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  1. Does Hell Scare You....It Does Me

    I hope your son gets better soon.
  2. Evolution is intelligent

    Merely 3 hours ago in his other thread Rose0101 seemed concerned that he may get banned for his views, and by now he's already deleted his own account. Hmmmm.....
  3. Evolution is intelligent

    I'd recommend the book "Why Evolution Is True" by Jerry Coyne. It's a good starting point.
  4. Evolution is intelligent
  5. Evolution is intelligent

    Evolution is a very long and gradual process. You won't see a fish give birth to a mammal. It doesn't work that way. Also, chimps did not evolve into humans, but rather chimps and humans share a common ancestor. You won't be able to see evolution happen by going on a safari. What is known about evolution comes from the fossil record and biology, as well as observations regarding isolated animal populations.
  6. Does Hell Scare You....It Does Me

    Oh. Maybe. He'll have to answer that. I saw the placement of that statement as meaning he asked after the fact, but I guess I missed the little word "had," which does seem to mean earlier. In that case, you raise a great point. "Dad" wouldn't be "ok" in "hell" if it was someplace to fear.
  7. Does Hell Scare You....It Does Me

    I don't think that's what he meant. It was the son saying that he himself was ok. Regardless, there's no reason to think that the kid's muttering was channeling a dead person. It was probably just caused by a dream. We all forget dreams we have and things we mutter while asleep or half awake. There is absolutely no logical reason to think that this was some magical event.
  8. God obeys his mother

    Don't worry. It's very rare for someone to get banned on this board. You'd have to be a full-fledged jerk or get caught doing something really dishonest or repeatedly break the rules of the board to get banned. Just having different views won't get you kicked off. You're welcome here.
  9. Things that make you go...what?!

    "What?!" Just confirming the reaction. You can see other comments on this story here:
  10. She apparently wasn't betrothed, so she should be safe on that.
  11. Does Hell Scare You....It Does Me

    Nope. Hell doesn't scare me any more than the boogeyman.
  12. I don't know in this particular case, but victims often do hold it in for a long time, some forever. Understandable reasons for this quickly come to mind, such as shame, embarrassment, confusion, wanting to forget about it and move on, fear of not being believed, fear of having to relive it again while going through court hearings, and possibly even not wanting to disrupt the life of the perpetrator.
  13. Well, at least the congregation didn't respond in a biblical way and force the victim to marry the pastor.
  14. Judge Tells Jurors that God...

    Being that it was Texas, I'm almost surprised that the jury didn't side with the judge. I'm glad they didn't give into that nonsense. The fact that this judge really wanted her to get off makes me wonder if he had some sort of physical connection to the case, if you know what I mean....