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  1. Hey, NB!! I hope you are doing okay!

  2. only idiots from florduh. hehehehe

  3. Dang...maybe if you freeload, you'll get a cruise too? Ahhh, the insanity of it all. :-)

  4. My first Ex-C friend! Thank you very much. =D

  5. Hi ghost. I just stop by to add you as a friend if that's okay.

  6. Good luck getting through the ice storm intact! We just had one here where I live a bit ago. We didn't lose power but our water was shut off for a few hours one day.

  7. Thank you for the New Year greetings Deva! I'm sorry I'm so late but I hope you are having a great new year too!!

  8. Just dropping in to say hello and wishing you a Happy New Year!

  9. I love it when you speak!

  10. Can I be your friend too? Pweeze?

  11. Your posts are always good to read too, thought-provoking and often funny.

  12. Hi there OB. Alan Watts is a great speaker and writer. His sense of humor and candor makes understanding what he says a lot easier. I can almost recite his CDs! Actually, I'm probably a parrot of him when I post here. Ahhh...to have an original thought would be nice! Take care!

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