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  1. I cried laughing the first time I ever saw WTF. I don't swear so I never use it, but I still find it humourous. I have never once told anyone at work that I don't swear, or don't like it, but for some weird reason people get apologetic around me when they do it. It amuses me. Once my boss was about to say WTF and instead said What the....firetruck. I couldn't stop laughing, and even now it cracks me up. I think I only understood about three of the abbreviations in this thread so far. Im still laughing over Living Lifes AFAIK muslim comment.
  2. This is what I don't understand. Christians say the Bible is truth, its God's word, etc...have faith. Well how do we determine if anything is true in life? We look at the evidence and declare it is true based on those answers. So this is what I don't understand. We are being asked to accept something by faith as true, not based on evidence at all except the bible is true ( so says the christians). When I make my decisions in life I base it on evidence, not by faith now. Will I be able to pay my bills? Yes, by working hard and getting a job. It doesn't take faith to make those decisions. Will I believe weather man? well yes, if it is based on scientific data, I assume he/she is right. Do I have a soul and will go to hell if I don't repent? How do I know that, where is the evidence? whats that faith verse that everyone spouts out from the Bible? Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see!! Hebrews 11:1 So its a random game of stab in the dark, of what you will or wont travel through in life. Someone said it here before. If circumstances are good, God is blessing you, if they aren't you are being tested. Who decides that?
  3. I am 38 getting closer to 39, grrr. I was married, and had a child who turned 18 a week or so ago. I have raised him all on my own. I became a born again christian when my marriage broke up when my son was 18mnths old. I only left it a year or so ago now. I finished college (highschool) for you guys, and worked for a while, then stopped to raise my son for 10 or so years. Then I got into childcare, and now I am working fulltime in an office job. I have no political leanings whatsover. I am an Aussie. I am hoping my son will go through university. I grew up in poverty with a single mum. My Dad is a blue collar builder. Thats all folks.
  4. Hiya Blackpuddin, Im an Aussie too! Welcome to the site. Its great around here. :))

  5. I am so excited, I got a new job today, hooray!!

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    2. noob


      I'm happy for you, Kathlene!

    3. oddbird1963


      That's excellent Kathlene! Great news!

    4. Super FZL

      Super FZL

      Oh, well played! Managerial!

  6. I read a christian site for married couples and their sex lives. It is one of the things that has truly shown me that christians are no different to non christians. I feel so sad for some of these people who didn't find out until into marriage how demented their partners were with sex, or who had no interest in it at all. Some of them even share their sexual anxiety, which sounds very similar to stories on here about how repressed they were, and then suddenly they can have sex, but still feel so repressed with it.
  7. Sorry I don't know if there are any support groups in Australia. I am in Canberra. I enjoy your posts!

  8. Welcome to the forums fellow Aussie! What part of Oz are you from? There are a few of us in here from Oz.:))

  9. I feel a sense of community on this forum. I love reading about all your lives on here, and how I face similar situations. I love getting to know you all. Even though we are all on opposite sides of the world, I still feel a part of something in here.
  10. Carpal tunnel surgery went well, I have to use left hand for a while! How come no-one ever seems to be in chat these days?

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    2. par4dcourse


      I had both hands done (seperately) a while ago. Benefits are worth the hassle.

    3. Margee


      Glad it went well hon!

