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  1. I think a deadly spider bite on his penis, causing an erection just before his death would be perfect! Catholics would perform either dry humping motions, or masturbation motions to honor their lord and savior! And they couldn't diss porn, as it invokes the Lord's Condition! Okay, now it's just getting weird!
  2. I kept my entire CD collection, and occasionally listen to the music. Sometimes the lyrics get in the way of enjoying the music, but for the most part I just think of them as general love songs. At least for the lighter stuff. The heavier stuff is simply ear candy, and half the time I don't even hear the lyrics. Bands like Mortification, Living Sacrifice, As I Lay Dying (which is only "technically" Christian), and Demon Hunter. I personally find it rather petty to worry about a song's message. If I like the music, that's all that matters.
  3. I changed my profile picture to reflect the beard I once had, and am going for again....
  4. The woman in the red dress is for sure real. I don't find it attractive, but I'm sure someone does. And even if no one else in the world does, as long as she's happy and true to herself.
  5. As a Christian, I was heavily against gay unions and abortions. My attitude toward the gay community started to change while I was still Christian, and I am still very passionately pro-life.
  6. of course their Jesus didn't have as epic a beard as the one I had and am going for again. So maybe they're just jealous! ha!
  7. I think I've found another group of people who get heavily criticized for a change in their life. Hi, my name is Dan and it's been a really long time since I've posted anything here. In the past, we've seen adults afraid to tell their parents, spouses, or other family and friends about their deconversion. It seems to be a common theme. Fear of telling loved ones that you're no longer a Christian. It's also been pointed out that this is bullshit. We shouldn't have to feel like children afraid of wrath from our parents when we did something wrong, simply because we no longer believe.
  8. I don't see the point of mocking a person, but I do still make jokes about the belief. Parody stories and such. It's not out of anger, hatred or rebellion, as some theists have pointed out they believe it is. But rather it's because I like humor, and I don't see why religion should get a free pass.
  9. Had a dream last night that my wife and I were fighting, and I got a phone call during the argument from someone from this site! A woman. She told me she had bad news for me. My account was in poor standing because of a complaint from my wife that I had used a picture without her permission. The woman then told me that she understood, and had heard of this kind of complaining before. I told her she must get it a lot, and she said she did. Atheist spouses getting harassed, even threatened by Christian spouses. She then told me she would do whatever it took to clear things up! There must
  10. What you're really doing is asking for positive thoughts. I think it's okay. Prayer may not work, but knowing that someone cares does. Asking them to pray for you, and hearing them say, "Of course I will!" sends positive vibes throughout your body.
  11. Porn is not intended to have a relationship with the people on screen any more than watching Indiana Jones is. Having sex, likewise, is not only meant to feel loved nor is it the only way to show love. And swearing AT or TO people is not a nice thing to do, but swearing in and of itself is fine.
  12. Read lots of books, and be comfortable with what you believe. Christians will often try to plant that seed of doubt, and if you're not firm in your reasons for not believing, it's going to be difficult dealing with people who's main goal is to convert you.
  13. The one thing that really bothers me is what Christians think is sin. Things like sex before marriage, same sex relationships, porn, swearing, etc.... For the most part, I don't think these things are wrong in the least bit. As long as it's not hurting anyone and it's legal, I think all is fair game. Of course, this will only instill in a Christian even MORE that ex-Christians are choosing a life of sin without consequence. So, below is a made up dialogue between a Jew and a Christian to show just how ridiculous "sin" is: What are you eating? A ham sandwich. Do you want one? You
  14. I'm glad I'm not in your shoes, par! Asked almost DAILY? I'd be on a killing spree by now! lol
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