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  1. Hope you are lovin' the Job.

  2. It fails concerning the suffering of children. So many christian analogies have a knee-jerk effect, but break apart under logic. Also, there are many barbers, and people who cut their own hair.
  3. God knew in his infinite wisdom, that the goy, who are barely better than filthy beasts, were coming, and they would love their pork chops and ham. Oh and crispy bacon sizzlin on the griddle.
  4. Will be in Control. When I change the Batteries

  5. American Atheist had a bumpersticker that said "Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime". If you could work that into a conversation, it might work on the christian, but I won't promise it works for eternal damnation.
  6. Yogebodhibaptist! How Fun!!!

  7. At least you are thinking, and I don't even know what a lot of those things you are, are.

  8. Mr Ray, you might have gotten your sweeping generalizations of men and women from the holy bible, but your depictions of those characteristics seem to have come from the covers of Romance Novels.
  9. Having been raised as a fundamentalist, I don't know how anyone could only believe parts of the bible like, "I believe Jesus died for my sins, but he didn't walk on water". You have to believe all of it or none. There are worthwhile verses dealing with simple social behaviour-don't steal, commit adultry, etc. , but I am talking about the 'magic' dogma parts. I can understand how someone on the "slippery slope" of de-conversion might pass from a fundy to a liberal feel good belief, for a while. At least they are beginning to think about things, and see the word of god has been skewed by man, but there is a difference between asking questions and setting up arguements.
  10. I was wondering if his notes he refered to say: Jump, Wave Arms, Pause for Laughter, and Simulate Strangling while Screaming.
  11. I'm not particularly concerned with homosexuals ruining marriage, friend. My concern is with further intrusion into marriage by legal assault. If young folks choose to live together because the 'marriage' their culture offers them doesn't appeal to them, I can understand that. If gays hope to achieve the same legal and social status as their hetero counterparts, I can understand. On the other hand, if we consider changing the legal definition of marriage, I'm concerned. It's not a rabid concern, just a continuing concern that we're trying to legislate a cultural redefinition of language, concepts, and relationships. Marriage has long since been legislated into the pitifully humorous convention of do and undo. Adding same-gender partners is just a continuation of a long-running process. Of course, I agree with you that vows tossed aside have their own corrosive effect. The effect on children is particularly burdensome; some, perhaps many are emotionally crippled for life. Do I think gay Christian marriages would be OK? Not my call pal. Find a gay Christian and ask him to talk it through for you. Thanks for your reply pal. I have to commend you on you fancy footwork. I haven't seen dancin' like that for a long time. --"intrusion into marriage by legal assault"? Allowing a loving couple access to the same legal and social status as their hetero counterparts, is an assault? So it is not the institution of marriage you are defending but the language, concepts and relationships? I'll try to figure that one out later. So tell me friend, since you said it was not your call, if I had a gay christian tell me he should be able to get married, would you be okay with that? You don't have an opinion of your own?
  12. Mr. Ferris, Reading your posts, I seem to notice a stereotype thrown over both groups, heterosexual/homosexual. Heterosexual stable and loving, homosexual, well, you are not to sure about. Surely you don't think a male/female union guarantees stability and the harmonious rearing of children? Both groups have their share of loving, nurturing adults as well as the wack jobs. I don't understand how so many christians are worried about Homosexuals ruining the institution of marriage, while christians tolerate more than even a 2% divorce rate among their own. I have not seen any demonstrations and handwringing in front of law offices that specialize in divorce. I think sacred vows to god and country made in public, then tossed aside must have their own corrosive effect on such a hallowed instution. Don't you? The funny thing is, there are many gay people clamoring to be recognized as "christian" and the churchs are fighting that too. Do you think gay christian marriages would be okay? As in so many things, it is easier to point the christian finger at the gay threat to marriage than it is to clean up your own back yard.
  13. "Blue Christmas" by Mr. Elvis Presley. "and when those blue snowflakes start fallin"
  14. I read the article, but don't know if I fully understood it. My interpretation is, he is critical of the creationists,and wants to keep his faith, but realizes the bible is not factual. Is this another step in the evolution of religion?
  15. Gee Ray, how many folks on here do you suppose think you are any different than the tribal witch doctor you gave as an example? Maybe you should try something other than that.
  16. This sounds like a great chance to get Mr. Preacher to study evolution. It is not always about the strongest or fastest, but about the fittest. Then you could easily work in the evolution of religion, and christianity, and how they have changed to meet/accomodate social trends. Why is he not catholic, coptic or pentecostal?
  17. Mary, maybe what you feel about the "Atheist Agenda" is a reaction to the "christian agenda". Christians are commanded to go out and do the converting, along with earning lots of bonus coupons and avoiding eternal hell fire. True, as a atheist, I am repulsed at the 'eating of the flesh, and drinking of the blood' rite christians cherish, but it more closely resembles sadness, rather than anger. What does anger me is the need for christians- wanting to preserve their blood cult banding together, and using the power of the mighty, mighty gummit to do it. If atheists were not feeling pressure to join in the hate and fantasies the christians are wanting written into law, I think you would find them to be simply people you don't agree with. I would hope for your own sake, you step into the light of reason, but hey I don't really care, because I am not the one who believes you will live in eternal torment if you don't. Have a Nice Day.
  18. David, Please don't be discouraged. I hope you stick around and explain your God's love and intelligent design to us. I myself would like to learn more about ID, especially how SpiderMother came up with the idea of the opposable thumb.
  19. Glad you are here. Curious is good.

  20. Stude, Do you believe that as an atheist I would think it is okay to steal from someone else? Do you think I would feel good about "Doing" another man's wife? Raping a child? You seem to think ethical behavior is due to christian morals. At one time it was moral to own slaves, but not ethical, it was moral to pass out smallpox contaminated blankets, but it was not ethical, it was moral to slap the wife when she needed it, but not ethical. Why would you think that as an atheist I am somehow a corrupt person? That I lack a rudder to exist in society? Positive Worldview? It seems to me that christians are ready to defend all manner of unethical practices if god(or their leaders) say it is okay. In addition to that, don't christians have the luxury of forgiveness? Guilt free tomorrows?
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