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  1. It's somewhat comical to observe the whole "faith vs evidence" conundrum in Christians. They know they have no evidence upon which to base their faith, and yet they are very insecure without this evidence. It's not the unbeliever they are trying convince, but themselves. They seek desperately to prove that they are rational adults, and not deluded nitwits like those OTHER clowns in those "false" religions. Christianity, they say, has "evidence that demands a verdict." Whereas those OTHER people are deceived followers of a false god, whose faith isn't founded in the TRUTH...like the Christian. Yet when asked to provide this evidence they can't do it. Their faith has no foundation other than hope and crossing their fingers. This realization makes them uncomfortable, so they keep seeking evidence that PROVES they aren't deluded. Never understanding that faith and evidence are mutually exclusive. Faith is believing WITHOUT evidence/proof. Where there is evidence there is no need for faith. So bang goes your religion. They're like dogs chasing their own tails, and when they bite it it hurts. It'd be funnier if Christians weren't so dangerous to innocent by-standers.
  2. All good advice. I heartily support the liberal Christian/devil's advocate game plan. Simply pretend to go along with the BS, point out religious inconsistencies, have some fun at their expense and bide your time until you are a free adult. In other words, just live life like any NORMAL teenager suffering under an oppressive parent. When you stop to think about it, your circumstances are no different than EVERY TEEN HUMAN BEING WHO HAS EVER LIVED IN THE HISTORY OF EARTH. I mean, what teen has ever NOT agreed fully with their parents and had to hide the Truth from them until they "grew up"? You're 14 years old. I'm 49 years old. Trust me, speaking as a parent AND a child, I've seen it from BOTH sides. It's normal, expected and even healthy to hide certain facts from your parents. Hell, I'm STILL hiding stuff from my 85-year old mother! Not because I'm afraid of her, but because what I do is none of her damned business. And she sleeps easier this way. Your situation is normal and it's not the end of the world. Grin and bear it. It's the standard parent-child relationship.
  3. TK421, why aren't you writing more posts?

  4. Just say'n hi and to let ya know I miss reading your brilliant minded posts here!! Hope all is well!!

  5. Hello, n00b ex here. I liked some of your earlier posts that I've just read in the FAQs. Just noticed your name and wondered if you ever make it over to GameKnot.com to play chess. Look me up if you would like someone to play against. Same name as here: computerguycj.

  6. I love, Love, LOVE... the New Picture! You're way better lookin then that south park chef you once had as your photo! ;D

  7. Just poppin' into say "Hi". Love your personal photo, looks as though you're thinking "Whyyyy, can't Christians get it...." LOL

