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    musician, non-believer who enjoys reading about religious history and current affairs

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  1. dedicated to Vicki Pollard, the most beautiful woman in Britain

  2. Your picture was a little bit of a surprise after seeing the one you use on the exchritian site. Somehow i pictured you looking more like one of those crystal ball readers, but i can see from your picture here that you look very "normal" (whatever that means to you). Anyhow, thanks for all the good reading you provided in your posts on the other site.

  3. As a nonX, non ExX i feel like i'm a little abnormal here in the forums, but i do enjoy reading your comments (mostly seen them on the exchristian site). Somehow i never caught the Xtian virus, in spite of exposure to it growing up, but i've been fascintated by Xtianity and its origins for a long time. Keep up the good work.

  4. The coolest person on earth? Well, no one's perfect, but i do enjoy reading your posts on the Forum.

  5. And here's one of my favorite nun jokes (and there are so many to chose from!). Two nuns decide to go out for a bike ride. Every time they go down a hill one of them screams in delight, "Wheeeeeee, wheeeeee!" Finally, the other nun can't take it anymore. "Sister Marie, if you don't stop that you'll have to put the seat back on next time!"
  6. There are some great jokes here, i'll admit. I'm tired and i need to go to bed, but i was hoping to find more sacrilegious jokes. Anyhow, here's my contribution: A leper who has suffered for many years is desperate for a cure, so one day a friend suggests he go to a church where there are relics of a saint noted for his healing miracles. As he enters the church he begins praying, but his fingers start falling off one by one as he begins to approach the altar. After a few more steps one whole arm falls off. He starts praying with even more fervor. "Please, oh Lord, help me!" Another arm falls off, but he continues up the aisle. Suddenly a leg falls off. Although he is having great difficulty getting closer to the altar, he keeps on praying in hopes of a miracle. By the time he struggles up to the altar there is little left of his body but the trunk and a stump and he is barely able to call out with his last bit of strength, "Why, oh Lord, why? A booming voice comes from behind the altar. "There's just something about you that pisses me off!"
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