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  1. I just wanted to note that I didn't lose my virginity until I was 23, so you aren't a freak by any means. Now I am married with children, because I didn't give up on myself. The key to friendship is openess to experience, and trust. The more your practice socializing, the better you become. I'm not sure where you live, but moving to a big city could be a great experience. A place full of different people and ideas for you to explore your new life, and get away from the negative influence of the church. Your'e clearly intelligent and could find people who would appreciate that. Good luck to you, you have this one life to explore our Universe. Go out and dance in the rain!
  2. Creationist? I don't see how you can try to understand God if you don't bother to understand the planet you live on! Or what you even are as a biological being! I can't urge you enough to study evolution and all the sciences, and to seek the truth whether or not it pleases you. Whether you read Richard Dawkins or Jerry Coyne, you need to understand that evolution is simply a fact that isn't even debated in educated circles anymore because there is overwhelming evidence. If you only had spent all that money on science books instead of books designed to tell you 'it's ok to not be curious'. Nay I say, you must be curious! The Bible says to not lean on your own understanding. How marvelously convenient. What good is a teacher who says 'don't ask questions'. I assure you you are capable of comprehending the amazing wonders of the Universe, and how there is no need to attribute any of it to 'magic'. Religion imagines answers and then looks for validation, ignoring or censoring or skewing what does not favor it's thesis. Science looks for evidence and then tries to explain what really happens in our world. As for the bible, rest assured if you lived in Egypt you'd want to defend the Quran just as adamantly with those apologetics, hemming and hawwing over words written by ignorant men long long ago. Why take their word for anything, you can explore the world here and now. here are some resources you might be interested in: From Big Bang to Us Facts of Evolution How Evolution Works Rest assured the scientists can show their work, it's all recorded in observations. The creationists can only project how something might make sense given whatever scripture they are forced to shove reality into, and hope it sounds plausible enough to you.
  3. When I was where you are, although perhaps more free in that I was not as emotionally attached to the community as you seem to be, I asked myself this. "I want it to be true, but I want to be able to explain that it is true. I can only do this if I am willing to look at the matter impartially, and if it is true, then the world will show it to be true." I believed that because Christianity was correct, one could only strengthen one's faith by studying it, and comparing it to other 'false' ideas. That way we could comfort ourselves and others instead of doubting. Of course, the evidence of the real world does not support Christianity, but when I began to understand the dissonance between what the church wants you to accept as truth, and what is reasonable given how the world actually works, I was not afraid or sad, but I became inspired. There was a door that noone was going through, lest it hurt their faith, but the other side was a place of nirvana. Answers that make sense, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than the bible ever imagined. The truth set my heart free, and I feel like I became fully human. By owning ourselves, we control our destinies. If there is trouble we must either fix it ourselves, or admit it is not a problem. When we suffer we know it is not a sign that we are failing to please an unseen master. I hope that you will resolve to open that door, and to value truth above all things. If we are to do good in this world, then we must first understand it. And understanding requires going where you have not gone before. "Faith is a cop-out. It is intellectual bankruptcy. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it can’t be taken on its own merits." — Dan Barker
  4. One reason for your anger might be that you feel helpless against your emotions. Perhaps by fortifying your mind with arguments against Christianity and religion, you will be able to develop a better logical structure against those feelings, by being more confident in your rejection of the church. You have been lied to and abused, all valid reasons for anger. But use that anger to seek out the knowledge and strength you need, and be brave enough to face the truths of life that religion is designed to mask. There are many great resources online and offline. This is a good one to start with perhaps: http://www.godisimaginary.com/ And rest assured there are many women who do not want a church going man. Though they may be found easier in more populated areas where people tend to be more open-minded.
  5. The only evil is ignorance and the only good is knowledge. -Socrates
  6. Would it help if you could be convinced that the new testaments author's claim's of jesus 'prophecy' are as accurate as painting a donkey black and white and calling it a zebra? The NT is an obvious case of increasing PR claims, like Sarah Palin's 'biography'. I think it's most likely that Jesus was some sort of Chuck Norris joke that gullible people took too far. Anyway, don't know if undermining the base story would help but... Look into it here
  7. I'll just provide links for you to peruse at your leisure, and hopefully feel better and learn some things. http://godisimaginary.com/ http://www.alternet.org/belief/143912/the_top_one_reason_religion_is_harmful_?page=entire http://www.youtube.com/user/AntiCitizenX http://www.youtube.com/user/TaylorX04 http://www.youtube.com/user/ProfMTH http://www.atheist-experience.com/archive/index.php?full=0 http://atheistcamel.blogspot.com/ http://epiphenom.fieldofscience.com/
  8. There is no evidence for any of your fears. You might as well fear that bigfoot is going to teleport into your room and punch you in the gut. Emotions are not indicators of reality, so just because you become afraid of a concept does not lead credence to that concept. If the fear is crippling you, therapy may help you control your emotions. You yourself say you don't believe what you fear, so what you are dealing with is clearly an irrational reaction. I have two pieces of advice: 1. If it hurts, don't touch it. If your mental state does not handle stories of hell and Armageddon, even when your logical mind can correctly reject them as false, maybe you should avoid poking as the wound until you have had some more time to... 2. Ground yourself in reality. When you walk through the woods, there are no theologians trying to interpret ancient texts to make their lives seem important. Go live in the now instead of worrying about that which can not be detected. Spend time with good people, if you know any. You are responsible for what you can control. You can't control if some power annihilates you because there is no way to know what it wants...there wouldn't be so many sects and religions if the supposed divine messages were clear. But anyway, so long as your actions are the best you can think of, who cares how things end? A man can do everything right and have a plane land on him. Life isn't fair, so don't hold yourself to unreachable standards. Do you best to be a good person, and let everything else slide.
