever spirit I might possess. Nobody can understand unless they have that same kind of relationship with their own mother. We all have to take our own time and find our own way through this mess of life. Be patient with yourself. And be careful. It's crippling, the fear of rejection and abandonment. It haunts some of us all our lives, from earliest childhood, and even when reality proves our fear unfounded, it never really totally goes away. I really love how Pitchu showed how there are several distinct issues, and recommended dealing with each issue individually! That's something that never occurred to me and I think it would help a lot to learn how to put that into practice. {{hugs to you all}}
  7. Thanks for saying Hi! I'm not on all that regularly, but do come in from time to time. :)

  8. Hi, thanks for your encouraging thoughts.

  9. Just read your post in the Science vs. Religion forum and wanted to say hi. Sending good thoughts as you brave this new world -- remember how strong you are, being a single Mom is proof of that strength! Hang in there, and best wishes.

  10. Just a note to say hi, and I'm enjoying reading your posts around the board.

    Best wishes for a happy new year!

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