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  1. Old thread is locked, time for a new one!
  2. ContraBardus

    Boring Post Thread

    Make a boring post. Just because. Some uninteresting fact or really anything mudane and uninteresting. Images work as well. Something like: I like Cheese. I talked to a Republican today, and he didn't say anything I disagreed with. It was kind of disappointing. I was getting a bit warm but not extremely hot, so I opened a window. I like oranges with seeds, they taste better to me and spitting out the seeds is an oddly satisfying feeling. The semi-colon is my favorite form of punctuation. My coffee is bitter because I made the water too hot, but the salt is in the cabinet and I'd rather drink bitter coffee than go to the trouble of getting up from the table to get it. I have a preference for .0035 caliper Bond paper. There's a stop sign in my neighborhood that is slightly crooked. I wish I could straighten it out, but have no clue how to go about doing it. So it just stays crooked. It bothers me a little every time I drive by it. I think Mauve is the most boring color... ...see? Just looking at it makes me want to yawn.
  3. ContraBardus

    Funny Videos Thread

    How is it we don't already have this thread? Anyway...
  4. ContraBardus

    Funny Videos Thread

  5. If only it was this easy...
  6. This was interesting, but I'm not so sure this guy really knows what he's talking about. The sun is dense plasma, so a lot of what he's talking about regarding it being "gaseous" doesn't really apply as far as I know. Fluid dynamics would apply to a dense plasma I think. I do kind of wonder about some of the equations he mentions being outdated. That was the part of the video that stuck with me the most and seemed like he might have been touching on something possibly, though I'm not so sure that he's not taking his conclusions too far either.
  7. ContraBardus

    Pluto might become a planet again

    I just wish they'd make up their damn minds. Also, wouldn't this mean that Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris must also be counted as planets?
  8. ContraBardus

    Funny Videos Thread

    So, this is a thing that exists... Here's a seasonal one...
  9. ContraBardus

    A Christian wrote in his blog about us

    Doesn't seem like they actually read the article, or at the least entirely missed the point, as much of the "reply" is a strawman.