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  1. Things were quite confusing for that second generation, with the children not quite knowing what to call their parents. But things became much better with the third generation since it was only cousins having children with their cousins, with a few exceptions I am sure. But then the flood came along and fixed all of that because God could start over with two generations rather than just one and the marrying of the third generation could start out immediately with cousins (well, most of the time, anyway). But then the problem with inbreeding began with the animals, but somehow God took care
  2. Obviously, Adam and Eve were fruitful and multiplied real, real fast and Cain married one of his sisters but that was okay back then because people lived to be 700 or 800 years old and their genes were pure and there would be no genetic problems caused by inbreeding. You just have to read between the lines, you see.
  3. Sorry you didn't take to the movie. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. Actually, the reason I avoided it so long was because I thought it would be one of those "Rocky" type of movies only substitute a female boxer. I must say that I was caught completely off guard for what awaited me in that movie.
  4. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. You can read more about it here, as well as see the trailer. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405159/ I watched it on Netflix. I had seen it come up as a recommendation several times, but wasn't too interested in watching a movie about boxing. Last night I thought what the heck and began watching. It captured me. The actors include some of the best, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman (who also narrates with that great voice of his) and Hillary Swank who was no less than brilliant. It is a riveting movie. Whoever watches it or
  5. Your situation involves family issues and so is not just about whether to support financially a cause that does what you view as good things (education, in this case) as well as evangelism. Personally, so long as I were convinced that the primary focus of the schools your mother is involved with is providing education to children who might not otherwise get as good an education as your mother's work provides, I'd support it financially for the sake of family peace. The heavier that evangelism falls into the equation, the less likely I would be to support the school work, even with family inv
  6. This discovery is one of the strangest things I have ever heard of. As BAA explained so well (thanks, BAA), it is the irregularity of the dimming of the star that strongly suggests that whatever it is, it is not a natural phenomenon, or at least not a natural phenomenon we understand. It seems that for the first time we are confronted with at least possible significant evidence of some sort of artificial something, and the word artificial must mean constructed in some way by an intelligent entity or entities. This possibility is quite intriguing, and I will confess, it gives me a chill,
  7. Welcome to ExC, wittyusername. I can relate to every word you typed and every emotion you feel right now. I so clearly remember coming to my senses after a long inner struggle and finally accepting that which I didn't want to accept as the truth - that Christianity was a false religion. It was also important for me that those I was close to at least acknowledge that I was truly a Christian. I knew with every fiber of my being screaming out in the emotional pain I was barely enduring that at least my devotion and love for Christ had been real, even though that to which I had been devoted
  8. And that video about sums up Christianity, of which his church is the largest part. All slight of hand, cheap tricks to keep the faithful and capture more victims!
  9. Thank you for the welcome. But why am I labeled as "authentic Christian believer"? I am not sure why you are so labeled. I will check into it.
  10. Oh, I beg your forgiveness for failing to welcome you to ExC. Welcome, I note with intrigue that you're not a Christian, but you follow the Old Testament. It will be interesting to explore what you mean by this.
  11. It is evil not to believe there is a god? How so?
  12. Okay, but why the devil? Why not think it was something good that happened? Something like that had you made a purchase then you would have done so and so and had you done so and so something bad would have happened. Therefore, somebody must have been looking out for you by preventing that bad thing from happening. Why not attribute it to a poltergeist? Or to an angel. Or to a pixie. Or to a fairy...... My point is that if it was the timing that made you think of the devil having possibly caused your problems, it was in reality your mind simply choosing one of many nonexistent en
  13. The devil did not cause the problem with your Walmart card. You are making a false association. What is going on to cause you.to have such problems in the face of a fairly routine technological hiccup?
  14. I've never read anything like that before. The thing that gets to me about something like that is that those poor folks who don't have all the good things are the ones that God ignored. Or worse yet, their faith was not strong enough.... Thanks for sharing that, Margee.
  15. You are an adult. You have a right to whatever documents you want access to. You can easily get a certified copy of your birth certificate by contacting your Stare's bureau of vital statistics or whatever it is called in your state. It's an application, a small fee, and you'll have it in a few weeks. Same thing for your Social Security card. Simply report it as lost and get another copy. The personal documents are a simple, routine thing.
  16. Hi, miamia, and welcome to exc. when I read your forum name, I immediately thought of the once popular song by Abba entitled Mama Mia. That song is dancing through my head right now and I may be stuck with it for the rest of the day. LOL On to more serious matters. Some of what you have disclosed about yourself could be a good gauge for how your family members will react to you when you tell them your true feelings toward Christianity. You say you have a son and you live with your fiancée. That means you are living with him without being married. That is a big no-no for many Christ
  17. Any culture that embraces even the notion of "honor" killing, enables murderers to justify a heinous crime. The very concept of an "honor" killing is abhorrent!
  18. Obviously, not all religious leaders are sexual predators, but positions of trust like being a pastor, priest, or rabbi do attract some sexual predators because many parents trust them so much and give them unguarded, free access to their children.
  19. Welcome to ExC, you've come to the right place to discuss your issues. Most people on ExC will know where you're coming from. Like you, there was a time that I could not imagine myself not believing all the same things you did. Leaving the faith is especially difficult when your family, friends and other loved ones are so strongly a part of Christianity as you have described. I will be brutally honest with you and tell you that there is a good chance that if/when you tell them, there will be a strong emotional response that will be very difficult on you and on them. That's not always t
  20. My theory is that all these rapture prophecies are true and they have all occurred as predicted. It's just that each time Jesus has announced the rapture, he never finds anyone qualified to go with him so he puts if off yet again until one day he gets lucky. I think tomorrow will be yet another Jesus fail! Maybe next time!!
  21. Consider the damage the parent does to his family for seeking this extra-judicial "Justice". How much good would this person be to his family locked up in prison while the family is now having to cope with this prison term in addition to the harm done by the perpetrator. Is that really a smart thing to do???
  22. Sounds like a good movie. I checked for it in Netflix and they said it was unavailable for streaming. I hope they make it available for streaming soon.
  23. That is obviously a produced video with actors and a script. As has already been pointed out, the premise is just plain stupid. What's really disturbing, though, is the last half of the video. There appears to be a serious public service announcement about measures to take to prevent your infant from dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Right when this advice appears to be about to come, a clip from the preceding Dentist video comes on telling the viewer to Just ask him, meaning just ask God to prevent your child from dying of SIDS. Sheesh!!
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