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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
  1. I sold some and am in the process of selling the rest. I kept the first Bible that I bought when I got "saved" for sentimental reasons. Information, even BS like Christianity, should be available for people to make up their minds about what is true. I will probably keep my Hebrew bible as I plan to brush up on my Hebrew later as a hobby.
  2. The funny thing is I don't think the Bible forbids lying. The ten commandments forbids giving false testimony against another person in court (the false witness commandment). God lied in the OT and deceived people. Jesus is recorded to have lied at least once (John 7:8-10)
  3. Socialization is more important than education. In the workplace, kissing ass and making connections is more important than what you can actually do. Office politics always wins and if you can't play the game, you're going to get screwed. I learned that lesson too late thanks to Christianity raping my mind and stunting my growth as a human being.
  4. The bible doesn't have Jesus condemning long hair or piercings, and most artists' depictions of Jesus give him long hair. Paul condemned long hair and I believe the OT may have condemned piercings, though. Jesus is depicted as having long hair in art due to the idea that he may have taken a Nazarene vow, part of which including not cutting the hair. There is no description of Jesus' hair in the canonical NT. I'm not sure about the non-canonical NT.
  5. The Bible says that "true Christians" will be persecuted. Since their religion is BS, I think they are interpeting disagreement with them as persecution and the work of the devil since the "God of this world" has blinded you.
  6. I used to be an extreme Starcraft player. I think I learned from that experience not to be so into one thing that it neglects life. I lead a more balanced life now. Nothing wrong with fantasy based things, provided that they don't consume your whole life. (And yes, I am staying the h*** away from Starcraft II)
  7. Adelice, Did you check if it's fundie Christian or not? Some Christian schools are not as strict, as may be tolerable. A friend of mine went to a "Christian" college (abilene christian university) ten years ago. He got away with all kinds of shit and frequently got drunk with his professors (they provided the alcohol in a "dry county"). So Christian may just be an outward appearance. Stay away from Baylor (stuck up rich people usually go there) and Bob Jones (Fundies from hell)
  8. Based on my dealings with Christians, I find the phrase "Good Christian" to be an oxymoron.
  9. I am reading "Psychological Types" by Jung. I found this quote which is brilliant of him and one I find to be true. "Christianity, like every closed system of religion, has an undoubted tendency to suppress the unconscious in the individual as much as possible, thus paralyzing his fantasy activity. Instead religion offers stereotyped symbolic concepts that are meant to take the place of his unconscious once and for all." In the edition I'm using it's on Chapter I:80, page 53 (revised by Hull). Christianity (and religion in general) does stunt your personal growth and stop you from
  10. IntoxicatedTigerJay, When dealing with Christians (or religious people in general), always have a witness. Christians are dishonest to the core. Their evil knows no bounds.
  11. Android, Without knowing the full symptoms, try looking up "Sleep Paralysis" and see if it matches your daughter's symptoms. Before I knew what this was, I had a few bouts of this and thought I was being attacked by demons (was a Christian at the time).
  12. Yeah, this BS was spread on me too. As I blamed anxiety and depression on demons. One of my former churches encouraged this belief and blamed it on not being "right with god".
  13. "Let go and let god" is a bunch of bullsh*t. It's a way to avoid dealing with reality by hoping somebody else will deal with the problem. If taken seriously, that attitude will make you weak and unable to interact with the real world since the Christian doesn't exist and nothing will happen. (which may be why Christian pastors use it. They want real sheep.) That sh*t crippled me for a long time before I broke free. F*ck that Christian attitude.
  14. Midnight, Look up "Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome" and "Blue Light Therapy". Do read all the warnings if you actually decide to do anything. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_sleep_phase_syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_therapy For my case, this explains to a T why I've had a hard time waking up early and I get an energy boost in the evenings. In my case, the downside is that I have to continue using the blue light device regularly or my body will shift back to its natural sleep cycle.
  15. All my life, I've had problems getting up early in the morning, and recently I've found the reason. My sleep cycle (circadian rhythm) is naturally geared towards an approximately 1:30am to 10am cycle. This has caused me to feel sluggish and grumpy when I wake up earlier than 10am for decades. I've been using blue light therapy to shift my sleep cycle back about three hours. That stuff is working for me. I can actually get up earlier in the morning while feeling relatively good. My sleep cycle may not agree with society's demands, but with the help of science, I am able to make adjust
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