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  1. This kind of stuff can scare me too, but if "malevolent entities" exist, then it proves that voodoo, shamanism, buddhism, hinduism, and many other religions are just as real as xtianity, since they all have demons as part of their mythology. Honestly, the fact that this professor is catholic makes me very suspect. He needs to worry about the "demons" posing as priests and abusing kids in his church.
  2. I can totally relate to all of this. OCD, anxiety (formerly severe but mild now), and Tourette syndrome right here! Woo hoo! Diet, exercise, positive thinking/affirmative prayer, gratitude, medication, meditation and laughter all help immensely.
  3. My answer to Piper as to why I left xtianity is simple: misogyny and homophobia. Oh yeah, and that little thing about being created as a sinner (human), not having a choice in the matter yet being told I "choose" to sin, and being condemned to hell for eternity for simply doing what I was created to do.
  4. I saw this post on my relative's FaceBook page as they were recovering from a severe health scare: "The Lord heard our prayers!" Really? Do these people believe in a deity who has bad hearing? Or who chooses not to intervene unless a certain number of people pray? (I know I'm preachin' to the choir... thanks for letting me rant.)
  5. OMG. I was shocked by the arrogance in his letter and totally blown away by your mature, respectful, thoughtful reply. I hope all goes well for you and your family. Unfortunately, debating people like this rarely works (although you could always guide him to Bart Ehrman's books about the unreliability of the bible). For what it's worth, just keep being loving (especially to yourself). Living well is truly the best revenge. Xtians hate it when we're happy.
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