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  1. Hope you are lovin' the Job.

  2. Will be in Control. When I change the Batteries

  3. Yogebodhibaptist! How Fun!!!

  4. At least you are thinking, and I don't even know what a lot of those things you are, are.

  5. Glad you are here. Curious is good.

  6. Enjoyed your latest photo postings. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the comment Pastorl5. I thought we were asking you the questions, but sure I would love it if you asked me some.

  8. You mean, girls just wanna have fun?

  9. Hi Pastorl5. This is a wonderful site for ex-chirstians. Hope we can help you.

  10. Too bad about your razor...

  11. You're starting to scare me, and I just tossed the cruxifix. Damn where's the garlic?

  12. I just watched the Lawrence Krauss video. What a great Mom to have her son watch.

    A Buddist and I were talking about Quantum Physics, Buddists are closely aligned, since they believe nothing is real anyway.

  13. Glad you are having a good day.

  14. I just read your "About Me" we share some things in common---YouTube, needing to get out more---- and most of all being tired of Christianity. This is a great site.

  15. Searching IS what makes sense. At least you are not warm and fuzzy in Christianity.

  16. Just sent you a request to be Partners.

  17. Nice to meet you Phanta. I am new here, and you are my first 'friend'. You seem to be someone who cares. I am a plant guy, but I don't sing too good.

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