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  1. Actor and Comedian John WItherspoon, most famous for his role as the father in the Friday movies.
  2. I like how this is low key conspiracy propaganda for the existence of NZ that is making fun of another conspiracy that is just as absurd. It's a bit hypocritical.
  3. This comparison needs to stop happening. It's a problem on both ends of the debate as well. We're not really number eleven as seen here if you actually look at the year to year statistics instead of the mean. Year to year statistics matter a lot more in a comparison like this one. Norway is on top of that list because of a single incident and because of a huge population difference. It's data manipulation and not a good faith argument. We need to make a more accurate and honest comparison and stop letting people get away with this inaccurate comparison. We simply shouldn't be putting up with comparing Norway, France, Germany, or any other European country to the entire US. This is also true of other favorite comparison nations such as Japan, Australia, etc... The US as an entity, in the context of how it matters to these kinds of statistics, is more like the entirety of Europe than any individual European country. The US has far more shootings than Norway. It's a simple fact. However, it's an irrelevant comparison that only implies that the US has some absurd number of shootings compared to the rest of the world if you take it completely out of context and at face value. It is far more accurate to compare individual European countries to individual US States such as California or Texas. Because that is a much more accurate equivalent comparison in every metric that matters here. States in the US are very much like EU countries. They have their own laws, tax systems, court systems, law enforcement, militaries [National Guard], Governors, equivalent populations and economies, and even individual cultures. The main difference is that US States aren't independently sovereign. It is disingenuous and dishonest to compare the shooting rates of Norway against the shooting rates for the entirety of the US. It would be far more accurate to compare Norway to Maryland or South Carolina rather than the entire US. Letting people get away with comparing us to individual European countries for these statistics is a bit like comparing the murder rates in Orlando Florida with the murder rates across the entirety of California, or comparing the cheese production of Dusseldorf with that of all of France, and calling it an equivalent comparison. It needs to stop being treated as a valid comparison at all and no one should be letting anyone trying to make such a comparison get away with it without calling them out on it. If you really want to get down to it this is really the most accurate representation of how it should be looked at, and the total numbers at the bottom are the actual relevant comparison. Well, would you look at that? All of a sudden the US isn't quite so ahead of the world when it comes to gun violence when you make a far more legitimately equivalent comparison. Funny that.
  4. Max Wright Most famous for his role as the Dad on 80s puppet sitcom "ALF".
  5. The reason for it is simply control. The thing that everyone feels good about is bad, and therefore you must be cleansed for having those normal feelings, and only we can cleanse you. Feeling good is sinful because God suffered for you. Therefore you owe the church payment in goods, money, and time. The bad things that happen to you are because you are not cleansed enough. God is angry at you, and that's why the bad things happen to you more than is normal. You already think that and are right. We can fix it, and all the good things that happen are because God is pleased with you for being cleansed by us. If bad stuff still happens to you, it's because you're having normal natural feelings again, and they have made you unclean and God is annoyed. Remember how we fixed it before and good things happened after? That was because of us, so do what we say and good things will happen again. Your wife is yours. She belongs to you and you are responsible for her. We have God's authority on this and therefore it is valid. This will ensure that you are certain that the children you raise are your own. You must have children to bolster our numbers, and sex is wrong for any other purpose even though you are married. You must still be spiritually cleansed by us and being married doesn't exempt you.
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