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    Raised Fundy, questioned the rainbow.

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  1. I love my job, but may get let go if I don't up my linehour soon. Then I will go to another charity telemarketing job up the road. I like it; I can dress like a slob and make crass comments, and I only work 30 hours a week- Aim low, and you'll never be disappointed. ;)

  2. Hope you are lovin' the Job.

  3. Will be in Control. When I change the Batteries

  4. Yogebodhibaptist! How Fun!!!

  5. At least you are thinking, and I don't even know what a lot of those things you are, are.

  6. Glad you are here. Curious is good.

  7. Enjoyed your latest photo postings. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the comment Pastorl5. I thought we were asking you the questions, but sure I would love it if you asked me some.

  9. You mean, girls just wanna have fun?

  10. Riverdale,

    Thanks for the welcome to the site. Interesting story, perhaps I could ask a few clarifying questions if would permit me the time?

  11. Hi Pastorl5. This is a wonderful site for ex-chirstians. Hope we can help you.

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