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  1. Well, at least you have finally exposed your true intentions. You are clearly evangelizing. It is obvious because if you were truly seeking information to write some sort of study or report or whatever you claimed to be doing, then all you had to do was read some of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of posts in which many here posted their heartfelt extimonies. Your refusal to do that was the first, though oblique, indication that you had ulterior motives. Additionally, in your two new threads (one of which has been closed) all you do is quote scripture, a stunt obviously designed to bring us
  2. Let's hope we never find out the answers to the questions posed in the OP.
  3. When my Dad died several months ago, the preacher, who was the son of his lady friend, proclaimed that Dad was in heaven now looking down upon us. Setting aside the fact that there is no heaven and looking only at Christian doctrine, my father surely was not in Christian heaven. He rejected Christianity and all religions his whole life and this never changed up until he died. That statement was meant to be a comfort to the living. In that sense, it was a sort of kindness to Dad's survivors. However, I couldn't help but laugh in my mind knowing that if Dad could somehow have known what was
  4. Welcome, JohnK. Very interesting ex-timony. Your title says it all, "The Bible is no Longer Worthy of my Faith." How true. In fact, it is only through faith that anyone can actually accept the bible as having any real significance. Faith is the enemy because it ensnares and blinds the faithful. Congratulations on your ability to see the truth...
  5. Instead of "looking for a way to disprove the Bible," try searching for the truth with as open-minded an attitude as you are capable of achieving. Search, read, and study very carefully and openly and let the chips fall where they may. From your post it is obvious that you are not searching for the truth because you impose your own rules: So here, you display the fact that you have already made up your mind that contradictions do not carry any weight for you so you have a preconceived notion about them. Here, you impose restrictions on arguments against the physical resurre
  6. The quotes just go to show that the real driving force behind Christianity is faith. And faith, once attained, can and does blind the faithful (I know this from personal experience). I noticed a few posts about the lack of mega churches in the north (since I am southern, I took notice of those statements). According to this website, it does not appear that mega churches are just a southern thing. Rather, they are a national thing: http://hirr.hartsem.edu/cgi-bin/mega/db.pl...p;ID=*&sb=5
  7. Yes, an extremely sad story. I applaud your empathy for the man.
  8. You are right to be proud of your son. Sounds great! Best of luck in dealing with your family, but if someone said that my daughter was headed straight for hell, I would immediately show them what hell on earth is like!!
  9. Think again about fundies. They maintain that the bible is the literal truth. If it were absolutely proven that Jesus never existed, it would cause quite a stir among fundies because they would be forced at least to consider that they were wrong. There would have been no virgin birth, no miracles, no crucifixion, no resurrection and thus no sacrifice to save their souls from hell. Sure, some would probably overcome it by saying things like Satan planted a deception, but I'll bet that many of them would finally be forced to face the truth that Christianity is a false religion. I think it w
  10. They were obviously afraid of the lightening strike which was sure to come. Interesting that the teacher admitted that god "murdered" the Egyptians. Though he probably did not realize it, by admitting it was murder he also admitted that god wrongfully took a life. Here's the definition of murder from Black's Law Dictionary (Fifth Edition): "The unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought, either express or implied." Thus, since the teacher admitted that god committed murder, he admitted that what god did was unlawful and, therefore, wrong. Of course, I am su
  11. I know a person who is not religious who started a wonderful charitable service which has been very successful. He made some presentations in various churches (and other places, too). He said that he was surprised that the Christian groups were wholly unimpressed whereas non-Christian groups were very impressed. I explained to him that from a Christian perspective nothing is as important as saving someone from hell and that that is the basis for most Christian charitable endeavors. So, if, as an atheist, you are "doing good" it is to no end, but if a Christian "does good" it is for an impo
  12. If a government has the power to outlaw religion, then that same government could assert the power to force religion on the unwilling. Keep government out of the arena - completely.
  13. There are probably some Christians who would develop a negative view of bible god if they were shown his true portrait as painted in the Old Testament. After all, most Christians never really study their own bible. Rather, they just listen to what their pastor or priest quotes and then go on their merry way happy in their faith. However, what makes me doubt that enlightening Christians to the atrocities that bible god committed (though he really committed no atrocities since he does not exist) would result in deconversions to any great extent is the old standby excuse that Jesus changed all
  14. I had a discussion with someone yesterday concerning "God's judgment on America." Their theme was that the U.S. has become so wicked, so corrupt, so evil that God will surely be judging us harshly very soon. This generally means that there will be some sort of harsh punishment inflicted upon us by bible god. I think back during 9/11 when I heard more than one Christian say that the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the hijacking of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was all a judgment from god because of our wickedness. Even though I was a Christian then, I never bou
  15. Welcome to freedom and welcome to the site.
  16. I saw the Discovery channel special and read the book which came out about it as well. They make an interesting case based primarily on the odds of that particular set of names being entombed together in a family tomb. In my opinion, the case they make is not strong enough. If they were able to obtain DNA samples and show the family relationships then that would add to their claim, but that is impossible since, as I recall, there was no DNA available from the ossuary with Jesus' name on it. Still, what they found is interesting and is at least some, though by itself not convincing, evidenc
  17. Lastking, while you may have lost your belief in a god and that is a terribly disappointing thing, try focusing on the positive aspects. You have also lost your belief in satan, demons, and hell. While many Christians see satan and demons around every corner just waiting to ensnare every human being in their sinister traps so those "lost souls" will ultimately be doomed to an eternity of hell, you do not. You are free of such trappings. You do not have to cry at night out of fear that your non-Christian children are doomed to an eternity of fire and brimstone. You do not see a judgmental,
  18. Welcome, Jabbrwokk. I hope your children are doing well. I am sure it was painful to have gone through the early births and your son being born without a left hand. Such real life experiences, though exceedingly difficult and none of us want them, do tend to peel away the layers into which we wrap ourselves. There are so many promises in the Bible, particularly the New Testament, which have proven themselves to be lies. For example, John 14:13-14: "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will
  19. The thing that stood out the most to me in your post was that your father is agnostic and never really bought into religion. Apparently, a family member not sharing your mother's religious beliefs is not a "deal breaker" in terms of her personal realtionships. She appears to be disappointed in your deconversion, but, based on her continued relationship with your father, that apparently does not mean that she does not love you. My guess is that she needs time to adjust, but I'll bet your deconversion doesn't diminish her love for you. If what I am saying is true, then you and your mother ha
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