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  1. After reading some earlier replies to this thread, I feel I should add that there is a difference between being "afraid" of something and being prepared for something. I don't sit around my house thinking that someone is going to break into my house and attack me. It doesn't cross my mind, doesn't sit at the back of my mind, and isn't something that impacts my daily life in any way. I am, however, as prepared as I legally can be to deal with it if it does. I also don't expect China and North Korea to invade California, the US Government to melt d
  2. So, like, Pink Panthers? I can dig it. Usually groups that are tied to a social movement like that are the sort that go out and guard protesters. Basically standing around being visibly armed around them where legal, but not really directly engaging in protest themselves. The idea is to be entirely defensive, and not do anything that might be seen as aggressive at all. It's a very careful line that needs to be walked, and you need to know the law regarding firearms in the area you'd be operating in and stay firmly within it. You'd ideally want a
  3. Not really. An advanced firearms user that goes to the range on a fairly regularly basis, hunts, or does other activities to remain proficient might be better off with another weapon, but the average person who is only buying a firearm for home defense and won't ever fire it for anything else should get a shotgun. Everyone who buys a gun should fire it at least a few times so they know what to expect, but generally you can just put a shotgun in a secure place and leave it for years and it will be fine. You just need to replace rounds and clean it every few years. Genera
  4. DId BO turn liberal and change his account name? That entire post is the same sort of total logical disconnect I used to get from him all the time. It's the same sort of "if it's A it can't be B and everything is mutually exclusive unless it is convenient for my argument" nonsense, with that hint of belligerent "No, you", "Nuh-uh", and "I'm not mad, you're mad" non-arguments tossed in. I've already addressed and rebutted every point made and don't intend to do it again, as it would just lead to an irritating cycle of us both repeating ourselves. I don't have
  5. Yeah, my late Stepdad was in a Militia. Most of them were Vietnam or Korea vets. I was an adult when he married my Mother, but I met a lot of his friends and they were all the same way.
  6. Yeah, you did. All of the above are claims that misrepresent pro-gun arguments. I already detailed why. They are not "just observations", but are blatant straw man arguments intended to color the argument of the opposing view in an unfavorable light by misrepresenting it. Claiming "I wasn't making an argument..." is nonsense and is just an attempt to sidestep responsibility for your claims so you don't have to bother with justifying them. You are literally making claims regarding the subject, which is by definition an argument.
  7. Those are not mutually exclusive, and it was all of the above. It was literally a rebuttal, and was a mischaracterization of the issue using nonsense points I've seen from anti-gun positions before. Trying to claim it was "just an observation" is just a cop out. This is ToT, but being dismissive and pretending it's a valid point is still lame.
  8. That's a blatant straw man and misrepresentation of the pro-gun position. It's also a needless ad hom. Most gun owners are considering how to defend themselves and the things they care about and understand that lethal force by any means is a last resort and a desperate measure. Generally speaking, no one ever wants to have to shoot someone else even non-lethally, and will exhaust any other options before resorting to lethal force. They are, however, realistic enough to not eliminate that option and be prepared for the need to use it.
  9. This tells me you don't know much about firearms. The absolute best home defense weapon is a shotgun. Not a short one either. Semi-auto or a pump action. Eight rounds. They are basically idiot proof, easy to clear, clean, and maintain. It has a lower chance of penetrating walls, floors, and ceilings at lethal velocity. Meaning it's difficult to shoot a family member in another room or a neighbor and accidentally kill or injure them. The spread means it has a wider effective area. With a handgun you have to be on target, with a shotgun you don't n
  10. Ironically, the presence of a firearm can force diplomacy. One could easily argue that in a situation where a firearm was "present" and a diplomatic resolution occurred, that if it hadn't been there, the resolution would not have been diplomatic in the first place. I agree that it wouldn't happen every time, but you also seem to be downplaying how often it likely is a relevant factor just as much as people who quote that statistic are overstating it. It is true that there are no "numbers" that can prove that a specific number of incidents, but it's also misleading to say that guns aren'
  11. That's the thing. Everyone will act like they are losing their minds and that it is the end of America, grandstanding will fill the media outlets and soapboxes will be stood upon, but absolutely nothing will come of it. By the time the outrage over it would have accomplished anything, everyone will have forgotten about it in favor of the next thing to be outraged about. It would be a shitshow, but amount to nothing more than being a show.
  12. Using two hands is best for stability and accuracy. Unless using a scope, keep both eyes open when aiming down sights. Squeeze the trigger to fire. Keep your arms bent and don't lock them. Flex and bend your arms with recoil. Keep your weapon cleaned and maintained.
  13. No, it won't. We could have it take a few weeks and be perfectly fine. We've just gotten used to instant gratification thanks to things like telegraphs, phones, radio, and television. Delayed election results would be an inconvenience and little more. Sure, it would be presented as some unacceptable issue with lots of people complaining, but it won't actually be a real problem if it does. It would amount to little more than grumbling. The government will continue to function, and transitions might be a little rushed, but would still h
  14. The problem with this is that the term is not clearly defined. I gave up arguing about anything that isn't clearly defined a while ago. I don't argue about the existence of God, I don't argue about who is or isn't a "real Christian", I don't argue about the existence of spirits. You'll get a different answer about what each of those things are from every person you ask, even if every one of them is from the exact same church. If they are all from different denominations, you can forget about the answers being even remotely similar. Ev
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