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  1. Our relationship is okay, but he has tons of medical issues, etc... The stress of dealing with him in the hospital all the time is worse than anything else. He's the sort of person that actually grew up atheist and sort of picked up some things from people he was around, but doesn't really know a lot. In my family, I have two athiest cousins, a couple more Pagan, but the rest are really fundie, and a couple are JWs and they really drive me crazy thinking I'm vulnerable to conversion.
  2. I sort of think my husband might already know because I started to refuse to pray, but he responded with "If you don't pray you'll go to Hell, but it's your choice." I really hate being threatened with hell. If you want to know how bad it was, my very fundie grandma raised me, and when I was 18.... Yes I was a legal adult, she found out I was playing Pokemon, yes Pokemon, and she heard on Christian radio it was evil so she literally yelled at me for hiding it from her. The little old lady who is my neighbor is very devote too. With Christian books stacked all over the place, I wonder how much she payed for them all O_O; And I was raised with evolution is so bad that Pokemon is evil partially because Pokemon evolve. In college I dared to study Zoology.... Yeah, I tried defending Noah's ark in a paper I wrote and got a bad grade.
  3. I'm Bird28, who used to come here years ago! What happened to me was I grew up Fundamental Christian and my beliefs were challenged when I went to college. Years down the road I married and still married to someone that is a casual Christian, he believes in prayer and God but well he mostly does what he wants and we don't go to church. But it's still a problem. I really feel like I can't tell him or anyone else I'm not really Christian. Then if there is a God I have resentment that I ended up bipolar and jobless and poor. Anyway I have a Zoology degree so I now understand why Evolution is real... I was raised STRICT and in fear of hell and I'm still hurt. Looking for support.
  4. Now he's saying I misunderstood him when I questioned him again... Now he's saying I should believe what I want... Just don't change him
  5. I'm too bold sometimes, I asked him what would he do if I didn't believe anymore and he said he would stop talking to me...I thought he would be more tolerant. This is a pretty bad situation to be in
  6. Oh, and he ignores parts of the Bible he doesn't like, for example the parts about fornication being wrong, our relationship started with him getting in my pants, so I thought he probably wasn't a very serious Christian.
  7. I already told him I was searching for the truth. He said "read the Bible front to back" then I said " I learned in college the earth is much older than the Bible says and all the animals could not have fit on the ark" he basically said he didn't know about that stuff and went quiet.
  8. I was active on this forum a few years ago. I grew up in a fundie church but going to college in the sciences lead to a long journey here. But... A Christian man was interested in me and he went to a fundie church and I went back to the church and even married the guy (though he actually is more liberal than the church he goes to) now I am having serious doubts about religion again and now I'm married to someone that does not like those doubts... We have a good relationship but now I'm scared of ripping it apart.
  9. cool, another Michigander! Hello

  10. in reply to Dark Lady: kinda south of the detroit metro area but more to the west

  11. My move on Friday is getting closer!

    1. Darklady


      where are you going?

  12. Does anyone want to throw a virtual housewarming party at some point in the chatroom?


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. noob


      I am really happy for you!

    3. bird28


      yeah, I need to plan some sort of virtual party.... not the day I move though since I'll be busy, how about the day before?


  14. I'm so close to getting that apartment!!

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    2. ilovemybrain


      Yeah, what she said!

    3. Overcame Faith

      Overcame Faith

      That'll be a big and important step for you. Best wishes.

    4. Naughtyhamster
  15. Oh, I got denied for SSDI, I got SSI instead

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