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  1. Got a favorite? Are you itching to post something that just MAY slide past Staff's fat fingers of Red Button of Doo, err, DOOM? Here's place. Dammit, NO PR0N PLEASE. Sorry kiddies, plenty of places to find nood-titties and stuff elsewhere. Keep it say an American "hard R rating". Keep genitals and nipples (female, thanks Puritans) covered. Load yer Memes, fire at Will! kL
  2. Very cool story that's helped assist my thinking my thoughts on Crowd Assisted Research. From itfoss.com weekly-ish newise I sub to concerning Linux/Ubuntu. New Leads for Malaria Discovered: Open Source Pharma FTW! .....snipped from an interesting article via above URL kL
  3. Never, Can't find any restrictions to your account nor problems with Board. Fuego's advise good place to start. What browser are you using? kL
  4. Software is like sex: It’s better when it’s free. - Linus Torvalds

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    2. nivek


      Running Ubuntu Linux 16.04 just for that reason. Tired of being MS' unpaid Beta Tester.

    3. RealityCheck


      If you want to be hard core, run Arch Linux.  There's no graphical installer to walk you through the process.   You get to build your OS component by component with only what you need and want.

    4. nivek


      Command Line komfuslerkates me something terrible.

      De-bugging? HAH! It's now a FEATURE, so what if it doesn't run?

  5. LF, /sarc=ON <1 /phunnie=ON <1 /sarc+ohshit= {most of my posts} DEV.off <Added in: goto=20> kL
  6. Gents..... TRY to keep Science humourless.... Geezzzeeeeeeeee..... Phukkerz. kL
  7. S123, Note the above quote.^^^^^^ Learn It. Live it. Move ON. k,SerialR3V-Violator,FL
  8. ICESat-2 Reveals Profile of Ice Sheets, Sea Ice, Forests ..snipped, pics, graphs, rest of text via above URL
  9. Someone.... Men's Rule 3 simply states "Never stick yer crank in crazy". Not gonna try to smooth shit out for this post. ONLY way you are gonna get in her pants is to lawfully contract yourself to involuntary servitude from which you break from she'll end up with half or more of all your shit. Consider for a few orgasms and possibly warm bed, few other optional perks of "Christian marriage", that moment you are bound to her on paper. Sure, v e r y so sure that you'll dig the ten toed boogie and possibly other sorts of now-forbidden fun... When she shows her teeth the gives ultimatums OR separations game's lost. Pay attention. She's all you want I do understand. I too lost a potential mate decades back due to religiosity and incompatibility. Advice from many others came before my post, read them, learn them, live them. If you have to have a playtoy hire an escort, find a friends with good benefits, whatthehellevar, MOVE the fuck on. Rule 3 Violations are what make Men either serial violators (myself) or divorcees with their lives shattered and adrift, broke, family-less, fucked in head for years. 85%-odd people in Occidental world are xtain religious. 50% of therm who marry over years break up. Dude those chances with this otherwise cool lil lady aint'a so great. Why do this shit to yourself? kevinL
  10. Article and pan's add-on is fascinating. Things of exploration just show me how really little we know and then how much more we have to find. kL
  11. Most people who sneer at technology would starve to death if the engineering infrastructure were removed. - Robert A. Heinlein

  12. @Weezer W-man, please PM Webmaster Dave with your request. He is owner of site and would be willing to work with options for your kind offer of donation, Thanks! kevinL
  13. nivek

    Love Y'all

    Door's always open, save to Executive Beer Hall and Partay Room(s)! k
  14. nivek


    Weezer, I have searched where I am able. In no place are you blocked from where you had permissions TOT included. Not as sure yet, will get this problem reviewed ASAP. kL
  15. ‘It is time to bring out our inner Vikings’ – Swedes start protesting against mass migration in front of Parliament
  16. nivek


    I. Have. No. Clue. What. You. Are. Posting About. Sure as no free beers your account is not that I am aware of at this time. If you happen to have other names of those who also might be "blocked" I'd appreciate those via PM. kFL
  17. nivek


    Nothing or anyone is locked from TOT by we Staffers that I can see. Hadn't gotten Notification until right this minute when signing back in on office machine. kL
  18. Sad to say that never had opportunity to let head hair to get longer. Between the need by management to "look respectable" and safety reasoning in work by mid-30's combined with genetics ( ahhh-hemmm! ) not enough left on top to allow youthful mane. Have kept chin cactus. Helps keep me from looking like a near 60 year old Charlie Brown, the Round Headed Kid.:) kL
  19. Vierges, I will say right up front that Ex-Christian dot net does not condone attempts of mental health repairs via posts on this Communities Boards. Will simply ask this: "What do you want from Ex-C and how do you plan on applying your life to "get better"?" Suggesting that if you have a Professional Counselor's use please go there for assistance. If you are without please contact persons local to you and inquire. kevinL
  20. In our sorta local news From Tri-City Herald Richland observatory detects 5-billion-year-old black hole waves ....snipped, article available via above URL kL
  21. Had my hair long and chin-cactus right on longer than controllable length. Had preacher talk me into cutting both off. Ponytail was to bottom of my 501's rear pocket. About 20 inches and close to 19 pounds of hair. Cur hair off of face, that beard was about 10 or so inches with fringe of fluff close to two more. Was politely not to ride my ancient noisy HD to church "as it was too LOUD". None of that shit was "worth it" folks... Not one single hair. When I finally got bike out of garage, refueled and oiled her up,off she and I went. Never looked back. kL
  22. Unless you have children to buy gifts for, the best thing you can do this holiday season is to buy nothing and put that money towards paying off your credit card debt. Replace expensive travel with Skype conferences. If you have no debt, put money into your kids college funds.

  23. Electronic devices work using magic smoke. If you see the magic smoke coming out, that device is not likely to ever work again.


  24. WTF about this savagery is acceptable in ANY Occidental country?? Apologist? Apollogists? AAaaaappppooollgist? MICHIGAN: Sharia-compliant U.S. federal judge orders Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) charges to be dropped against Muslim doctor, declaring the law against FGM as unconstitutional ..snipped kFL
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