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  1. The reason for it is simply control. The thing that everyone feels good about is bad, and therefore you must be cleansed for having those normal feelings, and only we can cleanse you. Feeling good is sinful because God suffered for you. Therefore you owe the church payment in goods, money, and time. The bad things that happen to you are because you are not cleansed enough. God is angry at you, and that's why the bad things happen to you more than is normal. You already think that and are right. We can fix it, and all the good things that happen are because God is pleased with you for being cleansed by us. If bad stuff still happens to you, it's because you're having normal natural feelings again, and they have made you unclean and God is annoyed. Remember how we fixed it before and good things happened after? That was because of us, so do what we say and good things will happen again. Your wife is yours. She belongs to you and you are responsible for her. We have God's authority on this and therefore it is valid. This will ensure that you are certain that the children you raise are your own. You must have children to bolster our numbers, and sex is wrong for any other purpose even though you are married. You must still be spiritually cleansed by us and being married doesn't exempt you.
  2. "This city is afraid of me. I've seen it's true face.The streets are extended gutters, and the gutters are full of blood, and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, 'Save us!'...and I'll look down, and whisper, 'no.' " If we go by what is actually written in the Bible, the Old Testament in particular, it's easy to argue that it isn't that God doesn't answer prayers, but rather that God is just Rorchach from Watchmen.
  3. Dr. John New Orleans music legend and inspiration for the Dr. Teeth Muppet character. Also, OG Mouseketeer Dennis Day.
  4. Keya Morgan has been arrested in connection to the abuse of Stan Lee. He is being charged with grand theft from an elder, elder abuse, unlawful imprisonment, and generating false 911 calls. Lee was taken out of Morgan's custody before he passed. This guy's life is hardcore ruined. If he goes to prison, as soon as anyone finds out who it was he abused, he's going to have to be isolated for his own safety. If he doesn't, he's going to have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. There are people who just aren't ever going to let abusing Stan Lee slide.
  5. It's a funny headline, but the damage was to an access road, not the ark itself.
  6. Oh, Lord! Please cure our five year old son Timmy of cancer!
  7. WWE star Ashley Massaro I can't support professional wrestling on any level anymore because they don't take care of their people and deny any responsibility for the toll it takes on their performers. This death is just yet another tragic example of it. They abuse legal loopholes that they aren't even really entitled to use to horrific levels of disgusting behaviors. It has been especially bad since the WWE effectively became a monopoly in the industry. The former WWF and current WWE are ten times worse than the NFL has ever been. The mortality rates of former wrestlers is staggering. The amount of former wrestling stars that have had to resort to crowdfunding to help pay for their medical expenses is downright disturbing. Vince is a garbage human being. He's even more evil than the character he plays in the ring. I will never give that man another dime as long as I live. It's a shame, because pro wrestling was such a big part of my childhood. I can't even stomach watching it anymore, and it has nothing to do with the camp or silliness of the events themselves or any superficial reasons like that. I can't in good consience do anything to promote or support it anymore.
  8. Can confirm. I've met him a handful of times at various cons over the years. He was always charming and kind. I've also had him reply to a comment of mine on Reddit. You can go through is comment history there and see just what kind of guy he was. A real class act that was always ready with words of encouragement and a cheerful disposition. His last post was a cheerful greeting to someone who simply said hello. https://www.reddit.com/user/PeterMayhew
  9. Star Wars Actor Peter Mayhew. He was Chewbacca in every movie up until now in the franchise. Though he didn't play the entire role in the more recent films due to his age and health issues, he always appeared in the less demanding scenes as the character.
  10. Had to reinstall my Windows due to an update cocking up rendering my install completely FUBAR. It screwed up my networking so certain programs couldn't get online and broke local streaming from my PC, and basically nuked everything Windows related. Including the Update manager, any form of recovery, and the Advanced Startup Screen. This means I couldn't just roll back. None of the usual scans and auto repair things worked of course. Weirdly, Windows would still launch fine and I could still do most things. I could go online with a web browser, access most of my files, but all of my Windows Apps with the exception of file explorer were dead, the icons had disappeared. I couldn't even open the settings menu without a weird workaround involving right clicking on the search bar and opening the taskbar settings and then using the Home tab to get there. I also couldn't use the search bar, it was there, but I couldn't type anything into it. The Run command worked fine though. I also had to actually go into System32 to access cmd.exe. I couldn't even download Windows or Repair it using the Windows Media Creation Tool. I had to use another PC to download the ISO, use Rufus to format it for UEFI, and reinstall from my BIOS. I ended up having to wipe the drive, which wasn't so bad as I could easily back up everything because I could still access it, and most of my files aren't on my Windows OS Drive anyway. I install very little there to begin with. Even if Windows had completely broken beyond the point of launching, I'd have still been able to access everything to back it up because of my Linux alt-boot. I use Linux for most things that aren't playing video games, and sometimes even that. All in all, it was a huge pain in the ass, but actually took less time than a lot of times I've previously had to reinstall Windows.
