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  1. Message received. I really went overboard and was offensive in what was supposed to be my last message, and I wanted to take the time to apologize. Yes, I should never have implied that others did not know what suffering was or that the gays on the board did not know their own history. I let my anger get the better of me. In addition, I should not have expected changes to the board in order to accommodate me. That’s all I can say, as I would only offend again if I discussed the issues I have already discussed too much. I cannot stay, but I am willing to put a large part of
  2. The pain is too much for me. I have tried several times to start a new topic, but I find myself second guessing my words every time. Will a Christian attack me again? Will I piss off the mods? I feel like a Christian again, living in fear because the way I think is not the way the power elite thinks. I have a real need to discuss why I still feel violated by a Christian post about sexual identity in a non-debate thread and the way I was baited, mocked and sadistically torn apart by that Christian even after I told him to stop several times. It was like being in high school agai
  3. Thank you both, Phanta and QuidEstCaritas?-. But once again, please keep accepting Abiyoyo the focus of this thread. I have had my say, and anything else about me should go to private messages. @ Kyle: This is the second time you have replied to me insenstitively on an issue that concerns support on the board. Why don't you just put me on ignore and stay away from my posts?
  4. @ ShallowByThyGame: That's very kind of you and I truly appreciate it. But perhaps we should take it to private messaging. I want this thread to be about Abiyoyo and his being accepted here, not about me. @ nivek: This thread is here because it is only fair that Abiyoyo and I are both understood. I cannot understand him, but others here can understand and help him. Besides, this thread is nothing like my other thread.
  5. Just a warning... I do want people to read what I wrote before and what I am writing now, but keep in mind that the "O" in "OCD" stands for "obsessive." If I were not obsessive, I would have a different diagnosis. I will indeed go on and on and could conceivably post beyond page 500 of this thread, but I doubt anyone else here has the patience for that. I will keep responding, and will do so gladly and eagerly, but if you are tired of me don't respond to me. When I see a response it means I should respond (unless I have been told not to respond). When I see no response it means I
  6. Regarding the lynch mob mentality that Abiyoyo feels is forming... I do not in any way want him to feel the board hates him or that he should leave. Perhaps this new thread will draw attention to that point, as not everyone is going to read my long posts carefully. The only thing addressed in this thread is why Abiyoyo should be embraced and loved on the board: http://www.ex-christian.net/index.php?/topic/34105-abiyoy-should-be-embraced-and-loved-not-banned/page__pid__495683__st__0entry495683 Note: I typed "Abiyoy" and not "Abiyoyo" in the thread title. The board won't let
  7. Abiyoyo belongs on this board and needs other people to extend their friendship and love. I say this because in the thread in which I was discussing my feelings regarding the events of a week ago, HanSolo remarked that he would not ban Abiyoyo, something I had never asked anyone to do. I fear my words may have been misunderstood, something I stated in the the thread but also want to draw attention to in a new thread since not everyone is going to read my overly long posts. HanSolo also said that Abiyoyo felt there was a lynch mob mentality brewing--at least, that is what I get from re-re
  8. Most important point: I continue to let you know why this is so wrong because I feel you are not hearing my words. You see the letters on the screen and hear their sounds in your heads, but you don't hear their meaning. I feel as if I am on a Christian board right now. Instead of "Why are you going on? Why are you making this a big issue? Jesus wants you to accept this and if you don't you will go to hell. Who cares if you are still feeling alienated, angry, hurt, unwanted, and abused?" I am getting "Why are you going on? Why are you making this a big issue? We want you to accept that w
  9. I never asked for Abiyoyo to be banned. Not once. Reread everything I have written in this thread and the one in which I was attacked plus my private messages to the moderators. If anything, in the thread in which he attacked me I did say that he might need the board. What I want, and have expressed over and over, is for Christians to understand that this board is for us, not for them, and that while they are permitted here they must understand why many of us need a board where Christians don't mouth off to us the way he did to me. (Note my new signature, which makes this clear to them
  10. Wrong. He consciously, sadistically chose to continue baiting and mocking me even after I repeatedly asked him to stop and explained how unhealthy the situation was for me as someone with OCD and as someone who has been abused. That is indeed intent of malice. This was not a misunderstanding. Abiyoyo acted like the schoolyard bully and took on someone he perceived as vulnerable so that he could look cool in front of his friends and have a good laugh. Then he accused me of playing a gay card because the original reason for our unfortunate interaction was his pouncing into a thread o
  11. I'm grateful for the candor here. In order to keep the peace, I will stay out of News and Current Events section the same way I stay out of debate threads for as long as I am on the board; I will go there only if I want to read (and only read) a news article someone has posted. I won't look at any of the comments. I need to do this since I am not up to getting into it with a Christian again. I just can't. I am so tired of Christians and their mind control. Per what Loren wrote, I will spend a lot more time in the Ex-Christian Life section. Again, I am sorry that there was so mu
  12. I was a little startled by the sentence, as I did not know how to take it. I think this is what Isker is getting at. For what it's worth, I tend to be just as blunt, and sometimes it gets me in trouble too. I don't have an issue with what you said. You may decide that I am not someone you want to be friends with, or you may decide that I am. I get and respect that.
  13. Not something I had thought of, but I suppose there is some truth here. Again, my thoughts were racing, and I was doing what I could to make the situation end. Part of me may have been escalating it. This is something I have to think about--not something I will be able to resolve tonight.
  14. I’m sorry Ameen, but this strikes me as being slightly disingenuous. You have here argued that the board should be changed. I have enjoyed many of your posts, and I still hold out the hope that we can be friends. But I’m definitely sizing you up right now. I don't have an issue with anything you have written, and I too hope we can be friends. I don't feel that I said "must"; you feel I did. I don't feel I am being disingenuous; you feel I am. We can agree to disagree. I don't agree with you and you don't agree with me. Given this, if we knew each other in real life, could we
  15. If it's of any consolation to you, this has been discussed off-line amongst other mods. People like YoYo or End3 are hardly your typical, died in the wool fundi - sort of folk. For me personally, I sort of see them as Honorary Heretics, but that's not some official board opinion, just my own. But I certainly respect that you may feel that he represents something that is offensive to you. He has acknowledged that he needs to back off with you, and we do hold an expectation that he is respectful of what we deem important, which your desire to be left alone by him was. As far as I know, that
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