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  1. ContraBardus

    Funny Videos Thread

    So, this is a thing that exists... Here's a seasonal one...
  2. ContraBardus

    A Christian wrote in his blog about us

    Doesn't seem like they actually read the article, or at the least entirely missed the point, as much of the "reply" is a strawman.
  3. Yup. In fact I've been paid by the State to kill them before. The State sponsored a Python hunt a couple of years ago. Me and three of my budies only killed about 6 between us over three days, all bigger than 6', worked out to around $900 total. One dude killed 33 of the fuckers. It's difficult to hunt these things. They are hard to bait and are ambush predators. It's not easy and is hot, wet, and messy work out in the swamps. You've also got to watch out for the indigenous fauna as they hang out in the same places as the most dangerous critters in the state. It was fun though. I'd like to do it again one day.
  4. It's actually the opposite of that. Cause, you know, in the Christian Doomsday humanity lives on forever. Where as in the case of a mass extinction that impacts humans, we kind of stop existing entirely. No special magic city or anything. I mean it's not like there have been five major extinction events on this planet in the past, and it's not like the dominant species died out in all of them. Pure fiction. It's not like this could be a problem whether climate change is true or not or anything. That's just silly. It's a thing that will never happen to us, because our species is immortal and doesn't depend on anything but ourselves for our survival. We're obviously a closed system outside of the rest of the ecosystem. Clearly mass extinctions don't show a clear domino effect with the extinction of one species leading to the extinction of other species. All that silly evidence is clearly manufactured by academics who buried it all over the world hundreds of years ago so we would find it now and be scared.
  5. They're not. However, mass extinction events tend to lead to mass extinction globally. Species that rely on a particular species or something that is done by a particular species tend to die together with said species if it becomes extinct. There are long periods of time where there just wasn't a lot of life on the planet and only a few things survived. In other words, our asses are on the block too. There is a good chance that we won't be one of the lifeforms that survives the next mass extinction. Just like all that stuff you mentioned didn't. When people who aren't religious nuts talk about "the end of the world", they usually mean the end of humanity. The planet itself will probably be just fine without us. We'll probably kill ourselves long before we actually create conditions where life itself is completely destroyed from the planet entirely.