  11. MWC is right, this has been long settled in court. You are not legally obligated to watch any commercial or ad just because you are enjoying media that features it. How is skipping it any different than getting up and getting a snack, using the restroom, or otherwise ignoring it? I adblock, skriptblock, and VPN myself, and don't feel the slightest bit bad about it, nor do I think it is remotely immoral. I don't owe my attention to anyone. It's also worth pointing out that simply making a copy of something like that, as long as it is for temporary personal use, is not actually illegal. You can record something, watch it, and as long as you aren't distributing it or keeping a permanent copy you aren't actually doing anything wrong. I rip Youtube videos for temporary offline use all the time. While a legal grey area, the law is actually on my side regarding it.
  12. Does it seem like there are fewer posts here to anyone else? I'm wondering if maybe it might have something to do with the page defaulting to the "What's New" segment? It isn't immediately obvious how to navigate to the regular listings. It took me longer than it should have to realize that there were tabs that went to individual segments just because the rest of the site works differently.
  13. So this randomly showed up in my Youtube feed today...
  14. I think there's a difference between being culturally Christian and actually being Christian. Though, they are not mutually exclusive. Christians don't like to admit that. Though, they play into that themselves when they claim that people who commit horrible acts are "not true Christians". I'm culturally Christian. I grew up in a country that has its basis in Christian culture and it still has an influence on my thought process and moral standards. Yes, America was founded as secular, but the basis of its culture was settlements founded by religious Christian immigrants. The system of laws was based on the systems from Christian Europe where the church had a much more active hand in government and lawmaking at the time. We celebrate Christian holidays as national events and the vast majority of our citizenship is some form of Christian. Even those who identify as non-religious but not Atheistic usually lean more towards Christian spiritual beliefs than say Buddhist or Hindu beliefs in general. America is technically secular, but culturally Christian. A lot of these far right groups are the same way. They aren't technically Christian groups, but are the result of cultural Christianity. The Republican party and the idea of "Republican Jesus" is another example of something that is the result of cultural Christianity more than actual Christianity. Jesus was a straight up socialist leftist extremist, but the culture of Christianity in America is the foundation of the right.
  15. Television star Jan-Michael Vincent, probably most famous for starring in 80s action TV show Airwolf.
  16. Been a few notable deaths since the last post... Kieth Flint of the band Prodigy Luke Perry, actor famous for Riverdale and Beverly Hills 90210. Wrestler King Kong Bundy
  17. It's stupid, but no. I don't have a problem with it so long as it is optional. Does anyone seriously think it's binding? It's actually pretty Unamerican and nationalistic, but otherwise is just a stupid poem they want you to recite about how great America is. Pretty much propaganda, but of a rather benign sort. The National Anthem is better and much more in line with American sensibilities. However, the way we act towards the National Anthem is kind of stupid. Standing solemnly and at attention with our hands over our hearts, looking at the flag in some sort of stupefied awe? It's supposed to be respectful, but it really goes against the spirit of the song and what it is about. Our National Anthem is literally the 1900s equivalent of a raunchy gangster rap song. I am not exaggerating in the slightest. It stole the tune of a popular raunchy bar song called "To Anacreon in Heaven" that is literally about pussy and beer, then reworked it into a diss track directed at the British Royal Navy about how they couldn't even knock over our flag, and repeatedly humble brags about how awesome we are. It's literally saying: "fuck the police, pussy is awesome, chicks dig how great we are, Party!!! Wooo!!!" The British were still the "world police" at the time, everyone would have known the context of the song, and we were bragging about how much better we are than everyone else. It's a song you're meant to sing while holding up a beer, not standing reverently and seriously in rigid conformity. The US National Anthem is a fucking party song, but everyone has forgotten it. It's like if someone demanded that you solemnly stand at attention and salute when they played "Fight for your Right to Party" by the Beastie Boys a hundred years from now. That's not an exaggeration either. That is literally what we do when we stand at attention and treat the National Anthem seriously and with reverence. I think more Americans should understand this, and we should start treating our National Anthem with the respect and attitude it wants us to. It's a party song, so party on.
  18. Sounds like it was handled. Not sure why this was considered newsworthy in the first place. Outside of the clickbait title that is. Just another case of "The situation isn't what we want it to be, so we'll just make it sound like it is what we want it to be, so people can be properly outraged and we can use the old 'to create discussion' excuse to justify it."
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