  8. Hello oladotun. Welcome to the forums and the world of Free Thought. I won't bother belaboring the excellent points that the others have previously made. I'd just like to congratulate you and encourage you to keep plugging away. We've all been where you're at, so we know how difficult "Faith Exiting" can be. For another source of on-line encouragement and ammunition, may I recommend the link in my signature? It is chock full of excellent articles and videos to help navigate you out of the religious mindfuck -- er, mindFIELD. Toodles!
  9. Hey RubySera, This little talk reminds me that Christians often say, "Pray as if everything depended on God, but work as if everything depended on you." This is their tacit admission that you'd better do it yourself, because there is no God around to help you. Sort of like Ben Franklin's saying of "God helps those who help themselves." (Which SOME Christians think is a Bible verse! ) Which all dovetails neatly with another church teaching I heard years ago. They said that God won't do anything for you, UNTIL you first begin to do something. God doesn't WANT to do it all for you. Everything is a co-operative effort. When you begin to move, that's when God joins you and grants you the strength. If you sit around and wait for God to do something on your behalf, He won't! You must take the lead. WTF?!? This is nothing less than Christians admitting that EVERYTHING we accomplish is done in our own strength, and "God" is simply given the credit for what we achieve. Of course, if we fail then that is OUR fault, not His. What utter and obscene bullcrap. I am SO glad that I managed to escape the looney bin! That's just the sort of pretzel logic that would have screwed me up for life.
  10. Hi RubySera. While I wouldn't go so far as to admit that I "turned my life around through the church", I will say that they did provide a positive community for me to work out my "demons." For that, I am grateful. Yet, I would have to say my turn around was mostly self-care/self-effort, combined with a supportive atmosphere. Precisely the same mechanics that enable the recovering addict during rehab. I'm often quick to point out, before any Christian tries to blow the horn for Christ, that my success story is not unique to Christianity. Mormons, Muslims, Hindus, AA, Drug Rehab and psychotherapists can ALL boast that they have helped people turn lives around. And note for the record that I was already in the process of changing BEFORE I "came to Christ". So no "prayers" nor the "miracle" of the "shed blood of Jesus" had anything to do with things. It really is too bad that the church is so psychotic, because as a helpful community they CAN be a force for great good. If they could simply divest themselves of the perverse need to embrace myths and superstitions and become more humanistic, (man-centered and not god-centered) then they could be a shining beacon of hope.
  11. I see no need to single out Christianity (which is merely pagan mythology applied by Paul to Jesus, who we know little or nothing about.) ALL revealed religions are anti-intellectual, but the one that remains the most primitive is Islam. It's institutionalized mistreatment of women alone puts it in that category, and Muhammed was a known perv on several counts. Beg pardon, but, I "singled out" Christianity, because #1) THAT is the subject of this thread, and #2) As I demonstrated, it has VERSES that specifically cry out against intelligence. And as you will note, I said it is the MOST, not ONLY anti-intellectual religion. I'm an anti-theist, so I forgive NONE of them. Yes, Islam IS fucked up. Most assuredly as much as Christianity. But this isn't a thread about Islam, is it? Which is why I've confined my comments to Christianity. If you want to do a compare and contrast of which is the Worst Religion Of ALL (a moot point), then feel free to do so. That wasn't my intent here. I was just answering the thread topic.
  12. I LOVE my brain. I LOVE my intellect. I may not be the smartest person in the world, but still I treasure my ability to think. Christianity is the MOST anti-intellectual religion on the planet. In Genesis, God curses Adam and Eve for what crime? Eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They dared to get smart and this pissed off God. Later on we see God get pissed again when mankind co-operated to build a high tower in Babel, so he confuses man's language so they can't advance technologically. And in the New Testament Jesus commands that we sabotage our reason and become "as children" to accept what he says. Later on St. Paul says that the "wisdom of man" is at enmity with the "foolishness of God". If Christians had their way, we'd all be stuck in the Stone Age, believing the world was flat and terrified of fire, lightning and sacrificing goats and virgins to please their God. Bottom line: In order to accept BY FAITH Jesus Christ/God, we must be intellectually dishonest, ignore the facts/truth, give ourselves a lobotomy, and become gullible children/sheep. I refuse to do this to myself. I reject anything and everything that doesn't make sense. And I condemn anyone who commands me to gouge out my brain, close my eyes, or just "have faith" to please/believe "God". If Christianity isn't an anti-intellectual religion, then I don't know what is. And this is why I am against it.
  13. Scott, first you give us some cock-and-bull personal laundry list of what YOU say makes a True Christian™. You say that these characteristics MUST be adhered to. And then when HanSolo points out that you DON'T love Jesus enough to sell all your possessions, you A) Claim that you are still growing in this department and B ) Even if you are still growing, it doesn't matter because YOU have a different interpretation of that scripture which means you don't have to comply with it. Standard Kettle Logic at work. You're full of shit, Scott. Why is it that YOU can be "growing" and be not yet perfect, and still be considered a True Christian™, yet you deny the same leeway for your brethren? You judge that others are NOT Christians because they fall short of YOUR Pharisaical rules, (totally unbiblical BTW) yet you give yourself all kinds of loopholes to slither through. You say that going to church doesn't make one a True Christian™? Well, of course YOU'D say this! YOU don't go to church! How handy is that? Scott, you're no True Christian™. You're one of the Pharisees that Jesus warned us all about. Talking shit and judging others. Get bent.
  14. Wrong, wrong, wrong! You couldn't possibly be more wrong. How in the WORLD can you arrogantly state that "Christians have heard every argument in the book"? What, are YOU "God" now? You know this for a fact? Scott, I dare say that YOU haven't even heard every argument in the book. And the few that you have "heard" you summarily dismiss as "worldly wisdom", an "attack from Satan", or a "testing of your faith by God". The utter pointlessness of debate comes from YOUR side of the aisle and your blatant disingenuousness when you don't confess that you have encountered the Truth of our arguments. Have you read this post yet? Why Christians Just Don't Get It I'm not asking for you input or insight on this thread. I'm just curious as to whether or not you READ it. Read both it and the attendant links I provided about Delusion and Compartmentalization. Short and sweet, Scott. You AND White_Raven23 are both correct. It IS pointless debating with a Christian (IF your purpose is to "win" an argument). Christians DON'T listen! However, as WR23 put it, our debates are NOT for the purpose of convincing YOU of anything. We're arguing our position for the benefit of LURKERS who are reading our words. And when YOU make such a dismal showing in the theater of ideas against us, it convinces and sways the LURKER to abandon Christianity as the retarded cult that it is. Glory! So keep those weak-kneed "faith" arguments coming, Scott. The more lame, the better. (For US, that is. )
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