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  1. !!!! Welcome back. It's great to hear that you are both alive and well. You were missed, and fretted over, a bit. :)

  2. I'm alive and well, living the quiet life and enjoying a little free time.

  3. Shyone, where art thou shyone? We haven't seen you on this site for so long. Are you ok? We miss you. I hope you are ok. :)

  4. Isn't Benoit the Rhoid Rage guy that killed his family and himself? Here's a happy song:
  5. Holy hell, I just noticed you have more than 10 times as many posts as me, and I've been here for 5 months longer. I guess either I don't post much (most likely the case) or you post WAY too damn much (probably not, though).

    By the way, I sure do like your posts. I feel I'm a part of something special, having such smart people like you here! It kinda validates my...

  6. wonders if Leism should have two "i"s (with which to see better?)

  7. Hi Shyone, how goes it? I really like your posts, and I really appreciate you backing up some of my points via researched info. I'm not terribly good at that, a bit lazy, not terribly scientific, more of an amateur philosopher really.

  8. You're an empiricist? Makes sense. I call myself a materialist, but I see that as an extension of empiricism. I'm reminded of a comment I heard on a tv show recently, "I'm a rational empiricist all the way, but if you ask my mother, I'm a Lutheran."

  9. Shyone - I WAS being sarcastic about not helping Haiti. Perhaps my posts were not tongue-in-cheek enough to make this clear. All the Best

  10. I always enjoy reading your post

  11. i am happy to be a friend with you. loook i am collecting the best people. but beware my insanity.....they havent a name for it.

  12. Happy (belated) Birthday. So close to Christmas... Happy New Year as well!

  13. Hi there. I've enjoyed your posts. Is the picture with the tattoo you? What does the tattoo say (I can only read the large print words - bad eyesight)?

  14. When a message isn't enough, it's time to leave a comment.


  15. Can I be your friend too? Pweeze?

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