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  1. Good guy with a gun(TM) meets the cops

    Misleading title. The guy disarmed the gunman with the help of others, it mentions that he didn't have a gun to begin with. Yes, he had the weapon when police arrived, but isn't what we'd refer to as "a good guy with a gun" which refers to someone who is already armed and on the scene that chooses to intervene with their own weapon. I do question why he was carrying it around and brandishing it once the gunman was subdued. It should have been put aside once the would be shooter was under control. Not necessarily out of reach, but there was no reason for anyone to be standing around and holding it. "Well, maybe he had another weapon" doesn't really excuse it, as there is no reason that once they had him pinned down they couldn't search him for other weapons.
  2. Morality

    There are several conservatives on these boards. You don't have to become a liberal without God. I'm not really liberal myself, though I'm also not a right wing conservative. I don't view politics as a team sport. I generally try to choose the lesser evil without consideration to party affiliations. A lot of people "choose a side" in politics so they don't have to keep up with things. It's a lazy option for many. They just pick a favorite color and team and vote down the line without ever bothering to consider the platform of candidates or whether what they are doing is in their interests. Regarding morality, it is important to understand the concept of the lesser evil. Yes, abortion can cause distress and regret in some women, but being forced into having a baby can ruin the lives of many women as well. There is no good answer, but I see no reason legal abortions aren't the lesser evil. I don't think legalizing all drugs is "good". However, it is by far the lesser evil. The "war on drugs" is costly in more than one way, ineffective, and drugs should be treated as a healthcare issue, not a criminal one. We literally created the black market, which drives violence, makes them less safe, and overall does a lot more harm than good. Understanding that sometimes there is no good option helps with navigating morality in social issues like abortion and drugs. Plus, a lack of the belief that a lack of morality can be "absolved" by God is a scary thought to some. It means they have to take personal responsibility for their own flaws and choices. I also wonder how many of those "messed up" women are "messed up" due to being shamed or otherwise made to feel guilty by others for their choice. This includes religion and doesn't necessarily have to be directed at them individually. I suspect hearing about how awful and evil it is when they go to church or by other people rather than being supported and treated with dignity for making a difficult choice probably has something to do with it.
  3. Did the Universe Begin?

    Have you ever read Hitchiker's Guide? That's basically what it is, with less historical fiction and focus on religion specifically. It's not exactly religion friendly either. If not, you really should. I wouldn't say that regarding getting published either. Might actually be easier as a satire to get published. Stuff like that gets published all the time. If the Satanic Verses can get a publisher I don't see why your book wouldn't be able to find one. There are plenty of secularist and even Atheist publishers out there. I mean, sure, you're not going to get published with Zondervan or Moody, but there are plenty of publishers out there who will publish whatever they think will sell. Even Mein Kampf gets reprinted to this day.
  4. Did the Universe Begin?

    It's been done, quite a bit actually. Not saying you shouldn't, just pointing out that it's nothing new. The first example that pops to mind for me would be Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, though I'm fairly sure it was an old idea even at that point. In regard to writing fiction, it's not the originality of the premise, but the creativity in how you present it.
  5. Fear

    Religious indoctrination is literally designed to do this to you. Understanding that helps. Pascal's Wager is the most common way to put it. It essentially states that humans wager with their lives whether God exists or not. However, that's true no matter what belief system you adhere to. If you're a Catholic you're betting that, Jehova's Witnesses, Baptists, Evangelicals, and any other type of Christian is wrong. Most of them don't outright say it, but believe that any other type of Christian is doomed along with everyone else, and that only their particular type will be saved. They can't all be right. That's not even getting into the other religions. Maybe the Jews are right, or what if Zeus, or Allah, or Krishna, or Amaterasu, or Odin, or Crom, or whatever other religion's Gods are the true ones? What then? What if it's none of the above? What if the true God is some unknown or forgotten God that doesn't like any of the modern religions? The whole situation is a catch 22 where you're putting your chips down on a chance no matter what you do. Being Christian does not increase your odds of being right as Pascal's Wager intends to imply. If anything, the most rational choice is none of the above. Reasoning and logic are fairly consistent and pretty easily poke holes in the concepts of specific deities. It only gets sketchy when you start getting into the vague notion of a Deistic God with no real qualities attributed to it. If that's the case, it's undefined and doesn't matter anyway. Basically, follow what the evidence supports. Remember, those who are making a claim are the ones with the burden of proof. If someone says that something exists, they must prove that it does, and no one has any obligation to prove that it does not.
  6. Politically Correct Dukes of Hazzard

    To be honest, the movie version of her was a downgrade. TV Daisy might not have looked as much like a model as Jessica Simpson, but she was definitely more competent, talented, and more of a badass.
  7. Politically Correct Dukes of Hazzard

    You know, I used to watch this show. It was harmless stupid fun, and had quite a few black characters as guest stars, pretty much all of which were portrayed positively. Even the villains weren't racist at all as one recurring black character was a sheriff's deputy from a neighboring county that they often worked with. They were stupid yes, but not mean beyond cartoon level scheming. The only thing "wrong" with the show at all was the use of the rebel flag on the car and the horn that played Dixie. Hell, despite her iconic shorts Daisy was competent and as tough and smart as the Duke boys, if not more competent, as she displays an even wider skill range including horseback riding, archery, hand to hand, and sharpshooting. In fact, I seem to recall it was suggested she was a better driver than her cousins. They also displayed some concern with upsetting her, implying that she could and would kick both their asses. She's also a brunette in most incarnations, though a lot of people seem to think she was a blonde because of Jessica Simpson in the movie. In all honesty, the show was pretty politically correct to begin with and was actually ahead of its time. Anyone who is upset with it for being "insensitive" due to its rather benign use of the Rebel flag has never watched the show in the first place.
  8. Shootings: Why Don't Schools Have Better Security?

    We had a literal Sheriff's office in my High School. There were always 4-5 armed, uniformed deputies there at any given time. Never been a shooting there. Hell, there were barely any fights because they came down like the hand of god on that shit. If you touched another student with the intention of hurting them, you left the scene in cuffs, no exceptions. They secured everyone first, and sorted it out later. I can think of maybe two or three incidents the entire time I was there, and they were all fist fights. Students who had disagreements tended to handle them off school grounds.
  9. What is this, 1989? Like a bit less than 100 million is actually a lot of money regarding something like this anymore. That's a lot of money for one person, but in regard to the budget of a country like Germany it's like giving someone a dime when you have a spending budget of $400. It isn't really going to impact what you can afford with it much.
  10. Who are "no religion" people?

    I don't agree, and let's not. I already covered and rebutted these exact points already earlier in the thread anyway. More than once actually.
  11. Funny Videos Thread

  12. Funny Videos Thread