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  1. You're an inspiration, Margee!

  2. Hang in there. You have a lot of supporters here! And your posts are da bomb! (I hope I used that in the right context!)

  3. I read your suicide thread just today (I've been away from this site for a while). How are you doing? I get those feeling quite strong sometimes...it sux! Hope you're alright.

  4. How's the pregnancy going?

  5. Good mornin' oh Brainy one! :-)

  6. "If you talk to God, you are praying. If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia."-- Thomas Szasz

  7. Tired of thinking about religion. Time to do something lighter for a while...

  8. I'm going to be a stay-at-home dad for a while! Got a doctor's recommendation to stay off work until I see a specialist.

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    2. Margee


      Should be a nice change Par! But I hope you get better soon, my friend!

    3. dB-Paradox


      When I told my daughters I would be at home for a long time, they said, "YAY!" Cute! And my situation will be better than sitting at home with my foot propped up...sorry to hear about that boring experience. I plan on fully absorbing the time off!

    4. ilovemybrain
  9. I thought you were going to say you got tired of looking at your fake nose. Ha!

  10. Hey, is this a new picture of you? Looks good!

  11. I'm 37. Feel 73 at times, though! (I'll bet if I look back through this thread, I said the exact same thing last year, except then I only felt 63!)
  12. Religions are like weight loss programs. They all claim to have the best results and are the only way to getting into shape!

    1. Xerces


      very true lol

    2. ilovemybrain


      and...most of them don't actually do anything for you

  13. Something. (Well, you said it was my turn to write something! LOL!

  14. Hey hey! How are you this new day?

  15. I received a lot of help and support from people here and I can never say thanks enough! I suppose the best way to say thanks is to show that I'm me again! Back to the dry humor and dry wit that makes me who I am....and DAMN proud of it! Ha ha!

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    2. Xerces
    3. oddbird1963


      Good health, long life and much happiness to you db-Paradox!

    4. dB-Paradox


      Thanks guys! I didn't even check this until now....

  16. I suppose it's been a full 2 years now, but honestly, I'm not keeping track. All that matters now is that I'm free!
  17. Two hours of sleep last night. Very trying day yesterday....emotionally draining.

    1. JadedAtheist


      I feel ya man. The interview yesterday and today were completely draining me from all the stress and worry. I also only had like 4hrs sleep. I hope things improve for you, man!

    2. dB-Paradox


      I'm booking tomorrow off. I need a day for me!

    3. Margee


      Par, I hope you're feelin' better today!

  18. Every time you post something Margee, I can see the sincerity in your heart, and it reflects what I felt, and sometimes still do. I think you speak for so many of us! The devout Christian would do well to read your posts and see the agony one goes through, wrestling with the existence of God. They cannot say we choose to not believe. They cannot say we are rebelling. All they can say is that we are genuine. And your posts, especially this one, reflect that.
  19. Potty training....again. There are some phases of life I could just skip over! But I'm sure I'll look back at it all with fond memories!

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    2. Phanta


      Great job, dB!


      It's never too late to learn. :P

    3. dB-Paradox


      Ha! Yeah, it does sound that way, doesn't it!

    4. stryper


      I'm with ya db


  20. SOOOO FRUSTRATED at how many religious people are so blind!!!

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