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    Almost everything in this life is interesting.<br /><br />Don't let me bore you.
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    I had been mainly an agnostic my whole life, I had many Christian friends. Their incessant talk of their personal relationship with 'Christ' led me to kneeling down one night during some real troubled times. I became a Christian.

    Unfortunately, nothing happened, I neither felt better about things nor did I feel any power or change within or without, as I read the bible I began to realize it was rather odd and very unbelievable.

    I did some searching and talked to a few people and came to the conclusion that this whole religion and the history of the Israelites was a contrivance.

    I did however become a believer in a God/Gods/Godesses, I just could not accept the bible and Christianity.

    I withdrew my petition to Jesus as my personal savior and now wonder what is really going on.

    I like my job, I like my friends, I dont like this world too much.

    Its a very difficult place, I sure hope thre is somebody out there with a plan for humanity.

    Who knows?

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    The God within
  1. Oh I didnt see you had said that already, yes, technically, exactly! In the technical sense, and then there is a lot of semantics in the revelation book and pastor Chuck Smith et al's bible commentaries. So yes, all unbelievers are anti-christs. Wow, what a put down on humanity.
  2. You may know this, I did some research on 666 and found it was speaking of Nero!!! And here we are 0ver 1900 years ahead and they are still lookign out for this beast. It was hotly debated the difference between the beast, the anti-christ, the anti-christ spirit, and so on. For all intents and purposes 'The Anti-christ' is the most common term for the beast 666, so all games aside, this long awaited figure is long gone. They never really got me to buy the 100% word of god theory of the bible, how could it be?
  3. Thanks! You know, to be honest, I am not worried about that label, its hysterical and it bothers some friends that I find it hysterical. I tell them to just RELAX, its all gonna be ok.
  4. It is funny isnt it? Anti-christ because I didnt hear back from christ, what am I supposed to do? I was told keep on believing, stay in the faith. What for?
  5. Nice Avatar. Im rusty with Latin, what does your name mean? Thanks for the welcome.
  6. Hello, My name is Michael, call me Mikey. I was agnostic, became Christian then Christianity proved itself to be a farse. I am excited to begin looking around here, the Christian experience only led me to look further for gods and godesses or some spiritual truth. Being confronted with my mortality and the possibility of spiritual workings in the midst of every day life. Basically it was a bogus trip but sparked a lot of questions inside my pea brain and my anti-christ spirit!! I knew nothing of christ, tried to have this relationship with christ, he simply wasnt there and I left the pursuit of christ. I have since been told that it is because I have the spirit of the anti-christ! What a goof! I now laughingly consider myself the anti-christ. So be it. The journey begins!
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