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  1. could you delete the disparaging remarks about the moz guy? He's pretty upset.

  2. Hey...things are fine in North Cackalacky. The snow from Dec 18 has finally all melted. Talk about some cold weather recently! Glad things in Canadia (where the Canadians live) have been less than snowy. Phew.

  3. Just sayin' hello. Hope the new year finds you well. Still not much snow here, thank christ! ;)

  4. Hi Craig. I've been to Ft. Bragg & "Fayettenam" & I remember being able to feel the testosterone. (I used to date an army man.) Did you grow up in NC? Are you experiencing religion shock from being in the south? I'd love to hear more.
  5. We haven't gotten much snow....yet.

  6. How are things in snowy ol' Canada, TFG? NC got about 6" of snow last wk & people were freaking out! Go figure.

  7. I love your Kirk Cameron reference. What a douche.

  8. is glad that family time is over. For now.

  9. "Oh the alcoholic afternoons, as we sat in your room, they meant more to me than any...than any living thing on earth..."

  10. Your comment makes it seem that the ONLY reason that Xtians give is because of an afterlife. Seems sort of "kiss ass," if you will. I enjoy donating and giving the charities that are close to my heart (HIV/AIDS research, local animal shelter) because I just enjoy giving. I have also known what it's like not to have much & now that I do, I want to help those who haven't come as far as I have. I like giving on this plane, here & now, & I don't need an "otherworldly being" to tell me that I have to do it. Where's the fun in that? BYD
  11. I loved the video! You know Mozz doesn't put up w/ that kind of thing!

  12. I was jamming on "There is a Place in Hell..." last week! There's something about that song that draws me in every time. :)

  13. *an F- Bomb. Sorry, I was so beside myself with excitement.

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