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  1. Got a favorite? Are you itching to post something that just MAY slide past Staff's fat fingers of Red Button of Doo, err, DOOM? Here's place. Dammit, NO PR0N PLEASE. Sorry kiddies, plenty of places to find nood-titties and stuff elsewhere. Keep it say an American "hard R rating". Keep genitals and nipples (female, thanks Puritans) covered. Load yer Memes, fire at Will! kL
  2. This above statement not applicable here BO. Damned decent write up minute by minute of action and in-action(s) taken by Sworn Offices of all concerns. /sarc=OFF kFL
  3. Most Firefighters are not Sworn by a Court. Yes, there are combination cops/firefighters in some communities making for different situations not covered by OP. Firemen still Save People, Protect Property, it is what Job is. Most in US are Vollies doing their work for little to nothing but satisfaction of being that fraction of 1% that volunteer for anything. Not that I'd know anything about that... kL
  4. Chris, Be aware of Warren Decisions and follow-ons. Accountability of Police to Individuals and even to entire Communities Warren v. District of Columbia kL
  5. mr, Before <edited out> remarks made would appreciate a read through to find out what "first school employees to see suspect" actually did. kFL
  6. Keep reading as there is much more sickening information provided in the article. Kingfish note: Unfortunately, cowardice while on duty is not a capital offense as it used to be on the battlefield.
  7. Very cool story that's helped assist my thinking my thoughts on Crowd Assisted Research. From itfoss.com weekly-ish newise I sub to concerning Linux/Ubuntu. New Leads for Malaria Discovered: Open Source Pharma FTW! .....snipped from an interesting article via above URL kL
  8. Found floating in an ancient folder of files. ******************************************** Regime-speak You're about to be lied to when they say- a hand up a new study shows a poll by the highly respected a positive step are speaking out arguably arsenal at-risk communities best practices broader implications climate change collectively commonsense solutions comprehensive reform cycle of poverty cycle of violence demand action denier disenfranchised disparate impact dispr
  9. Never, Can't find any restrictions to your account nor problems with Board. Fuego's advise good place to start. What browser are you using? kL
  10. WHEN you start posting from a consistent Syrian IP address I'll be very much more inclined to believe that you indeed have courage of stated above "convictions". k,FAC,FL
  11. Jesusfuckballedchocolatecovermooseturds.... <fucking self edited, really like being here at ExC, what I'd leave isn't worthy of WMD and this House> kL
  12. From American Thinker: Syrian women want their men back from the countries to which they fled ...snipped from URL above kL
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