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    Make no mistake: I hold the christian bible to be the most worthless and disgusting diatribe ever to have been written down by the hands of men. It is the blackhole of all thought and a monument to the culmination of ignorance of all mankind. Those who live by it, deserve its torments; those who do not, deserve their freedom from it.

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  1. I have some slut coming over about 9pm after she's done with her family christmas crap. Maybe it's just me, but i like that idea more than wasting 6 hours with the family pretending to like something that nobody really does.
  2. I really wish women came to my church back in the day just to pick me up and use me sexually =( Sadly.... that never happened =( So yea, I am doing unto others as I would like to have done unto me.
  3. I've already thought of this one haha just haven't gotten around to it
  4. I'd rather "crash" strip clubs, they dress sexier, they are mostly all good looking, it's easy to get laid with a pocket full of money, and you don't have to listen to them talk in the morning. (condoms required, of course). Agreed, but i was trying to emphasize the *free* (as in no cash required).
  5. I'm all over that like white on rice!
  6. LOL yea... i figure if the church used me in the past, i'm going to turn the tables and use the church from now on. I am learning to love church, but for my own reasons It's like a completely free dating service but with a concentrated pool of horny women. i love goin to church now! haha the mega-churches are the best because they hold contemporary services, and theres such a high volume of people that you are lucky to see the same people two sundays in a row. perfect for having a steady flow of women drifting in and out!
  7. you are probably right about that. the women there dont seem to have such hangups however.
  8. So lately ive started crashing churches. i had a hunch that women that go to church might be more likely to be sexually repressed than the general population at hand. my guess is that some women there, single or married, just want to have their hair pulled and ass slapped every now and then as opposed to just missionary with the lights off. i prefer the mega-churches as there is more of a pool to work with, especially if they have coffee-n-donuts afterwards and gathering areas. A lot of them even have after-church groups and what not. I already met one woman this way. Just saying; if you a
  9. I am interested in knowing exactly how blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is committed. I mean, what is the exact process? The bible doesn't say deny, or swear at, or whatever. How does one actually physically blaspheme the holy ghost?
  10. I prefer you stay a christian because hell is packed already as it is. Land down there will come at a premium by the time I die.
  11. Same for me. on CARM I think I have more warnings and suspensions than I do actual posts. Maybe it is because I'm an atheist, who knows. This is why i consider ExC my "home" webboard.
  12. I have found that, hands down, the Socratic Method will give you all the advantage you need. Why? Becuase the Socratic Method puts you in the position where you posit nothing, but only ask questions. Christians think and believe they have all the answers. In effect is, the Socratic Method (properly employed) drains them of all their answers until they have no more, or simply become aware that they do not know, or realize that their answers are absurd. Then, this is the point in which they will listen to what you have to say. There is far greater power in words than there ever will be in al
  13. thanks guys! sorry for replyin so late... was out partyin' it up
  14. Who is using Cho's rampage as a means to attack atheism, for which atheism had nothing to do with, and why?
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