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  1. ContraBardus

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    It emboldens people against a position and prevents discussion and negotiation for a solution either way and prevents anything from getting done. Nobody was ever convinced to agree to something by being called a shithead moron and getting flipped off. Antagonizing people prevents compromise and agreement. It entrenches the opposition to the point that force is the only available option for resolution. How is that not harmful?
  2. ContraBardus

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    Because flipping people off and intentionally pissing them off totally wins arguments and stops people from being mean to you. I'm sure Trump's figurative middle finger will change people's hearts and minds and convert all the people against him to a more reasonable position. If you want to have the attitude and maturity of a vindictive twelve year old, that's your business. Just don't expect the rest of us to think that this level of immaturity is a good thing, nor will we pretend that it will accomplish anything. Honestly, it's no better than the "whining" you're complaining about would be if it was literally true. Worse in fact as it only serves to make the problem worse. A private citizen with this kind of attitude doesn't really do much harm and can even be amusing, but the PotUS, or really any government official can't afford this kind of immaturity. Government officials aren't comedians here to entertain us. It goes beyond just being an immature asshole as it impacts everyone and costs us all money and makes the country a worse place to live for everyone.
  3. ContraBardus

    Good guy without gun disarms gunman

    He's extremely lucky he had an opportunity. He ended up getting grazed in the scuffle. I'd still rather have my own firearm to counter the shooter in a situation like that. This is exactly why you don't use a rifle for close combat incidentally. Even a handgun isn't optimal, a knife is best when you're close enough to trade blows. If you draw a firearm, you should immediately back away out of arm's reach.
  4. ContraBardus can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    It's the same over here. Also, modern tanks aren't nearly so cumbersome to drive. They've got cameras all over them and the drivers don't really need direction from the commander anymore. Been that way since the 90s.
  5. ContraBardus can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    They already do have privately owned Apache Choppers, though again, they have to have their weapons decommissioned, and in many cases, removed. It's not the private ownership of the craft itself that is the issue, unless it is some new tech that has sensitive technology inside of it, but rather the weapons. It is true that tanks share a common ancestor with agricultural tractors, but the context of this isn't as a war machine really, but rather as a private vehicle. There isn't much that can threaten someone who is driving a tank in the civilian world, even with the weapons decommissioned. Construction equipment would be largely too slow and use too much fuel to be much of an issue, and the arms that civilians have access to would not likely be able to do much of anything against the armor.
  6. ContraBardus can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    While technically a "civilian" vehicle, those are owned by corporations and you won't see them just driving around anywhere but a quarry or mining operation. They aren't for transporting loads long distances, but moving very large loads on site. The fuel consumption on something like that would be insane. One of those also requires a crew to operate. It's not something one person can drive around like a tank. A tank would aslo easily outrun it and that thing would run out of fuel long before the tank would. There is industrial equipment that could probably mangle a tank if it was stationary and disarmed, but a tank would pretty much outmaneuver any of it and have a better fuel rating.
  7. ContraBardus can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    The tank throws it. The treads wouldn't have stopped moving otherwise.
  8. ContraBardus

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    And a straw man argument like this one is better, because? No one said anything remotely close to that. For starters, context matters. It was in reply to a claim that Trump is "the worst", and it was implied that he was worse than both previous presidents and historical world leaders. Neither is actually true. In fact, we've had a President that was remarkably similar to Trump with Harding, right down to the nepotism and corruption, and he didn't really do any lasting damage. Not flailing my hands about and saying that Trump is "the end of America" does not equate to claiming that he's acceptable.
  9. ContraBardus

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    Right, that's totally worse than Stalin, the Kims of North Korea, Mao, Gadaffi, Hitler, Numerous shitty African leaders, etc... I suggest you look up some of what some of those Presidents I listed did, because some of it is worse than anything Trump has done. Also, most of that is actually pretty analogous with Harding. We've had worse than Trump, and the world currently has plenty of leaders that make him look like Abraham Lincolin. That doesn't make him a great leader, but having historical context for how "bad" Trump is in the grand scheme of things makes me considerably less concerned about the long term impact that he might have as a shit president. We've been through worse.
  10. ContraBardus

