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    I'm a 15 year old chaotic amoral atheist. Let this world burn

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    None I have seen
  1. Hey nice to see you joining and nice story
  2. Thanks everyone sorry for not being on in such a while I had completely forgot about this site. I guess I'll just hide my religious views like I hide masturbating and watching porn. Not so hard now that someone pointed that out.
  3. Thank you for your advice, Shallowbythegame. I'll have to say something like "I don't discriminate against the bands because of their views." When the truth is I support the anti-religious thematic elements. I'm just so concerned because I'm not entirely sure of what her reaction to my disbelief might be....and when she said moving in with my crazy uncle that really scared me...As if a fundamentalist Christian could convert an atheist back to Christianity..lol. I am thinking what I'll do is pretend to be a very liberal Christian until I'm a little older. Thank you for the advice.
  4. Thank you for the advise, fiddlingaround, and my mother is the type where she thinks I am being disrespectful if I disagree with her on things, I can see her saying "if you respected me you would be Christian" which is absolutely absurd, because I know she would say that, just because I was able to come to a decision with my own brain using logic. Well sorry for ranting some more, I'm just a big angry and sad. Thank you for the advice again.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to here. I am very glad to have learned about this site, and hear other's stories. I was raised in Christian household, and when I was about 8, my mom decided she wanted us to go to Church on a regular basis, so we went to Church for about 3 or 4 years and she got busy with work and taxes and whatnot and we just stopped going. I try to avoid discussing religion with her because she will think she failed as a parent if she finds out about my disbelief. Anyways, in the past 8 months or so, I began questioning Christianity and God, and learned much about atheistic viewpoints and basically anything non-Christian, and I found out it was not what was shoved down my throat when I was a child, and it was most logical, and I could not find one, not even one logical reason to believe in God. That really put a knife in my belief. I began to watch shows like "the Atheist Experience" and saw the logic and reason in the arguments against God. I would say I've been in denial of religion and a deity for about 4 months now. But here is the thing, I have to live a lie. My mom still thinks I am Christian and all, she never thought I might not believe the same things she does, just because she was raised that way, and has never questioned it. Also, my aunt and uncle are fundamentalist Christians, and they are just plain crazy, thinking things like the earth is the center of the solar system.....I honestly didn't know anyone thought that anymore, until my uncle told me. Well, they are very strong Christians and anything they discuss is about God and Jesus and Christianity, they hand out pocket bibles to complete strangers. That is a brief description. So lately I bought some shirts off ebay, and they displayed names/logos/images of anti-Christian bands, and so of course, my mom tries to rationalize this as by saying "You're naive, you don't know what the bands stood for", and she goes "You can't claim to believe in God and wear that type of clothing", the truth is she is arrogant in thinking I am Christian and believe in God, I have never directly claimed to be a Christian, I don't think I ever have in my life, although I did believe to my self I was a Christian. So lately I've been very torn inside, I desire very much to say right in her face that I deny God and all religion, but I do not because recently she said that she should inform my uncle of the music I listen to and clothing I wear, and that he would want me to move in with him to "save" my soul. Now, I can barely stand a day with my aunt and uncle.....it would literally be torture to live there..so I have to swallow my opinions and objections to Christianity and religion in general and do nothing about it. I feel terrible inside, torn apart and forced to live a lie. Is it worth it and revealing to everyone my views? Please help, I don't know what to do. And sorry for any errors/misspellings as this is my first post. I'm 14 years old and was planning on telling everyone about leaving Christianity once I had turned 18 or moved out on my own. It seems though that the time is closer than that. So please help advise me on what to do and thank you.
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