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    Raised evangelic (Tongue talking, Spirit Filled etc..) Came to my senses in the Marine Corps and later in college. I think it should be a strong clue to xtians that if you have to create an organization called 'Apologetics' then there's something fundementally wrong with your theology.

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  1. "Overcome Faith" - read Bart Ehrman's "Jesus Interrupted". You are just now scratching the surface of what a lot of scholars have known for many years. Good luck on your journey. R.O.
  2. Soul? What soul? We were souled out to a lie - natural soulless creatures. Sorry to break the news to you, I know, finding out we have no eternal "soul" is probably worse than finding out there is no Santa (yup, he's a myth too). Hey RationalOKie, I know you KNEW that and you were merely pointing out, in a funny way, how the Fundies react, but forgive me for giving my usual response (no Santa, no Soul, no Shit). No....(sigh)....Santa? YOU BASTARD!
  3. Oh Yah, well where does your 'SOUL' go? ( sorry...couldn't resist sounding like the trolls )
  4. Reading the Bible did lead me down the spiral toward disbelief, though reading about it's history afterward by accident (while looking for other religions), just finished any possibility of ever becoming a christian again. It wasn't even the only thing, there was a few things that sealed the deal. Learning that Judaism is a sect of Canaanite paganism that was syncretized with Babylonian and Persian religions was a real eye opener. So much for the canaanite genocide, they were canaanites. Though it made it hard to remain a mesopotamian pagan as well. Who would want to worship any god with any association with Yahu/Yah/Yaw? Does anyone realize that the YHWH is actually the feminine of YHW? That's good stuff. I'm an avid reader do you have any recommendations on the whole Canaanite paganism 'thingy'?
  5. I knew something didn't add up. People don't walk on water, rise from the dead, cause blind people to see and zombies don't pop out of the ground in Jerusalem around 30 AD and go unnoticed by Non-Christian scholars that were writing there at the time. Then....I received a world class education in science. When a church person dives into science they finally understand how precarious their precious ‘miracle’ claims really are. Science doesn’t allow outrageous statements to go unchallenged. Science doesn’t suffer superstition or care about your personal feelings or emotional experiences. Science is a cold dark place concerned only with facts, figures, repeatable experiments, and peer reviews. Better yet, science is always prepared to state that a theory is possibly …gasp…wrong. You can have all the mushy gushy feelings you want about your god, but science could give two squirts of piss about your subjective funny feelings. I sometimes felt funny when I climbed the gym rope at school, but I never turned it into a religion. Finally....I read all of Bart Ehrman books. I read the Epic of Gilgamesh, The book of Gates, The book of the Dead, The Egyptian Gods by Alan Shorter, Atheist Universe by David Mills, Several Walter Budge books on Egyptian gods. Bottom line, none of the bible is original. Not it's creation stories, flood stories, and neither are it's gods and virgin born sons of gods. All of them are predated by earlier Mesopotamian, Summaritan & Egyptian stories.
  6. Hans is shrinking away. He now only represents 1/5th of my kingdom.

  7. Yeah...I'm popular. I'm like the Jonas Bros. all of a sudden. Four friends :)

  8. You now have four. What is meant by four? Hmmm... HA!

  9. Just sent you a request to be Partners.

  10. This is pathetic...I only have two friends? Geesh....

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