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    He's a bad president, I'm not sure I'd call him the worst ever without some distance from his administration. Saying he he's worse than Hoover, Tyler, Buchanan, Harding, or Johnson at this point is a pretty hard sell. Saying he's the "most corrupt in history" is laughably hyperbolic at best. Still not sure Hillary would have been any better. Some things would be better, other things would be worse. I'm not convinced that she would have been more good than what we have, especially given the GOP controls the house and senate anyway. It would have been an endless parade of hearings and proceedings trying to pin ethics violations on her. Honestly, this has gone about how I expected it would. He's a self interested narcissist, a pathological liar, and sociopath. None of those make him stupid, but he's not a very good businessman. His wealth is questionable, he's an unreliable source for his own success, and he is more a brand than anything else. The name Trump has been associated with a sort of cheap and trashy wealth since the 80s. I still don't think he actually wanted to be President. He wanted to run and gain connections and political influence, not to end up in the White House himself. I don't think he wants to be reelected either, but would never admit it or back down because of his pride and narcissism. As for the Russia stuff, I think Russia would like to believe that it had a much bigger impact than it did with its political meddling, but also that it did happen. The Dems would very much like to shift the blame onto external meddling for their own faults that actually caused their failure to win what should have been a sure thing. That, and people really hate Hillary and they underestimated that. If they had put pretty much anyone else on the ticket, they probably wouldn't have lost.
  11. ContraBardus can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    No to most of those. Depends on the tank more than anything else. You're not going to slap a cable and hook on a tank unless it isn't moving. The operator would pretty much have to let it happen. Most bulldozers aren't going to stop a tank. Maybe a really old tank, but even then it would depend on the model of both. Even an older tank would probably be able to outrun a bulldozer pretty easily, would likely have a more powerful engine, and it would likely be heavier and win in a shoving match. As for the gas, most tanks can be sealed up pretty easily. They are designed that way intentionally for that exact reason.
  12. ContraBardus can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    Well considering the weapons on any privately owned A-10 would have to be disabled, no, not in the context of this argument it wouldn't. This thread isn't about opposing the actual military, but rather what other private citizens could legally own and operate. If you used an A-10 with fully operational weapons to destroy your neighbor's tank, you would either be arrested as soon as you landed, or shot down by the military.
  13. Most of these are false and based on false premises. You'll still own things, just not certain things. Records and physical media might eventually die off, but not within our lifetime. The US is not the rest of the world, and physical media is still extremely popular even in the US, and definitely outside of it. The Post Office isn't going away. It will more than likely be reduced in scope, but will not be disbanded for a lot of reasons. Security being one of them. I could see it eventually becoming an internal government operation, used only for official government business, but it isn't going to vanish. No, the music industry is not under threat by piracy. This is an outright lie. Music industry revenue is growing, not falling. Last year it was up 12% from the previous year, and that's been a consistent trend. Digital downloads have made the music industry money, and piracy has had virtually no negative impact on sales. The same goes for games and movies, yes piracy exists, but there's actually evidence that suggests that it actually helps sales in the end. A lot of people use piracy to "try" games, music, and movies, and will buy what they like to get better quality and more easily transferred copies. A lot of people pirate things they never would have bought, and end up buying things because of it. Physical checks, maybe. I could see those going away. Physical newspapers, again, maybe. Books. Nope. Physical copies of books are not going anywhere for a long time. Physical book sales outperform digital sales. Land lines. Maybe for homes, but businesses still use them extensively. They aren't going to vanish for a lot of reasons. They are more reliable than cell phones as well. Having a land line is a security thing. Television broadcasts will probably eventually end, if and when a basic wireless internet service becomes a free public utility. Again, this is a national security issue. Much like radio, public broadcasts are part of our emergency system, and work when the internet does not. Privacy...this one's tough to call. Probably eventually, but not within our lifetimes, not completely anyway. Time. This one is somewhat absurd, but whatever.
  14. ContraBardus

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    People said the same thing about Bush II. I dunno that I'd put money on him getting reelected, but it's not as unlikely as a lot of people seem to think.
  15. ContraBardus

    Just another Wal-mart looting after Katrina.

    There's a difference between not having an income and not having a legal income. I have to admit, the looters seem to be in good health, are mostly shown as being dressed fairly well, and don't show any signs of poverty. They might be low income, but none of them is starving, showing signs of needing any of the things they are stealing, or otherwise in desperate need. Stealing food and essential supplies from damaged and open stores I can see as maybe being necessary when opportunity arises, but going to Walmart and stealing crap like shoes, clothes, and electronics? No, there's no excuse for that.