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    Stillwater, OK
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    Eating babies
    Clubbing seals
    Stealing childrens souls
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    Raised evangelic (Tongue talking, Spirit Filled etc..) Came to my senses in the Marine Corps and later in college. I think it should be a strong clue to xtians that if you have to create an organization called 'Apologetics' then there's something fundementally wrong with your theology.

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    What are we cave men?
  1. Hans is shrinking away. He now only represents 1/5th of my kingdom.

  2. Yeah...I'm popular. I'm like the Jonas Bros. all of a sudden. Four friends :)

  3. You now have four. What is meant by four? Hmmm... HA!

  4. Just sent you a request to be Partners.

  5. This is pathetic...I only have two friends? Geesh....

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