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  1. You can see if there is a Unitarian Universalist church near you. It won't be people just like you, but it should be open to your beliefs and you could find other individuals like yourself. UU frequently has christian undertones but in a much more all encompassing way and usually incorporates different religions. I don't know where you are exactly, but in a google search I found one in Wassau and there is a website that lists the groups. http://cmwd-uua.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=172
  2. Between the two of us my husband and I have an 80+ of every class. We started out Horde but lately switched to alliance just because we wanted to play with friends and apparently his lame military friends only want to play ally. My shaman is my favorite and I refuse to change her to ally. My ally main is a druid, then a rogue. I also leveled a hunter and pally but gave them to my husband. I have 2 kids so I don't play obsessively, but its an easy way to pass the time during naps or other play time.
  3. I grew up in the good ol' CoC. I really hated it, but I am grateful for it in some ways. I actually was taught to read the entire bible from a young age and the horrible parts were always well known to me. There isn't really anything about the church or the belief system that made my life better in any way so there was no problem letting it go. I suppose I deconverted initially because of the teachings of hell. My church really emphasized how even other Christians were going to hell so my grandparents, all of my extended family and all of my friends were doomed for hell according to
  4. I find myself sickened by this. The idea that children ought to have their wills broken, submission pounded relentlessly in their heads really disgusts me. I hate it. My parents were not so methodical but 'willful disobedience' was always punished severely. Now that I'm a parent I have to say I don't really know how they did it. I guess I just don't take offense at my kids exercising their will. My 3 year old will throw huge fits and talk back and it doesn't make me mad. I have no desire to hit her. I don't blame her for having emotions. The only time I've physically reprimanded he
  5. But remember, believers kids have at least a 50% leaving rate so I think it evens out on its own
  6. Firstly, my children are 3 and (nearly) 1 so they are a bit young to worry over indoctrination by others. I practice neo-pagan seasonal rituals informally and my 3 year old joins me with a small group on the Air Base sometimes. I have a few mythology books and fairy tales and fables that she likes listening to. There are many ways to go about inoculating kids against religious dogmas and I thought that providing context of mythology at an early age would be a good way to go. If a friend (I answered as though they were in elementary school) or their parents taught my child that I or th
  7. I try to always be sincere about how I present myself. I am more vocal online in that I would certainly not engage in the same conversations with strangers in real life that I do online but that is true of everyone I think. But the tone I try to convey and the things I do say are accurate to who I am online or offline. I don't post as much in the forum but I am in the chat room because I like conversational style better than the more formal set up of the forum. Its very handy for discussions, but I feel like I need to craft my posts in the forum very carefully. I was like that in schoo
  8. I'm pretty sure that Judges 19 (and then on to 20 and 21) is the worst bible story by far. And I actually did read it when i was 8 at least. maybe earlier than that: The tale of the gang rape and dismemberment, leading to murder, war kidnapping and more rape
  9. Lmao there's a video comment on part 5: "New Creationist tactic: Win by making the opposition want to kill themselves" "She's like a robot. A logical, perfectly thought-out and valid argument is presented by the uncannily cool Mr Dawkins, and you can almost see tiny gnomes behind her empty eyes shuffling the pre-programmed response cards before slotting one briskly into the slot and hitting "respond". It's actually quite worrying. Worrying not ONLY because she speaks ONLY bullshit and is utterly vacuous, but because there are many like her. A Gnome-driven army of mindless Godb
  10. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh I'm watching all of it. If that poor man can endure it in life I can endure it with him after the fact. I need to invent swear words for the irritation I now feel. It's worse than "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" and thats something I didn't think was possible. I really haven't seen Dr Dawkins act like a the horrific militant atheist monster he is portrayed as. I think his writing might come off that way if you are defensive about it, but his videos he is impressively patient and calm. And he doesn't know as much about the theolog
  11. I was Church of Christ too. I didn't remember who wrote our booklets, but I found out through a search. James Meadows wrote several of the books we used. They study through the new testament and we also had through for teens in particular: God Speaks to Teenagers vol 2. Also A young woman's walk with God which was not helpful at all for any of the problems I had as a teen. Go figure. We also did the books on other religions and how they are wrong. Cause that's CoC for you. Because the books were older, there wasn't a lot directly talking about homosexuality except as some abstract
  12. Aw Margee I'm glad you shared all this. And I'm glad that you always stuck by your son. Its not always the case as members here can testify. My church was very hard on the 'gay agenda' and often spoke about the hellfire that awaited them. They talked about that for all kinds of things though, I knew as a little kid that pretty much everyone I knew and would ever know would go to hell. My mother-in-law has a gay brother and their church is quite accepting. They go to a liberal United Methodist Church and I'm pretty sure its for the socialization more than anything else. It sounds lik
  13. Yeah the interview in general was a dissappointment. Not like the one on fox with Dan Barker. That was great. But the thing O'Reilly said about the tides just makes me want to go "MAGNETS!!! HOW DO THEY WORK???"
  14. For a fun intro to Taoism that really spoke to me try The Tao of Pooh. That link explains it a bit and its a really cute little book that I simply adore. I'll have to dig mine out now so I can reread it! If he is a sciencey kind of guy he might enjoy books and videos by Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse-Tyson. Its not a religion, but it shows a 'spiritual' side to atheism. I don't know all that much about Buddhism but most my atheist friends enjoy incorporating some aspects of it into their lives.
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