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  1. I thought this was an interesting article explaining the difference between Philosophy and Science.
  2. ContraBardus

    Funny Pics Thread Part 4: Electric Boogaloo

    This one seems legit. Those sites usually don't go as far as making the reflections on the sign look good like this image. They'll usually just remove them, as that's easier.
  3. ContraBardus

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    I lean more towards open speech and discourse. Though, I also admit that the amount of Ad Hom in the discourse on this site gets pretty tedious frequently. A lot of threads, particularly threads with controversial topics in ToT, quickly devolve into that when certain actors are involved. It isn't any individual either, it's not BO, or Fwee, or MM, TS, or anyone else. This is a group effort with a lot of players involved. Then again, we do have this area, and no one to blame but ourselves for putting these hot button politically charged topics in ToT instead of in a more tightly moderated and controlled area where the rules are more clearly defined and rigid. On the other hand, that's kind of what ToT is for in the first place. It's our equivalent of 4-chan's /b/ boards, and not nearly as heinous by comparison. We can't discuss these issues if we aren't willing to put up with having them expressed openly. I don't like the idea of this site becoming an echo chamber for any extreme's views. Unfortunately, that means putting up with the worst extremes of both sides sometimes. As much as I argue on these forums, I've never called anyone a "bigot". That doesn't mean I'm always nice, but generally speaking I deliberately laser focus my criticisms on the argument itself and don't contribute to the mankey toss of ad hom flinging that a lot of ToT threads have devolved into. I've also never said anything to the effect of "shut up" or "you can't post that or have that opinion", I might argue for pages about a subject, but I've never tried to silence anyone else or convince the mods to do so. Now, I know some people will find that hard to believe considering some of the long form arguments I've been involved with, but if you actually go through and read my posts, you'll be hard pressed to find instances where I attack the individual rather than their argument. My posts are pretty much always about what someone posted and the content of said posts, not about my personal opinion about who they are as a person. I'm not above saying that someone's argument or opinion is stupid, but that isn't the same thing as saying that the person making the argument is dumb, and I'll always follow that up with an explanation for why I hold that position if I haven't already explained it two or three times in the thread already. I also freely admit that I'm sometimes annoyed by the idea that not being in a formal debate makes fallacious arguments more valid. It doesn't, a shit argument is a shit argument and baseless conjecture is baseless conjecture regardless of how formal the venue of discussion is. It is equally stupid either way and "this isn't formal" isn't a defense and doesn't shield posting badly reasoned arguments or opinions from criticism. Though, I would also point out that if I was more than mildly annoyed I wouldn't be posting. I don't have the stomach for giving myself an aneurysm over an internet forum post and will stop posting long before things get to that point. I think some of us need to learn to do that themselves and when it's best to just let something go once you get to the point where you're simply being strung along because your stress is amusing to someone else. Things have gotten worse recently, with a lot of open hostility and drama between certain individuals, and a lot of whining. It seems like some members are openly taunting the mod team and are trying to get themselves banned so they can complain about the injustice and intolerance of our moderators and feel justified ranting about what persecuted martyrs they are. There may also be a bit of post stalking going on here, where certain members actively seek to disrupt and derail threads posted by certain other members. Again, this happens from both sides and isn't limited to the "Lhibruls or "Cunservtivs". Generally speaking, the people complaining the loudest are allowed to post what they want as far as I can tell and haven't been silenced or otherwise censored despite their whining and attempts at being disruptive. They're just upset that others who have opposing views to their own are treated the same way. As for what to do about it, I'm not so sure that our system is really what is broken. It's just some of the actors are taking advantage of the lack of restriction to protest the very system that allows them to get away with being so disruptive in the first place. Which is kind of how democracy works in the first place. Either everyone has free speech, or no one does. I dunno, maybe create another sub-forum that is slightly more formal than ToT for more serious off topic debate? I dunno that anyone would actually use it though. Plus, if we're really being honest here, a lot of this sort of thing gets started with less than serious image posts, some of which are intentionally inflammatory bait intended to deliberately rustle jimmies and start the sort of drama and disruption this discussion is about. It's kind of hard to 'reign it in' when it is being deliberately incited just to generate drama and outrage so the original poster can troll easily riled up members. It would be disingenuous to pretend that isn't going on here. Some of us are in on that "joke", but others are taking it far more seriously and getting far more invested than they should, which encourages the troll posters to do it even more and it becomes something of a vicious cycle. Though, again, as has been pointed out before, it is pretty much confined to ToT, which acts as our own little /b/, and is tame by comparison to the real thing by a wide margin.
  4. What you look like playing VR Vs What you Feel like playing VR... Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the woman says "How much does it cost to play?"
  5. ContraBardus

    Funny Pics Thread Part 4: Electric Boogaloo

    I wonder how long it took them to notice...