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  1. Why are there so many stupid people in the world? Oh well, I can't change them but I can change me.

  2. Ahhh Max and Ruby, your monosyllabic adventures make me laugh so.

  3. Celebrating Canada Day by consuming a lot of Gibsons 12 year Canadian whiskey. Wonderful stuff. The parade was cool too. I'm proud to be Canadian!

    1. hereticzero


      I drink GlenMerangie Scotch.

    2. Denyoz


      I'm celebrating Canada Day drinking Budweiser in New York :/

    3. Melancholy


      Me too! I love Canada!

  4. Back after a four-month hiatus, I see not a lot has changed around here!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. blackpudd1n


      Don't forget the four cats we rescued that are lounging around in the rooftop garden, Akheia!

    3. Dagan


      There's a rooftop garden eh.... I must check this out. Where is the beer.

    4. blackpudd1n


      Uh, I think Astreja has been minding the beer...

  5. I understand the DMCA issue with reposting articles, but the warning on the front page is insultingly heavy-handed. How about a FAQ like the one Chilling Effects uses.

  6. I just skimmed through "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven" in 20 minutes. What a bunch of baloney. Poor kid. Maybe he had dreams in a coma, but guilt-ridden dad made it into a money-making opportunity.

  7. is back. It's been a while. How are my super sexy smartie heathen friends.

    1. Realist


      Good to see you back Dagan!

    2. ConureDelSol


      I have no clue who you are but HI!


    3. ilovemybrain


      Since I am the smartest and sexiest I assume you mean me. I am fine. Thanks for askin' ;)

  8. Hey hey hey! :) I love me some fish god...

  9. What is an iles flottantes?

    1. openpalm45


      It's a french desert, translated as The floating island. Its a very simple and fun recipe. You just need sugar, eggs, vanilla, and milk.

  10. My son was so sick the past few days and still is. I feel a father's anguish over my inability to do anything. Except unlike the god of the bible, I actually comforted my son and try to alleviate his suffering.

  11. It's a beautiful day and I am.... stuck inside.

    1. ilovemybrain


      And your avatar has no dick. Can this day get any worse?!

    2. Dagan


      lol. Guess it can't.

  12. Hey, thanks for sharing your story! All I can say is commit yourself to reading the bible cover to cover, like you would read any textbook. Subject it to literary criticism. Use your common sense while reading and see if there is really a god worth serving in there. Most of all, know you are not alone. Many of us have cried in the wee hours of the night wondering if we were condemned to hell simply for questioning what our minds could not believe. Know that you are not condemned. You are free.
  13. Hey folks... it's Lewis Carrol's favourite nonsense monster here. I have a creepy Internet stalker (for reals) and have changed my ex-c identity to protect myself. You should see the change in your friends list, you can PM me if you don't know who the hell I am!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dagan


      yes honestly it's not brain I am worried about :)


    3. noob


      That sounds creepy! I'm sorry to hear it.

    4. Dagan


      Thanks noob. If anyone wants to hear the details PM me... the creepy stalker is work-related.

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