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  1. If you were smoking weed with your dad (which seems to be what you were saying), then I don't expect that he is going to condemn you for no longer being a believer. He seems very open and comfortable with his daughter whatever she believes or doesn't believe.
  2. So sorry for the loss of your mother in law. Thinking if you in your time of grief. (((((Hug)))))). From your friend

  3. So sorry to hear this, Leo. I will be thinking positive thoughts about you and your wife, hoping that all goes well.
  4. That movie, as bad as I am sure it was, portrays Christianity in its absurdity. A man who does much good goes to hell for not believing in Jesus, while a serial killer goes to heaven only because he believes, having said the sinner's prayer. That's one messed up view.
  5. I guess Jesus was wrong when he referred to God as, "Our Father who art in heaven..." And I wonder how a female God could impregnate the Virgin Mary. Another miracle, I guess.
  6. I totally agree with FTNZ on this! It is good advice. Besides, with your head in a swirl now, now may not be a good time to try and explain things to your children.
  7. Fascinating story. I have never had that experience of raising a wild bird as you and your wife did. My biggest surprise is the voracious appetite of that little bird. The bird parents have a full time job just keeping their young fed. Your story inspires me to put out a bird feeder because I know there are a good number of bird pairs in the trees and bushes in and around my house. I am sure the parents Ppreciate any help with the feeding. Thanks for sharing the details of this story. I have enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. Also, I think you gave solid advice on the i
  8. I have been thinking more about this beautiful thread. Some years ago, a friend did something similar. He and his family rescued a baby bird that had fallen from the nest and, like you, their goal was to eventually return it to live a natural life in the wild. They cared for it, helped it learn to fly, helped it learn the natural foods to eat, and when the time was right, just like you, they set it free. I remember my friend told me that the bird returned periodically. They were so happy to see that it had found a mate and raised several seasons of chicks to adulthood. I wish the same fo
  9. There is little sadder than seeing a baby bird fallen from its nest So glad the two of you rescued them and very happy one has survived. It looks like a baby Robin. Am I correct? Having been taken care of like that, she has the very best chance to make it on her own. Such a happy story.
  10. Try thinking about and understanding the true identity of the powerful person in your head with whom you had a relationship. It was not Jesus. It was the brainwashing that put that false identity on it. It was, of course, yourself all along. You are that powerful person. So don't try to get rid of it. Rather, embrace it for who it really is and get to know yourself all the better.
  11. Hi, Ravenstar, I like the way you are being proactive in trying to get business. That will be very helpful to you. Here are a few things I have learned over the years. Some of these have already been addressed by others. 1. Make sure you have a written agreement which spells out the details. Some of those details should be to describe what you will be doing, the total cost of the work and payment schedule (i.e., 50% at the signing and the remaining 50% upon completion of the job), whether there is a warranty and the time limit on the warranty, and start date and estimated compl
  12. Atheists are hated by many serious adherents of the Abrahamic religions because they challenge the core belief of all three religions - the very existence of their God. It's not just challenging some peripheral doctrine like whether babies should be baptized. Rather, it goes right for the jugular. Since they can't refute what the atheist says because they have no proof that their God actually exists, they attack the atheist personally. In so doing, the religionists unwittingly admit their inability to refute logical and rational arguments.
  13. Welcome to ExC, Becky. You've had quite a journey. A number of people on ExC have or have had fears of end-times. You may want to look through this thread if it will be of any help to you. http://www.ex-christian.net/topic/44234-top-ten-reasons-not-to-fear-biblical-end-times-scenarios/#.VVM4kRj3arU Try posting that topic in ExChristian Life. You should have access to that forum.
  14. Welcome to ExC, Becks, You are here with a whole bunch of former hard core Christians. It can be difficult adjusting to a post Christian life. Just remember that you and the rest of us were brainwashed in a way in that religion. It takes time to readjust one's thinking. Time is your best friend and the great healer. As for purpose in life, there are many really great purposes. Choose one and enjoy it. It can be anything from learning new things to reading books to children to growing flowers in a garden and anything else you choose. It's your life and your choice.
  15. I have been to Halifax, Quebec, Toronto, and Victoria, BC. I love it every time I go there. Beautiful country and beautiful people. They also have one of the coolest flags in the world.
  16. So sorry about these difficulties. I am sure your love for one another is what carries both of you through each day.
  17. Losing one's faith, or deconversion, is difficult enough on its own. But when only one of the couple who previously shared their faith as the "glue" of the marriage begins losing their faith and the other hangs on, it can make life miserable for both. That common element is gone. The one losing faith may see the Christian spouse as being unknowingly enslaved to a false and harmful religion while the Christian spouse sees the one losing faith as succumbing to Saran's lies and being in danger of hell's fire. Sometimes the two can find a compromise. I hope you and your husband can work it ou
  18. “Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.” ― Christopher Hitchens, The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever
  19. Welcome to ExC, MightyLikely. I enjoyed reading your creatively written testimonial. I especially enjoyed your interpretation of Van Gogh's painting of the night sky. I assume the attached painting is the one to which you refer. The group into which you were born which were awaiting end-times must have had a big impact on your life. Many ExChristians come here with lingering end-time fears. I hope you have come to terms with any such issues. Continue seeing the music and hearing the light as it seems to have served you well.
  20. Welcome to ExC, RA. Congratulations on the birth of your son. So sorry to hear of the miscarriage. I hope that you eventually meet and become friends with like minded "godless" folks. But you always have ExC where those who rejected Christianity congregate to support each other.
  21. What blows me away about consciousness is how non-living matter can, over a great length of time, come together eventually to form a creature which is self aware. In other words, non-living matter eventually became self-aware or conscious through the living creatures that came into existence and evolved from it. Just mind boggling!
  22. You ask a perfectly valid question. It is not a matter of one's sanity in accepting the NT despite knowing that parts were added throughout the years. Nor is it a matter of intelligence. There are many sane and highly intelligent Christians. Some refer to it as cognitive dissonance. I call it faith. As did I for years, many Christians take faith as the highest virtue of all. The faith is that Jesus is Lord and savior and was revealed to us by a combination of the Bible, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and the testimonies of other Christians. If something challenges that belief, a fa
  23. Welcome, Marie, glad you're here. I see that it has only been a few days since you accepted that you are no longer a Christian. I remember quite clearly the day I finally rejected Christianity some seven years ago, now. I went to bed wondering if I would be a different person when I woke up the next morning. That next morning I was pleased to learn that there were no dramatic changes - I wasn't some evil serial killer now that I had rejected Christianity. LOL. Give yourself time to come to terms with your new life free from Christianity. You have a group of people here, many of w
  24. Anyone who owns a good Bible is well aware that certain passages were added later. Such Bibles have an editorial comment inserted just before the later added passage begins to inform the reader that verses so and so are not present in the earliest and most reliable manuscripts. If your family has such a Bible, and they are quite readily available, then, assuming they read it, they are aware that the passages were added later. Such additions are no secret and are not being hidden from anyone. When I was a hardcore Christian, I was well aware of such additions. Christians may handle thes
  25. Welcome to ExC, DirtyBird2. You wrote a very interesting deconversion story. Thank you for sharing it. I think it was a good thing for you to have gone to that Pentecostal church because it gave you a way to begin to compare probably one of the most fundamental aspects of Christianity. If two or more denominations cannot even agree on how one is saved, it is not the fault of the denominations. Rather, the fault is much deeper. The fault is with the Bible because each denomination can and does point to various scriptures to support their viewpoints. That means that the Bible, itsel
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