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  1. Justice is only "just" if the punishment is appropriate for the "crime". Eternal punishment is not an appropriate response for a finite amount of failure. And, how is it "just" if there's no possibility of reformation? We send people to prison for 2 reasons - to separate them from "normal" society (like hell) but also to (hopefully) reform them and re-integrate them into society. How is it them that our "human" justice system is more "just" than the divine one?
  2. "Ignorance is bliss, and patience is a virtue... So if you're stupid, and you don't mind waiting around a lot, you can have a pretty good life" - My Dad
  3. How do Christians have a "relationship" with Jesus when most of their theology is based off of Paul, who never met the man?
  4. Because you've created your own gospel by smashing the others together. In doing so you deny each author their original intent in writing the story. There's a REASON he says differnt things in the different books, the authors had somewhat different views of who Jesus was and what his death meant and that is reflected in their writings.
  5. #2 has been my feeling for some time now. I call it "retro-theology". If you start from the premise that Jesus was god incarnate, etc. and THEN go back to the OT, there's a lot of stuff (if you weren't a jew) would seem to indicate Jesus, even though the original context had nothing to do with a future messiah. Even more intriguing, this practice is one of the causes of friction between christians and jews. Formerly pagan christians trying to convince jews about jesus were told that they (the jews) didn't understand their own writings. Not the best way to garner mutual respect...
  6. People need not be classically "religious" be believe in fantastic things and/or belong to societies that believe likewise. Scientology, those guys with the comet, etc. are showing that religious belief can be re-directed into other avenues. Don't get me wrong, I think Bigfoot might exist, but I'm not going to BELIEVE Bigfoot exists.
  7. For me, it comes down to the sources. Sufficient evidence has been found for me to not believe that the bible is the inspired word of god. Thus the classic Lewis argument of "liar", "Lord" or "lunatic" falls flat for me. I think you've hit on the most persuasive part of religion in general, the emotional payoff it can provide. Certainty is a wonderful feeling and having others around you who are just a certain only reinforces that feeling. For my money, I know find certainty in any propisition to be somewhat offensive, but that's been a LONG time coming and is certainly counter-intu
  8. Alternative interpretation - you are psychic! See the trick is, once you allow for the supernatural, ANYTHING GOES. There's as much evidence that the cause is psychic as it is mystic (i.e. next to none), but both are valid within the framework proposed...
  9. Want some fun? Check out comments in the "Belief Blog" on CNN.com. The amount of bashing is fairly even handed (both sides just don't give a fuck apparently) but I still find that the atheists tend to have the best arguments (when they aren't just bashing people as a knee jerk reaction)... Of course, I (for some reason) feel that Christians should be held to higher standard in public discussions but I guess I'm just a "fool" (I must be, they keep quoting that damned verse over and over enough times!)...
  10. In fact - the distance between me and computer screen is infinite! Take distance between me and PC screen and divide in half. Now that that number and divide in half, and then that number and the next and so on and so on. Technically my PC screen is an infinite distance away! But I can still see it?
  11. Matter = energy (e=mc2) - energy can be divided infinitely, therefore matter can be too! See - easy peasey
  12. I got 40K denominations that show there's no unifying spirit guiding them...of course all but one of those is "acutally" under the influence of the holy spirit and remarkably, it will ALWAYS be the one they happen to be in... [facepalm]
  13. Influencing maybe, "hardening the heart" sounds like an awful lot more than "influence". Especially (in the pharaos case) where it was already established that we was going to let them go BEFORE god decided they needed a bit more whoopin'.
  14. I am neither good nor evil. I just try to do my best. Others may judge my actions as either good or evil from their perspective, but it is not one I share...
  15. OC is really trying to argue that god doesn't interfere with "free will" (a term that never appears in the bible so far as I know)? Holy crap, good luck with that!
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