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  1. Hello Popsicle7. I don't think I came to my present views about God emotionally, but by reading forums such as this one and seeing other people's progress from total belief to skepticism, or to at least something different from Christianity. I also read books and websites on science, history, psychology, philosophy and different religions; overall getting a feel for discoveries and opinions that are different from the Christian mindset. Through this process, I deduced that there wasn't enough evidence to say whether there was a God of some type or not. I presently call myself an agnostic. Do some of your own study, and you can draw your own conclusions without basing it on emotions only.
  2. Welcome to the forum, deal r. Some parts of your story sound familiar to me. I also came from a dysfunctional family, and was kept ignorant of sex so that by the age of 12 others used me. Though the details are different, we have traveled common ground.
  3. My goodness, the Mennonite Church is shrinking rapidly around here! Welcome to Ex-Christian forums, Live and Learn!
  4. Welcome, southdakota2005. Isn't wonderful to be able to think for yourself!
  5. Thank you for sharing your story. It truly is encouraging to hear how you've handled the serious problems in your life without Christianity. Now there's a testimony every Christian really needs to hear!
  6. Yet another family split apart by religion. *sigh* What Dave's Dad said about just pretending to be a believer is interesting; how many "Christians" do you think really don't believe, and are just faking it to keep peace in the family? Tons, I'm sure.
  7. Yikes...I used to worship an obsessive-compulsive busybody! :ohmy: How stupid of me.
  8. Hi, RubySera! You have had quite a path to tread! You are a strong individual for coming through it. I live not far away from an Amish/Mennonite community, and I'm also a decendant of Swiss Anabaptists. So I know some things about that faith, and a lot of what you've shared is not a surprise to me. My great-grandfather was a Dunkard Brethern, if you have ever heard of that church group. Kind of similar to the Mennonites; he never got a car (once they were invented!), dressed in the Amish/Mennonite style, and had a long beard. We have some photos of him. It's interesting, as far as finding out about my family history, but I am sure glad I was not born into it!
  9. Welcome to the Ex-Christian forums. I've heard of the SDA church; they can be pretty fundamentalist. They also have some beliefs that set them apart from other Christians, kind of like they are in their own catagory. I knew that Ellen White had a head injury, and I have no doubt that was the cause of her delusions.
  10. Interesting story, rrcanna. I've also found help for viewing life in a more healthy way by examining eastern religion and philosophy. It really opens your eyes when you can see the Christian viewpoint doesn't hold up under scrutiny. I notice that you are still in Mississippi; how is life for an atheist -or probably any exchristian- like there?
  11. Woodleigh, this is spousal abuse. It may be true that you love her, but listen to yourself; "I am not in physical danger as long as I play the game". You are allowing yourself to be controlled; a relationship like this is unhealthy. The last paragraph that I quoted from you shows that you still recognize that, if you don't behave, she could strike again. You need to immediately contact a marriage counselor for advice. As long as she is capable of violence against you, you are in danger. I struggle to see how you can love someone who hits you, especially if they have used objects like rolling pins. Are you sure she loves you? Because love would include respect. Please get some counseling from a secular source, and if she ever hits you again, call the police.
  12. Good thinking, Minstrel. Welcome to the ExChristian club. I'm going to have to look up that Book of Jasher.
  13. Hello Cerebral, and welcome to Ex-Christian forums. Sorry for the losses that you have experienced. I am shocked that your Mom sent you the "Dog healed through prayer" email; didn't she think how it might sound to you? Oh, you did describe her as a "devout" Christian, so I assume that means fundamentalist. So, no, she wouldn't think. I have relatives like that too. Are you still attending church? What about your husband?
  14. Wow, how modest of you. You call yourself the "sanctified one" and you can answer ANY question on the Bible. If so, I would suggest that you take your message to the much divided Christian church, and teach them. Then, when all Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, Orthodox, and the other 10,000 denominations are united under your wise(?) and true(?) interpretation of the Bible, you can try to convince the rest of the world. But it won't happen. After all, there are others who also think they can answer any question on the Bible, but they come up with different meanings than you, or anyone else. No unity, no agreement, no sense; so sorry, no dice. Dave, thanks for sharing your story, and starting this website; providing all of us with a needed support group. Where would we be without you?
  15. Welcome to the ExChristian forums. Hope you enjoy your stay here, and find the support that you (like us all) need! We've got some other libertarians on board, I'm sure you'll run into them sooner or later.
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