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  1. Welcome to ExC. It’s great to read that you have your husband’s experience and support as you come to terms with with the fact that Christianity is a false religion.
  2. Welcome to ExC. The thing about believing in Jesus is how do you even know whether he actually existed and is not based on myth expanded upon in the Gospels. Second, assuming Jesus did exist, how do you know what he actually said and did? Your sources that purport to answer these questions are religious, not historical, texts and they are thus very biased in favor of a particular theological point of view. Even the four Gospels do not agree with each other on what Jesus purportedly said and did. For example, let’s take his baptism. In Mark, Matthew, and Luke, he was s
  3. Welcome to both of you. Glad you are here.
  4. Glad you’re here and glad you broke free from the chains of Christian bondage.
  5. Welcome, BookOfMicah. Glad you are here and that you left Mormonism/Christianity. Your name is very interesting. In honor of your name, I thought this quote from Micah might explain a lot: Therefore night will come over you, without visions, and darkness, without divination.The sun will set for the prophets, and the day will go dark for them.7 The seers will be ashamed and the diviners disgraced.They will all cover their faces because there is no answer from God.” Micah 3:6-7
  6. Welcome, Mama28, Glad you came here and glad you began the self-examination that has led you to new revelations about yourself. As others have assured you, there is no hell. It does not exist, except in the minds of Christians. Yes, it is a mind thing, a form of brainwashing that Christians specialize in as they read scriptures to you out of context, fill you full of false guilt over non-existent “sins”, tell you adamantly what their false God demands of you (in your case, marriage and eight children) when they don’t even comprehend that an infinite God (as they claim to follow)
  7. Welcome, Canada27, Yeah, Christianity depends on faith/belief in Jesus as the Son of God, etc., etc. Without it, it all evaporates into thin air as I believe you experienced. I am Glad you were not so far into it that you had to struggle with letting it go as many who were lifetime Christians must. It can be a difficult ordeal, and I know this from personal experience. But, thankfully for you, you were not indoctrinated into the religion from birth. I am glad for you, and am especially glad you saw through it so quickly and dumped the religion in the trash heap wher
  8. BarnOwl, It’s the God of the Bible you are having a difficult time with. Frankly, I must say that taking the Bible as a whole, I think one must really jump through some difficult theological hoops to find the God of that book sympathetic to homosexuality. Some do it and I am glad that they can remain a part of the Christian faith if that makes them happy. But to me, the negative passages in the Bible toward homosexuality demonstrates its human (not divine) origins because the Biblical view does not take into account the strong evidence that people do not choose to be gay any mor
  9. Then by all means begin the process of bringing a halt to your suffering. Leave that which is not based in reality for that which is. Leave that false religion behind you with due haste and we will be here to help bring you through it.
  10. Welcome! Glad you’re here. I look forward to hearing more from you.
  11. Yes, this is the struggle I saw in your OP. If I understand your struggle, there are two things that you want, but in your mind, you cannot have both. So the struggle is whether to remain a Christian but not act on your natural desires as a gay man, suppress it, in other words, or give up Christianity and express your true self in the sense of being gay. Don’t make life any more difficult than it already is. If you still like Christianity and don’t want to give that up, then by all means, don’t. There are denominations out there that are very gay friendly, perform gay weddings,
  12. Welcome BarnOwl (cool name!). Glad you came to ExC to let it out and talk about the things that are bothering you. It sounds like there are two issues with which you are struggling. The first is coming out as gay. The second is coming out after leaving the Christian faith behind. i have some thoughts on this, but I am curious as to where you see these two issues intersecting in a way that, from my reading, you could hardly separate them. i ask this in a friendly and nonjudgmental manner and look forward to your response.
  13. It sounds like you got involved with a good group. So glad you had a positive experience.
  14. So sorry you are feeling such angst. The truth is that “blasphemy” is like “hell” in that neither exists. Try and get your mind off of such things and onto the excitement of meeting a group whom you understand and who understand you because all of you have been through the religious-related problems. You just might help some of those people and some of them just might help you to cope, too. Drop the thoughts of the non-existent so-called sin of blasphemy, and turn them to how exciting that meeting will be.
  15. Agreed. John is much more like the Jewish approach except for eternal life for believers. That was the author’s incentive for people to join the Christian movement.
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