  9. Well you got my mental juices flowing... When you take a particular point of view as simply true or right, then you naturally will treat those of another view poorly. And especially when your salvation lies on being simply 'more good' than others, you will need to find reasons to reassure yourself that you are better, by finding reasons why they are worse. Is it possible to improve on what Jesus supposedly said? If not, then it becomes a game to 'be more christian' instead of 'live a good life'. Because you aren't allowed to judge others without looking through the bible. So the bible says to beat your kids and you end up with the ridiculous stuff you described...all because noone said 'but we know more about child psychology than the bible', or if they did they were laughed off as everyone thought 'I will win the game and follow the bible' You are a fan of Jesus...that's ok, he told some nice stories. But not all his stories were original or unique, nor should his morals be considered absolute. His followers didn't have anyone to compare him with...they didn't know of say, Buddha or Lao Tzu or Nietzche, but now we can learn from many philosophers, and then try to take the best points from each of them. Because our goal should be to live a happy life, which I think is the point of morality. Clearly Christianity has not created global happiness, even among it's followers and in areas like Rome where it's been unchallenged for centuries, so it doesn't seem to be the end all of philosophies. The logic for Jesus being on a special pedestal is that he was god, or the son of god, or something. But that's a very large claim to make, and the bible simply says it, sorta, and it's not a verifiable claim. But if he's a God, then we assume he's perfect, and then we don't expand on what he taught, and then we beat our babies with tiny sticks. I think we can discuss his teachings and other teachings of the bible without that qualifier, and in a sense, give them the respect we give all other ideas. The chance to be wrong. And then maybe when someone disagrees with us we won't be rude, because they aren't disrespecting something we consider sacred, or trying to sabotage our chances for heaven.
  10. When it comes to prophecy just remember: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  11. A microchip is an amazing feat of human engineering, regardless of how it is used. No idea why it has to be tarred with the 'mark of the beast' metaphor. Is Satan a cyborg or something? Ridiculous jibberish is all it is.
  12. Not only can any theology ever be shown to be correct, but all mysteries can be explained through natural processes, and by looking the wealth of different belief systems, and the psychology of the human's desire to belong and be part of a tribe, it seems easy to create a religion with a believable-enough mythos. Just ask L. Ron Hubbard. The explanation that has evidence, and is the simplest, is that men are just animals like any other, and have invented all religions over time. The world makes sense under that light, because that what searching for truth has lead to.
  13. Some thoughts... When I was young I looked down on my friends for drinking, and missed out on a lot of events. I regret that now...young people need all the social interaction they can get if they are going have success with their peers. Drinking and other 'sinful' things are not about being evil and more than enjoying chocolate is, or enjoying masturbation. It can be dangerous, but you don't get far in life without taking risks. If people are never challenged with responsibility, and things that are tempting, then they will always have an achilles' heel. This is our only time on the planet, and spending it locked in an emotional and social cage seems like a waste. There is an ocean of human experiences out there waiting for you. And your awareness of the dangers only gives you a better chance to partake in them successfully. Until you've been into the dark caves, you really can't judge the people that spend their time there. Most of them have very good hearts and would surprise you with the amount of love and compassion they have. It may not be what you want to hear, but you'll probably have a better time finding people to care for you if you open the gates a little.
  14. Lucifer is worshiped in various ways, but a common theme is that Yahweh was the devil all along, and Lucifer the true benevolence who wants humanity to have knowledge....like a Jewish Prometheus. Often when people leave the church, they are no long blind to the crimes of the church, and the evil nature of Yahweh in the bible, and they instead focus on the enemy of God, Lucifer, is a way to emotionally reject those crimes. They are not ready to leave the mythos behind, but they recognize the dangerous servility than the Christian religion inspires. I am curious Adelice as to your atheism, a word that means 'without belief in gods'...do you see Lucifer and Quetzacoatl as Gods? As lesser supernatural beings? Or do you simply appreciate the philosophies that surround them?
  15. I suppose it depends on how much you value honesty as a principle. Ah to have a simple life where our parents accepted our ability to make our own choices. It's true I wish that my parents had valued truth as much as I do, and so we could discuss reality using logic and critical thinking. But instead they chose to take the easy answers, and judge me when I wanted a world that made sense to me. Though the question remains...who are you living for? One cannot be a slave to the past, but neither can one torch the present. There's a fine line that must be sought. I say be yourself, but do not speak your thoughts unless you feel comfortable doing so. No one can bully you into giving answers to questions you don't like. I think understanding the universe for what it is is far more breathtaking than thinking a God did everything. I think religion cheapens the beauty of nature with such simple excuses. So while ignorance is bliss, knowledge is beauty.
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