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  1. ContraBardus

    Sex Password?

    Of course it does. It's called a "safe word" and if you aren't using one, you're not doing it right.
  2. ContraBardus

    If Christianity is wrong, how did B.C. & A.D. happen?

    That's a pretty bold claim. I don't believe Jesus was God but also can't say he didn't exist. In fact, it's not unlikely that he did. It's not really an extraordinary claim. That doesn't mean that the Bible stories are true, just that I don't see any reason to think that those stories weren't based on an actual person who may or may not have been executed by the Romans. I look at it much the same way as the difference between the Bishop Nicholas and Santa Clause. Sure, the Bishop existed, but that doesn't mean he lives at the North Pole and flies around the world with magic reindeer handing out presents.
  3. I thought this was an interesting article explaining the difference between Philosophy and Science.
  4. ContraBardus

    Funny Pics Thread Part 4: Electric Boogaloo

    This one seems legit. Those sites usually don't go as far as making the reflections on the sign look good like this image. They'll usually just remove them, as that's easier.