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  1. Here's how I deal with "What if I'm wrong?" I prayed and asked gawd into my hart about a bajillion times through many years. I never felt nothing. Also... Romans says that God takes who he wants and ignores who he doesn't want. So, if I'm wrong and christian Jebus exists and is going to do the Revelations thing pretty soon and I get "Left Behind", eaten by bugs and wish for death which doesn't come, eventually die by the hands of Islamist Antichrists, and then get judged and sent to an eternally tormenting lake of fire--well I did my part to avoid this, but gawd didnt' want me. In other words, it doesn't matter what I believe, Fundy Jebus is going to throw me into hell whether I think he exists or doesn't. I dont belive in Jebus, but if I'm wrong, there can still be no regret for rejecting the Glorious Lord because even if i tried to be a christian and tried to belive this bull, I'd still go to hell.
  2. Angel! Welcome! You make me feel sad and happy at the same time! (I'll dwell on the happy then) Congrats and please enter the rants section and blast away! Cant wait to read more. Bongo Me: I was just a silly southern baptist.
  3. Wow Zoe, that was well put! ! Thanks for that terrific point! Bongo
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