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  1. It's somewhat comical to observe the whole "faith vs evidence" conundrum in Christians. They know they have no evidence upon which to base their faith, and yet they are very insecure without this evidence. It's not the unbeliever they are trying convince, but themselves. They seek desperately to prove that they are rational adults, and not deluded nitwits like those OTHER clowns in those "false" religions. Christianity, they say, has "evidence that demands a verdict." Whereas those OTHER people are deceived followers of a false god, whose faith isn't founded in the TRUTH...like the Chr
  2. I'm still around. I blow through these parts infrequently to see if anyone has provided a miracle. Gee, what a surprise. No miracle yet.
  3. So all you can do is throw insults instead of address the point? ....... A-hem! Speaking of addressing the point... Why is it that every time I return to check the status of MY thread I find that it's been hi-jacked by some troll spouting nonsense?!? Once again: THIS thread is for Christians to show us a MIRACLE, thus providing evidence that what they say about god/Jesus is true. And failing that, simply shut the fuck up and go away. Don't throw childish temper tantrums and stamp your little feet, accusing the big, bad atheists of being liars and deceivers who won't believe "eve
  4. So, not only do you NOT have a miracle, you have the audacity to call me a liar and an idiot. Typical "Christian" behavior. When confronted with a challenge, deflect and dodge the issue, then insult the unbeliever. Precisely the response I expected when I began this thread, so I'm not at all disappointed, nor surprised. end3, go back to church and suck off your pastor, you posturing jack-ass. It's Christians like you who give your religion it's bad name and remind us all how "blessed" we are not to be counted one of you...idiot. [Funny. I just wrotet a post in another thread where
  5. Okay. I checked it out. At least I read the opening page. That sampling was more than sufficient for me to come to a conclusion and an observation. 1. I don't believe that you do "understand where I'm coming from". If you did, you'd be an atheist and quit attempting to defend an ancient and despicable mind virus. Your particular "ministry" is no different than every other fear-mongering, opportunistic, predatory Bible-thumper's. "Times are bad. The world is in the grip of Satan. We don't have much time left. Turn to Jesus. This has been a recording." Give me a break. 2. On
  6. I'm seriously thinking of asking to become a moderator, or whatever, so I can have access to IP addresses. This way I can hunt down people like this who post bullshit on my threads, then torture and kill them. I clearly stated in my OP that I wanted to read NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! Give me a miracle or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! If you've got nothing but excuses, then DON'T POST A FUCKING WORD. Just keep moving. Don't waste my time. Keep your bullshit rationalizations to yourself. I've heard and read them ALL before. Fuck! Now I've got to go out to a biker bar and kill a random human just
  7. Wow. We're approaching the 2-year anniversary of this thread, and I'm still getting THIS shit for a reply? You don't read or comprehend much, do you? You've put up nothing. I asked for a miracle and you give me the same tired excuses. With a side order of insult. ("Fool.") Don't give me bullshit excuses. Don't give me links to your favorite Christian site that spews hate and hackneyed drivel instead of answers (proof). And most of all, don't prance in here full of the arrogance of the Pharisees, slinging bullshit bible verses around, and then run away as if you've proven anyth
  8. Open_Minded, I apologize for my unresponsive hiatus, but know that our discussion has not been far from my twisted mind. Several times within the past two days I made ready to respond, but I didn’t like the content or tone of any of my prospective posts (about 20), and so I decided to back away from my keyboard, deal with other shit that annoys me (Life) and then return with fresh eyes. You asked a question of me that gave me more cause to think than even your explanation of your beliefs. You asked me why I get pissed off at you for calling yourself “Christian.” Damned good qu
  9. Staff "spoiled" as per ground rules of this Peanutting. Grinch, need for you to not participate in side debate/discussions while you and opponent(s) are involved in yours. kL
  10. Again, lots o' words, O_M. Allow me to take out my machete and cut through the vines to get to The Point... You seem to delight in causing people to think. THAT appears to be your overarching goal for using "Christian." Well, THAT is simply nonsense. By introducing yourself as a "contemplative", or "gnostic", or "universalist", OR "atheist" (as you noted) you will achieve those same ends. People will be FORCED to question and engage their brains. So what purpose does it TRULY serve to add the word "Christian"? From my vantage point, you've only added confusion. For example...You
  11. O_M and sojourner: I read though your posts (again), and I’m prepared to make a statement. So many thoughtful replies. It’s unfortunate that none of them are on point. Maybe it’s my fault for being unclear. Doubtful, but I’ll try again. This time I’ll use an analogy. It’s TOTALLY unfair and over the top, but it gets my point across. I’ll assume for the sake of argument that we are all familiar with Nazi Germany and the Swastika? Goodie. What if today there were some Germans who sought to rehabilitate the image of the German people by having a Nazi revival?
  12. Sojourner, That was quite the lengthy reply. Kudos for the sincere effort, but shame on you for making me read a novel. Now my eyes hurt. I will reply in BRIEF (yeah, right!) to what I perceived to be the overall theme of your missive, and return another time in an attempt to deal with other assorted single issues you've raised. (Or maybe not. They may not be relevant.) In essence, you received some sort of epiphany -- understanding that all mankind is worthy of your love and you've decided to treat everyone with respect. Goodie for you. One problem: Why did you ASSUME and
  13. Sojourner, greetings. This will be our first confrontation, but I've been keeping an eye upon your musings, so I feel I "know" you somewhat. Like my old nemesis, Open_Minded, I was indeed counting you in my list of CINOs. You seem like a decent sort and I find myself flabbergasted by decent, intelligent people who waste time with absolute nonsense (of ANY sort). I look forward to reading what you have to say in defense of your position. I most assuredly won't agree with it, and will probably tear it to shreds, but I'll make every effort to NOT be abusive in the process. (I usually b
  14. Open_Minded, how have you been, my dear? It's been a while since we've crossed theological swords, hasn't it? Of course I don't mind being called Grinch. Everybody does it. It's who I am at heart anyway. And to answer your query, YES, you're on my "short list" of "Christians In Name Only" (CINO). In fact YOURS was the first name to pop into my head when I was thinking of this thread and I was hoping you'd stop by for a chit chat. You're WAY too intelligent and decent to be sullied with the epithet "Christian" and frankly it pisses me off that you waste your time with such idiocy.
  15. This thread topic is SIMILAR to TexasFreethinker's “Why Do You Remain A Christian?,” yet I think it’s different enough in tone and substance that it warrants it’s own space. My question is not “Why do you remain a Christian?,” but rather “Why do you insist on trying to pass yourself off as a Christian?” (When it’s painfully obvious that you aren’t any sort of “Christian.”) As I learned back when I was a Christian, just because you park your bed in the garage that doesn’t make it a car. You can put a cat in the oven, but that doesn’t make it a biscuit. A
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