    4. stryper


      here's to a quick recovery


  11. Par, I'm so sorry for your loss. (hugs)
  12. Ok Im going to stick my foot in it. I really enjoyed this article. There are some men out there who never change nappies (diapers), who do bugger off all weekend and leave the mother alone to be with the kids. Some men don't realise that mothers need time out too. I hate it when men strut around and think they are some sort of amazing creature if they look after the children for a few hours, as though they are doing an amazing feat. Hello its not childcare, you are actually the parent! I have no respect whatsover for those men who have no idea about their kids lives, or don't take the time out to get to know their children. They have no idea how long those scars are or how deep they go, to feel abandoned by your dad. That rejection hurts, big time. Yes I know women do it too, Im not saying this is just a gender case. From my own personal perspective, it seems to generally involve men though. I once heard somewhere that if you heal the men in the world, you heal the women. I do think men get left out a lot in that area. People assume because they don't say anything, they are ok. Far from it. It just comes out in other areas.
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty truthful that way too. Just to play devil's advocate, why is telling the truth a higher value than sparing someone their feelings or avoiding unnecessary conflict? Just for instance. Ok here's a truth for ya, having your feelings hurt or having to deal with conflict will not kill you. It may even teach you to question yourself further or be accountable in some way you were not before. At the risk of getting my ass kicked why on earth are you americans so afraid of conflict or anything that will actually cause you to question your motives or deal with "negative" feelings? Surely constant avoidance of said issues keeps one immature. I don't think Americans are afraid of conflict, but many certainly try and avoid it when possible because they feel it is unnecessary to hurt other's feelings over trivialities. BTW, watching a few Aussie shows, like Australia's Got Talent and Master Chef, I have to say that Australian people seem to be pretty kind to one another on a quite heart warming level. But again, why is this uber honesty more important than sparing a few feelings over matters that, well, just don't matter? Where on earth did you find those shows to watch all the way over in Russia? Aussies are too lazy and indifferent to get riled up about anything except sport, lol.
  14. I remember the times as a christian having those exact same dreams! Wow, I would fight with the devil and feel immobilised and have to say the name Jesus. Oddly enough since I have left I have never had those sorts of dreams again. Isn't it fascinating that a lot of us around here have had those sorts of dreams. I can agree with others that we probably set it up in our subconscious by what we were taught as christians. I haven't had any clear dreams like those old ones yet. I am interested to know if I ever will again, and what will happen in them.
  15. That was an amazing post. I felt every single thing you wrote about. For a minute then I thought you had entered my own brain, lol. Well done
  16. After 16yrs of singledom, (minus a small 4mnth relationship) I have finally got a boyfriend, and I am in such a happy bubble that I never want to pop!!

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    2. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      <3 good Kathlene. He's a lucky guy ;)

    3. Margee


      good for you girl, enjoy the love!

    4. Cooley


      :D congratulations!
  17. Hiya, my chat problems still exist..sigh. Good news though, I have a boyfriend now, woot!!! How's the piano playing going?

  18. I miss everyone from chat so much....Hi to you all! :))

    1. ghost_warlock


      I miss you too! D= Hope everything is going well!

    2. Cooley


      hi to you too!

  19. Hey Sci-fi, I didn't realise you were an Aussie, welcome to ex-c. I am an Aussie too!

  20. Hey Sci-fi, I didn't realise you were an Aussie, welcome to ex-c. I am an Aussie too!

  21. Which part of Oz are you in? Im an Aussie. Do you like it here?

  22. Which part of Oz are you in? Im an Aussie. Do you like it here?

  23. I don't know, but for some reason this post nearly made me cry. Life is a cycle, and its worse when its your own kids. I do understand your emotions though, I feel the same way when our little tykes in childcare graduate onto big school. Some of them have been with us since they were 8mnths old, and leave when they are 5 or so. We have had them in our lives 8hrs a day, and become so close to them. I know when my own son graduates from yr12 this year I will ball my eyes out. What a journey.... Ro-bear its awesome you took the time out for that young kid. It made me smile. Good luck on your journey and your summer time off. Relax and wind down, enjoy the moments with your family.
  24. You will be pleased to know I upgraded to firefox to help with my chat problems. Its not working though. I hate change!!! Im dying, I want my IE back.....waaah.

  25. Please don't take it personally if I abruptly leave chat. I keep getting kicked out for some weird reason, and then I can't get back in. My apologies to my friends. :))

    1. ghost_warlock


      It's okay, we still love you! Hope this gets resolved soon, though, cuz I (we) miss you! D=

    2. Kathlene


      I'm dying not being able to connect with you guys!!

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