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  1. Florduh, I really enjoy the Beretta M-21 .22 or 25 Auto It's a small palm sized semi-auto that loads it's initial round via a tip-up barrel, that released by a lever on L side of frame. Here is a decent writeup on M-21 Bobcat. Commentaries below may assist in decisioning about finding one in either available caliber. Mine is a safe queen for past many years, just got out of habit carrying it when moving to the J-Frame Smith in 38 that makes for my everyday carry. Thanks for reminder that lil gun is, or OUGHT be still in back. HTH kL
  2. OK, at some time your black Rifle will need some love. I do not have financial stake in this tool, just ordered one in. Jeff Zimba is one of the coolest RKI in the AR communities, knows his stuff..
  3. Got a favorite? Are you itching to post something that just MAY slide past Staff's fat fingers of Red Button of Doo, err, DOOM? Here's place. Dammit, NO PR0N PLEASE. Sorry kiddies, plenty of places to find nood-titties and stuff elsewhere. Keep it say an American "hard R rating". Keep genitals and nipples (female, thanks Puritans) covered. Load yer Memes, fire at Will! kL
  4. *I* am a great proponent of thoughts of "Right of and to Self Defense is the Primary Right". Discuss. kL
  5. This above statement not applicable here BO. Damned decent write up minute by minute of action and in-action(s) taken by Sworn Offices of all concerns. /sarc=OFF kFL
  6. Most Firefighters are not Sworn by a Court. Yes, there are combination cops/firefighters in some communities making for different situations not covered by OP. Firemen still Save People, Protect Property, it is what Job is. Most in US are Vollies doing their work for little to nothing but satisfaction of being that fraction of 1% that volunteer for anything. Not that I'd know anything about that... kL
  7. Chris, Be aware of Warren Decisions and follow-ons. Accountability of Police to Individuals and even to entire Communities Warren v. District of Columbia kL
  8. mr, Before <edited out> remarks made would appreciate a read through to find out what "first school employees to see suspect" actually did. kFL
  9. Keep reading as there is much more sickening information provided in the article. Kingfish note: Unfortunately, cowardice while on duty is not a capital offense as it used to be on the battlefield.
  10. Very cool story that's helped assist my thinking my thoughts on Crowd Assisted Research. From itfoss.com weekly-ish newise I sub to concerning Linux/Ubuntu. New Leads for Malaria Discovered: Open Source Pharma FTW! .....snipped from an interesting article via above URL kL
  11. Found floating in an ancient folder of files. ******************************************** Regime-speak You're about to be lied to when they say- a hand up a new study shows a poll by the highly respected a positive step are speaking out arguably arsenal at-risk communities best practices broader implications climate change collectively commonsense solutions comprehensive reform cycle of poverty cycle of violence demand action denier disenfranchised disparate impact disproportionately diverse backgrounds divisive economically disadvantaged embattled emerging consensus empower enhance experts agree extremist fair share fiscal stimulus fully funded give back giving voice to greater diversity growing support for gun violence hater have issues high capacity magazine history shows impacted by impactful in denial inappropriate inclusive environment insensitivity investing in our future linked to making a difference making bad choices marginalized marriage equality mean spirited most vulnerable mounting opposition to multicultural non-blaming nonjudgmental non-partisan, non-profit not value neutral nuanced off our streets on some level oppressed minorities our nation's children outreach people of color (sometimes, colour) poised to poor and minorities positive outcome potentially progressive public/private partnership raising awareness reaching out reaffirm our commitment to redouble our efforts root cause sends a message shared values social justice solidarity with speaking truth to power stakeholders statistics show sustainable, sustainability the American People the bigger issue is the failed ... the larger question is the more important question is the reality is the struggle for too many too often touched by underserved populations undocumented immigrant vibrant community voicing concern war on ... working families ************ kL
  12. Never, Can't find any restrictions to your account nor problems with Board. Fuego's advise good place to start. What browser are you using? kL
  13. WHEN you start posting from a consistent Syrian IP address I'll be very much more inclined to believe that you indeed have courage of stated above "convictions". k,FAC,FL
  14. Jesusfuckballedchocolatecovermooseturds.... <fucking self edited, really like being here at ExC, what I'd leave isn't worthy of WMD and this House> kL
  15. From American Thinker: Syrian women want their men back from the countries to which they fled ...snipped from URL above kL
  16. Software is like sex: It’s better when it’s free. - Linus Torvalds

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    2. nivek


      Running Ubuntu Linux 16.04 just for that reason. Tired of being MS' unpaid Beta Tester.

    3. RealityCheck


      If you want to be hard core, run Arch Linux.  There's no graphical installer to walk you through the process.   You get to build your OS component by component with only what you need and want.

    4. nivek


      Command Line komfuslerkates me something terrible.

      De-bugging? HAH! It's now a FEATURE, so what if it doesn't run?

  17. older, I'd crawl on my hands and knees, kiss that wonderful woman's feet just have permission to lick crumbs from choco-pecan pie pan! Dying from sugar high just looking--------> Happily!!!! kL
  18. Buh, buh, but older! Cops are more trained and special than we "CIVILLIANS". He'll be No billed on this as it was cyclists fault for being on streets anyway! Ouch! kL
  19. Like this is new News? New Census Data Show Americans Are Migrating from Tax-Punishing States Graphics and text for story via above URL to FEE dot org kL
  20. Few give a damn about human costs. ************* josh? Have heard from RELIABLE posters "...you are an idiot.." Effin' science and words and lines 'n chitt.. Keep this up and "they'll" c o m e for your long boards. (Thanks for considerable linkage and commentary your Mighty Truffitaryness!) kL
  21. LF, /sarc=ON <1 /phunnie=ON <1 /sarc+ohshit= {most of my posts} DEV.off <Added in: goto=20> kL
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